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Martial Arts Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 11/14/2018
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Archetypes [15]

Battle Dancer (Brawler), Black Powder Vaulter (Gunslinger), Brawling Blademaster (Samurai), Chu Ye Enforcer (Vigilante), Extemporaneous Channeler (Occultist), Iron-Ring Striker (Magus), Lifting Hand (Monk), Lifting Hand (Monk (Unchained)), Medium of the Master (Medium), Okayo Corsair (Swashbuckler), Softstrike Monk (Monk), Softstrike Monk (Monk (Unchained)), Spear Fighter (Fighter), Strong-Side Boxer (Brawler), Style Shifter (Shifter)

Equipment (Misc.) [5]

Belled Catsuit, Billy Ten-Bells, Halteres, Meels, Quintain

Equipment (Weapons) [5]

Broken-back seax, Double spear, Handwraps, Split-blade sword, Traveling kettle

Feats [67]

Arming Grab, Block Chakras, Block Upper Chakras, Change of Heart, Combat Rhythm, Cracking the Shell, Crippling Thrust, Crushing Impact, Domino Crash, Dragonflight Flight, Dragonfly Style, Dragonfly Wings, Dramatic Slam, Elemental Ki, Enduring Might, Eroding Strikes, Finishing Cascade, Follow-Up Strike, Gather Might, Grab and Go, Improvisational Focus, Improvised Defenses, Linnorm Hunter Coordination, Linnorm Hunter Retreat, Linnorm Hunter Style, Makeshift Maneuvers, Merciful Takedown, Meteor Swing, Numbing Blow, Octopus Focus, Octopus Style, Octopus Thrash, One-Inch Punch, Overhead Flip, Painful Collision, Pinpoint Jab, Practical Kata, Reverse Somersault Throw, Savage Leap, Savage Slam, Sculpting the River, Shapeshifter Savage, Shapeshifter Style, Shapeshifter Twist, Shielded Staff Ambush, Shielded Staff Master, Shielded Staff Style, Shikigami Manipulation, Shikigami Mimicry, Shikigami Style, Smashing Impact, Stick-Fighting Counter, Stick-Fighting Maneuver, Stick-Fighting Style, Storm of Blades, Stupefying Strike, Sweeping Disarm, Tangled Limbs, Thousand Cuts, Titan's Tangle, Toppling Pileup, Tumbling Upset, Unbalancing Blow, Weapon Trick, Whipcrack, Whirling Hold, Wrist Grab

Kineticist Wild Talents [6]

Kundalini Infusion, Stylish Infusion, Unblinking Flame Infusion, Unbreaking Waves Infusion, Unfolding Wind Infusion, Untwisting Iron Infusion

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Infested Bandages, Secure Sheath, Wandering Punishment

Monk (Unchained) Ki Powers [6]

Action Before Thought, Bare-Hand Block, Breaking-Down Koan, Building-Up Koan, Ki Sunder, Master-Thought Koan

Monk (Unchained) Style Strikes [3]

Break, Rabbit Punch, Throat Crush

Ninja Tricks [8]

Deep Cover (Ex), Greater Ki Venom (Ex), Herbal Compound (Ex), Ki Venom (Ex), Many Guises (Ex), Occulted Soul (Su), Strangler (Ex), Swift Poisoner (Ex)

Slayer Talents [6]

Eternal Opposition, Experience Across Ages, Inured to Terror, Mountainside Ambush, Mystic Veil, Recall Training

Weapon Groups [4]

broken-back seax (Blades, Light), double spear (Spears), split-blade sword (Blades, Heavy), traveling kettle (Monk)