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Iron Lord

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 318
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Alignment LE
Pantheon Archdevils
Areas of Concern Cities, prisons, rulership
Domains Evil, Law, Nobility, Trickery
Subdomains Deception, Devil (Evil), Devil (Law), Hubris (Nobility)*, Leadership, Legislation (Law), Sovereignty, Tyranny
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Heavy mace
Symbol Iron nail, crown, and ring
Sacred Animal(s) Hound
Sacred Color(s) Iron gray, red


Use an iron staff or bar to draw a mazelike pattern in a soft surface such as dirt or sand. In the center of the pattern, draw a bloodshot eye inside a pentagram, and trace these lines repetitively while chanting prayers to the Iron Lord. Gain a +2 profane bonus on Bluff checks as well as a +2 profane bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility) checks when among nobles or in a courtly setting.

Boons - Fiendish Obedience


Source Book of the Damned pg. 44
1: Wicked and Urbane (Sp) charm person 3/day, castigate 2/day, or suggestion 1/day
2: Master of the Maze (Sp) You can use the immense, profane powers of the Oppidan Maze to your advantage. Once per day, you can cast maze as a spell-like ability, except the DC of the Intelligence check to escape the labyrinth is 15 and you must succeed at a touch attack to target a creature. The maze you conjure is a replica of the infamous labyrinths of the Infernal City itself: walls of iron and black marble, with the tormented faces of the damned screaming and contorting soundlessly throughout their facades.
3: Towers of Marble and Flesh (Su) You can harness some of the Infernal City’s horrific landscape and use it to warp your enemies’ flesh. Once per day as a standard action, you can target a creature made of flesh. If the target fails a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + half your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier), it is turned into an infernal statue made of black marble and hardened soul flesh as per flesh to stone. Additionally, each round on the target’s turn for 3 rounds (starting on the round after it is turned to stone), the target takes 10d6 points of damage as ravenous souls from Dis consume its petrified body (this damage bypasses the statue’s hardness). The target can attempt a Fortitude saving throw each round to halve the damage. If this damage kills the target, its petrified body shatters, and only miracle, true resurrection, or wish can bring the target back to life.


Source Book of the Damned pg. 44
1: Fist of the Iron Lord (Sp) forbid action 3/day, enthrall 2/day, or force punch 1/day
2: Eclipsing Eye’s Glare (Su) You carry an air of the Iron Lord’s dark perfection about you and can see easily through the pettiness of your friends and foes alike. For a number of minutes per day equal to your Hit Dice, you can see things as they actually are, as per true seeing. You must use a standard action to activate this ability and can dismiss it as a free action. The duration need not be used all at once, but must be used in 1-minute increments. Additionally, once per day while this ability is active, when you use it to see a creature that is invisible or under a blur or displacement effect, you can invoke the Iron Lord’s unholy power to strike fear into its heart as a swift action, giving it the shaken condition for a number of rounds equal to your Hit Dice and removing the blur, displacement, or invisibility effect. There is no saving throw for this secondary effect, and it is a fear effect.
3: Courtly King (Sp) Like the Iron Lord, you see the value in using your infernal charm to get your way rather than relying on brute force, and your darkly honeyed words are intoxicatingly compelling. Twice per day, you can cast mass charm monster as a spell-like ability, except no two of the creatures can be more than 60 feet apart.


Source Book of the Damned pg. 44
1: No Sympathy, No Mercy (Sp) doom 3/day, bull’s strength 2/day, or rage 1/day
2: Judgment of Fiends (Su) Three times per day, as a swift action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, you can pronounce fiendish judgment upon a target. For a number of rounds equal to half your Hit Dice, add a bonus equal to half your Hit Dice on your attack rolls against the target, and your attacks ignore the target’s DR and energy resistance, if it has any. Additionally, while this ability is in effect, you gain a bonus equal to your Hit Dice on damage rolls against the target. You can have only one fiendish judgment active at a time. If a target of your fiendish judgment dies before this ability’s duration ends, it still counts as one use.
3: Gaoler of the First (Sp) Twice per day, you can cast forcecage as a spell-like ability. The DC of the Reflex saving throw to negate this effect is equal to 10 + half your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier. Regardless of whether you use this effect to create a barred cage or a windowless cell, creatures caught in it hear the low rumble of a deep, taunting, profane chuckle for the entirety of the time they are confined.

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