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Blood of the Beast

Estimated Release Date: 11/21/2016
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Advanced Versatile Performances [3]

Expanded Versatility, Martial Performance, Masterpiece

Advanced Weapon Trainings [3]

Effortless Dual-Wielding, Fighter's Stamina, Knockout Training

Archetypes [15]

Courser (Swashbuckler), Fiend Keeper (Medium), First Mother's Fang (Cavalier), Fortune-Finder (Ranger), Jinx Witch (Witch), Nine-Tailed Heir (Sorcerer), Opportunist (Fighter), Poison Darter (Ranger), Prowler at World's End (Bloodrager), Ravener Hunter (Inquisitor), Red Tongue (Skald), Scavenger (Investigator), Serendipity Shaman (Shaman), Swarm Monger (Druid), War Painter (Skald)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Eidolon (Unchained) Subtypes [1]


Feats [22]

Cooperative Swarmer, Cunning Killer, Empty Threats, Entwining Stare, Extended Combat Meditation, Graceful Athlete, Greater Meditation Master, Human Guise, Knotted Nets, Lovable Scoundrel, Lucky, Mindful Meditation, Mindfulness Mastery, Mobile Acrobat, Rat Stack, Rending Swarm, Sensory Control, Shapechanging Savage, Squirming Pile, Startling Shapechanger, Underfoot (BotB), Venomous Stare

Mesmerist Tricks [3]

Break Stupor, Enchanting Words, Life Revier

Monk (Unchained) Ki Powers [4]

Branch Runner, Freedom of Movement, Improvised Weapon Proficiency, Ki Meditation

Monk (Unchained) Style Strikes [2]

Dirty Strikes, Overbearing Assault

Psychic Discplines [1]


Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [67]

Catfolk - Alchemist, Catfolk - Bloodrager, Catfolk - Hunter, Catfolk - Inquisitor, Catfolk - Investigator, Catfolk - Medium, Catfolk - Monk, Catfolk - Shaman, Catfolk - Slayer, Grippli - Barbarian, Grippli - Bard, Grippli - Medium, Grippli - Oracle, Grippli - Shaman, Grippli - Skald, Grippli - Slayer, Grippli - Swashbuckler, Grippli - Witch, Kitsune - All, Kitsune - Arcanist, Kitsune - Brawler, Kitsune - Cavalier, Kitsune - Fighter, Kitsune - Mesmerist, Kitsune - Shaman, Kitsune - Swashbuckler, Kitsune - Vigilante, Nagaji - Cavalier, Nagaji - Mesmerist, Nagaji - Oracle, Nagaji - Paladin, Nagaji - Ranger, Nagaji - Slayer, Nagaji - Sorcerer, Nagaji - Warpriest, Ratfolk - Arcanist, Ratfolk - Bard, Ratfolk - Hunter, Ratfolk - Inquisitor, Ratfolk - Investigator, Ratfolk - Mesmerist, Ratfolk - Occultist, Ratfolk - Psychic, Ratfolk - Spiritualist, Ratfolk - Swashbuckler, Tengu - Bard, Tengu - Brawler, Tengu - Cleric, Tengu - Hunter, Tengu - Kineticist, Tengu - Medium, Tengu - Mesmerist, Tengu - Slayer, Tengu - Spiritualist, Tengu - Swashbuckler, Vanara - Arcanist, Vanara - Bard, Vanara - Brawler, Vanara - Cavalier, Vanara - Hunter, Vanara - Kineticist, Vanara - Occultist, Vanara - Psychic, Vanara - Shaman, Vanara - Summoner, Vanara - Witch, Vanara - Wizard

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [6]

Vanara - Acrobatic, Vanara - Change Size (Su), Kitsune - Keen Kitsune, Kitsune - Multilingual, Kitsune - Skilled, Kitsune - Superior Shapeshifter

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [15]

Batrachian Surge, Bit of Luck, Contagious Suggestion, Curse of Befouled Fortune, Depilate, Fumblestep, Gullibility, Hypnotism, Greater, Lightfingers, Metabolic Molting, Naga Shape I, Naga Shape II, Naga Shape III, Pouncing Fury, Sweat Poison

Traits [7]

Adherent of Ancient Osirion, Caravan Nomad, Fortune Found, Jinx Eater, Jungle Native, Naga Emissary, Prophet of Burrows

Vigilante Talents [6]

Brutal Maneuver, Deceitful Trick, Obscurity, Racial Paragon, Seemless Shapechanger, Transformation Sequence