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Armband of the Golden Serpent

Source Pathfinder #82: Secrets of the Sphinx pg. 62
Aura moderate abjuration; CL 9th
Slot wrist; Price 20,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.


Heavy golden coils form this serpentine armband. It wraps snugly around the upper arm of its wearer and stays firmly in place once donned.

An armband of the golden serpent allows its wearer to cast spells with the range of touch in melee combat without provoking attacks of opportunity. Spells with ranges other than touch provoke attacks of opportunity as normal—even spells with a range of personal. When the wearer of an armband of the golden serpent casts a touch spell in melee combat, the armband animates, slithering down the wearer’s arm and striking to deliver the touch attack. Although the armband delivers the spell, the wearer is still required to take the necessary actions and make the required attack roll; the wearer does not gain any additional actions.


Requirements Combat Casting, Craft Wondrous Item, spectral hand; Cost 10,000 gp