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Charm Bracelet

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 273
Aura faint varied; CL 5th
Slot wrist; Price 8,000 gp; Weight


Tiny ornaments of gold hang from the links of a charm bracelet. In addition to 1d4+4 nonmagical charms, each bracelet carries one of each of the following magic charms. These magic charms can be activated with a command, producing the listed effect, but each charm can be only used once. After a charm is used, it dissolves into a thick vapor and dissipates.

Arming Sword: When detached, this charm transforms into a masterwork heavy wooden shield and a masterwork longsword. They can either appear on the ground or within the hands of the creature that activated the charm, ready to use. These items last for 1 hour before turning into vapor.

Healthy Apple: When detached, this charm becomes an apple that when eaten (a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity) heals 2d8 hit points. In addition, if the creature eating the apple is afflicted with any poison or diseases, it can attempt a new saving throw against each such affliction. Each successful saving throw immediately ends the corresponding affliction.

Loving Heart: Upon detaching this charm, the wearer can use charm person as a spell-like ability (as the spell, Will DC 11) any time before the end of her next turn.

Lucky Star: When this charm is activated, it releases good luck in a 20-foot-radius burst centered on the wearer. The wearer and her allies within the burst gain a +2 luck bonus on ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for 1 round.

Peaceful Dove: Detaching this dove calms tempers within a 20-foot-radius burst centered on the wearer as though calm emotions (Will DC 13) had been cast. A creature affected by rage takes a –2 penalty on this saving throw. Reduce the price of a charm bracelet that has one or more expended charms by 1,580 gp per absent charm. The charm bracelet itself becomes a nonmagical bracelet worth 100 gp when the last charm is used, no matter the number of nonmagical charms left on the bracelet.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, calm emotions, charm person, cure moderate wounds, prayer, shadow weapon (Ultimate Magic); Cost 4,000 gp