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Wondrous Items - Feet

Boots of the Cat1,000 gp
Boots of the Soft Step1,000 gp
Slippers of Scampering1,200 gp
Daredevil Boots1,400 gp
Daredevil Softpaws1,400 gp
Boots of the Enduring March1,500 gp
Bondbreaker's Boots1,600 gp
Battle Strider's Boots2,000 gp
Boots of Gusto2,000 gp
Cat Burglar's Boots2,000 gp
Feather Step Slippers2,000 gp
Fungal Slippers2,000 gp
Stagger-Proof Boots2,000 gp
Boots of Friendly Terrain2,400 gp
Boots of Elvenkind2,500 gp
Boots of the Winterlands2,500 gp
Horseshoes of Great Burden2,500 gp
Acrobat Slippers3,000 gp
Dunestrider Boots3,000 gp
Horseshoes of Speed3,000 gp
Seafarer's Waders3,350 gp
Boots of the Mire3,500 gp
Boots of Vaulting3,500 gp
Stonemeld Boots3,500 gp
Ghungroos of Entrancement3,750 gp
Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+1)4,000 gp
Boots of the Eternal Rose4,000 gp
Burglar Boots (Minor)4,000 gp
Sandals of Quick Reaction4,000 gp
Snowshoes of Northern Pursuit4,300 gp
Slippers of Cloudwalking4,400 gp
Slippers of Spider Climbing4,800 gp
Boots of the Earth5,000 gp
Sandals of the Lightest Step5,000 gp
Boots of the Vengeful Behir5,400 gp
Boots of Striding and Springing5,500 gp
Subtle Slippers5,500 gp
Ankle Chains of Walking6,000 gp
Clandestine Horseshoes6,000 gp
Gladiator's Sandals6,000 gp
Horseshoes of a Zephyr6,000 gp
Jungle Boots6,000 gp
Haunted Shoes6,480 gp
Boots of Flawless Resolve6,500 gp
Jaunt Boots7,200 gp
Boots of Levitation7,500 gp
Boots of Swift Fury7,500 gp
Boots of Escape8,000 gp
Earth Root Boots8,000 gp
Sandals of Interception8,000 gp
Soles of the Silent Stride8,250 gp
Nightmare Boots8,500 gp
Rat-Tread Boots8,500 gp
Crashing Boots8,800 gp
Nightmare Horseshoes9,000 gp
Rootsense Boots9,000 gp
Bogstrider Boots10,000 gp
Caltrop Boots10,000 gp
Quick Action Slippers10,000 gp
Tremor Boots10,000 gp
Bastion Boots10,500 gp
Boots of the Mastodon10,500 gp
Shoes of Lightning Leaping10,500 gp
Uplifting Boots11,000 gp
Bog Boots12,000 gp
Boots of Speed12,000 gp
Verdant Boots12,000 gp
Anthill Boots12,500 gp
Blight Kickers13,500 gp
Rebuilder's Boots14,500 gp
Sandstorm Sandals15,000 gp
Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+2)16,000 gp
Daring Dancers16,000 gp
Winged Boots16,000 gp
Combat Sandals18,000 gp
Boots of Earth and Wind20,000 gp
Boots of the Winter Jarl20,000 gp
Horseshoes of Sacred Silver20,000 gp
Shoes of the Firewalker21,000 gp
Dryad Sandals24,000 gp
Slippers of the Primordial Wilds24,000 gp
Boots of Planar Grounding25,000 gp
Horseshoes of Mist27,000 gp
Rime-Stride Boots27,000 gp
Boots of the Battle Herald30,000 gp
Getaway Boots30,000 gp
Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+3)36,000 gp
Horseshoes of Glory39,600 gp
Boots of Fiendish Escape (Tiefling)45,000 gp
Burglar Boots (Major)46,000 gp
Boots of Teleportation49,000 gp
Slippers of the Triton56,000 gp
Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+4)64,000 gp
Unctous Waders67,200 gp
Earthquake Boots67,500 gp
Seven-League Boots80,000 gp
Horseshoes of Desert Fury (Keleshite)88,000 gp
Horseshoes of Crushing Blows (+5)100,000 gp