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Old Deadeye

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 52
Pathfinder Wiki Erastil


Alignment LG
Pantheon Core Deities
Other Pantheons Gnomish Deities, Halfling Deities, Sandpoint Pantheon
Areas of Concern Family, farming, hunting, trade
Domains Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant
Subdomains Archon (Good), Archon (Law), Education (Community), Family, Feather, Fur, Growth, Home
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Longbow
Symbol Bow and arrow
Sacred Animal(s) Stag
Sacred Color(s) Brown, green


Plant five seeds in fertile earth, spacing them out in the shape of an arrow. The seeds may be those of any plant that can potentially grow in the region, though edible plants are preferred. The seeds don’t need to be from a type of plant that could thrive in that soil—all they must have is a chance at survival. If no suitable earth exists, place a small bundle of seeds (again, those that grow edible plants are preferred), a small bundle of preserved food, or a quiver of arrows in a place where a passerby might see it. Mark your gifts with Erastil’s sign, and say a prayer for the health and safety of the communities in the area and those who may be in need of Erastil’s guidance. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Survival checks.

Divine Gift

Source Planar Adventures pg. 76
Nethys Note: See here for details on how to gain a Divine Gift
The character gains three greater slaying arrows. The designated creatures for each of these three arrows is determined by the GM. The magic of these greater slaying arrows vanishes if they are sold, but they can be given to others in trade for goods or as a gift. If a worshiper of Erastil fires one of these greater slaying arrows and misses, the arrow vanishes and a slaying arrow of the same type appears in the gifted character’s quiver. If this regular slaying arrow is then fired, only to miss its target, it has a 50% chance to be lost, as normal.

On Golarion

Centers of Worship Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Isger, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Mana Wastes, Molthune, Nirmathas, River Kingdoms, Varisia
Nationality Ulfen

Boons - Deific Obedience


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 52
1: Family's Bond (Sp) cure light wounds 3/day, shield other 2/day, or prayer 1/day
2: Twin Fang (Ex) Once per day as a standard action, you can summon an exact double of your animal companion. The double acts and thinks like your animal companion in every way, and obeys your commands just as the original would. Your original animal companion and its double understand and trust each other perfectly. The double remains for 1 round for every Hit Die you possess, and then vanishes. If you don’t have an animal companion, you instead gain the ability to use summon nature’s ally V as a spell-like ability once per day.
3: Faithful Archer (Ex) You are particularly skilled at using Erastil’s favored weapon. When using a longbow, you add your Wisdom bonus on attack and damage rolls against targets within 30 feet.


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 52
1: Animal Friend (Sp) charm animal 3/day, animal messenger 2/day, or summon nature’s ally III 1/day
2: Hunter's Ally (Sp) Once per day as a standard action, you can summon a pair of hound archons. The hound archons follow your commands perfectly for 1 minute for every Hit Die you possess before vanishing back to their home in Heaven. The hound archons don’t follow commands that would violate their lawful good alignment. Such commands will not only earn refusal and scorn from the hound archons, but could cause them to attack you if the command is particularly egregious.
3: Communal Table (Sp) Your devotion to caring for your community allows you to evoke Erastil’s divine bounty to feed your friends with a banquet of cooked game and simple beverages. Once per day, you can use heroes’ feast as a spell-like ability. Creatures that eat from this communal table, a process that takes 1 hour, gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls and Will saving throws instead of the usual +1 morale bonus. Whenever you cast this spell, choose one teamwork feat; you may select a new feat every time you cast this spell, but once it’s cast, your selection can’t be changed. Anyone who eats from the communal table gains the benefits of the chosen teamwork feat. The benefits of the heroes’ feast, including the bonus teamwork feat, last for 12 hours. A character doesn’t need to meet the prerequisites for a teamwork feat granted through this ability.


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 52
1: Sureshot (Sp) longshotUC 3/day, deadeye’s arrow 2/day, or flame arrow 1/day
2: Tough Hide (Su) When you wear armor made from leather or animal hide, the armor provides an extra +2 armor bonus to your AC. This bonus improves the normal armor bonus granted by the armor; in other words, it stacks with the suit’s normal armor bonus. You also mystically subsume some of the qualities of the animal that gave its life for the armor. Gain the scent ability with a range of 30 feet while wearing armor made from leather or animal hide.
3: Farmer's Bond (Su) Your time spent cultivating crops has given you a bond with plants. You can cast speak with plants 3 times per day. If you spend at least 1 hour during the day in direct sunlight, you don’t need to eat that day. Finally, you become immune to poisons ingested from whole plants (not distilled poisons, such as assassins use) and any poison from attacks or effects generated by plant creatures.

Paladin Code

The paladins of Erastil are gruff, strict traditionalists. They seek to preserve the integrity of rural life and communities. Their tenets include the following affirmations.
  • My community comes first, and I will contribute to it all that I can. If I don’t give something back, who will?
  • I must offer the poor in my community assistance, but I may not do the work for them—instead, I must teach them to contribute to the settlement. It is only through cooperation that a community grows strong.
  • When danger threatens, I am not a fool. I seek first to make sure the weak and innocent are safe, and then I quell the danger.
  • I keep to the old ways, the true ways. I am not seduced by the lure of money or power. I remember that true honor comes from within, not from the accolades of others.
  • I remember that reputation is everything. Mine is pure and upstanding, and I will repair it if it is broken or tarnished. I stand by my decisions, and live so that none shall have cause to blame me.
  • I show respect to my elders, for they have done much. I show respect to the young, for they have much left to do. I show respect to my peers, for they carry the load. And I shall carry it with them.
  • I am honest, trustworthy, and stable. If I must leave my lands and community, before I go, I ensure that they will be tended in my absence. Even when duty calls, my duties to my home come first—letting them lapse makes me a burden on my people.

Divine Fighting Technique

Erastil's Distracting Shot

Source Divine Anthology pg. 29
Sometimes used as a companion piece to the Parables of Erastil, the lesser-known Horns of the Elk is a manual completely dedicated to archery. Lacking the folktales that the Parables are celebrated for, the Horns of the Elk instead focuses on covering a wide array of beginner and advanced archery tactics. A copy of the manual can be found virtually anywhere a shrine to Erastil exists.

Optional Replacement: A lawful good ranger who worships Erastil can choose Divine Fighting Technique as the bonus feat granted by his combat style if he chooses archery as his combat style.

Initial Benefit: As a standard action, you can fire a distracting shot from your longbow or shortbow; when you do, select one ally who is adjacent to the creature you are targeting with the distracting shot. If you hit the creature, the chosen ally gains a +2 bonus to her Armor Class against that creature. This bonus to her Armor Class lasts until the start of your next turn.

Advanced Prerequisites: Dex 17, Divine Fighting Technique, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +10.

Optional Replacement: A lawful good ranger who worships Erastil and has the Divine Fighting Technique feat can replace the bonus feat granted by his combat style at 10th level with the following advanced benefit without meeting its prerequisites.

Advanced Benefit: When you fire a distracting shot at a creature and hit the creature, you grant a +4 Armor Class bonus to the selected adjacent ally and a +2 Armor Class bonus to all other allies within 30 feet of the selected adjacent ally against attacks by the targeted creature.

For Followers of Erastil


Archer (Fighter), Divine Hunter (Paladin), Sniper (Rogue), Trapper (Ranger)


Erastil's Blessing, Nimble Natural Summons, Savior's Arrow, Thicket Channel

Magic Items - Altars

Altar of Erastil

Magic Items - Armor

Deadeye Leather

Magic Items - Rings

Deadeye's Spotter Ring

Magic Items - Weapons

Kinbonded Bow

Magic Items - Wondrous Items

Bracers of Archery (Greater), Bracers of Archery (Lesser), Bronze Skinning Knife, Cloak of Elvenkind, Efficient Quiver


Stag Archon, The Grim White Stag (Herald)

Prestige Classes



Allfood, Deadeye's Arrow, Deadeye's Lore, Hunter's Blessing, Tracking Mark


Deadeye Bowman, Erastil's Speaker, Patient Optimist, Provider, Wise Teacher

Unique Spell Rules

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 59


Goodberry can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell
Animal Messenger can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell [may use on any nonhostile animal (including friendly guard animals and domesticated animals)]


Goodberry can be prepared as a 1st-level spell [can cast on nuts or seeds as well as berries]


Goodberry can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell
Animal Messenger can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell [may use on any nonhostile animal (including friendly guard animals and domesticated animals)]


Goodberry can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell

Unique Summon Rules

Source Pathfinder #32: Rivers Run Red pg. 71
Summon Monster II: Celestial Elk - LG
Summon Monster III: Celestial Dire Boar - LG

Other Rules

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 55
Clerics and druids of Erastil are proficient with the shortbow

Source Gods and Magic pg. 15
Erastil's clerics and druids are proficient with the shortbow and the longbow (and the composite versions of each). Paladins may use their smite evil ability with melee or ranged weapon attacks. Druids can cast goodberry on nuts as well as berries. Any priest of Erastil may use animal messenger on any non-hostile animal (including friendly guard animals and domesticated animals).