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Grandmother Spider

The Weaver

Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 11
Pathfinder Wiki Grandmother Spider


Alignment N
Pantheon Other Deities
Areas of Concern Twilight, weaving, illusion, and family
Domains Charm, Community, Darkness, Luck, Trickery
Subdomains N/A
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Net
Symbol Diamond made of eight interwoven threads


Spend an hour weaving something clever and useful that you will use to better your community, incorporating the stories or symbolism of Grandmother Spider. Kindhearted souls often interpret this to mean weaving blankets, clothing, or tapestries for those in need, while duplicitous worshippers take it to mean weaving a tall tale or confidence game that exploits someone who’s taking advantage of the community or teaches someone a valuable lesson. Gain a +2 sacred or profane bonus on Bluff and Perform (oratory) checks and on saving throws against illusions. The type of bonus depends on your alignment—if you’re neither good nor evil, you must choose either sacred or profane the first time you perform your obedience, and this choice can’t be changed.

On Golarion

Centers of Worship Droon, Nurvatchta, the Shackles, The Sodden Lands
Nationality Anadi

Boons - Deific Obedience


Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 11
1: Charming Sort (Sp) sleep 3/day, eagle’s splendor 2/day, or glibness 1/day
2: Storyteller (Ex) Much like Grandmother Spider, you can weave thrilling tales to buy yourself time or distract those around you, even when among those who know better than to listen to you. You gain the fascinate bardic performance and a number of rounds of bardic performance each day equal to your Charisma modifier + your Hit Dice, with a caster level equal to your Hit Dice. If you already have the bardic performance class feature, all your class levels count as bard levels for the purpose of determining your total rounds of bardic performance each day and the save DC of your fascinate performance.
3: One with the Night (Su) Grandmother Spider welcomes cool darkness as a relief from the heat of the sun. You too have learned to embrace the starlit beauty of the evening, knowing that the darkness will give you shelter whether you are predator or prey. You gain darkvision with a range of 30 feet, or extend your existing darkvision by 30 feet. You need only half the normal amount of sleep or rest each day to avoid becoming fatigued.


Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 11
1: The Weaver (Sp) silent image 3/day, minor image 2/day, or borrow fortune 1/day
2: Inspired Illusionist (Su) Though you lack Grandmother Spider’s ability to weave new fates, you can emulate some measure of her skill at seamlessly transforming figments into reality. Your illusions are especially convincing and persistent. Spells you cast from the figment or glamer subschools last twice as long, as if extended with the Extend Spell feat. You cannot further extend these spells by applying Extend Spell metamagic a second time. You add the following spells to your spell list of spells known: silent image (1st), minor image (2nd), major image (3rd), hallucinatory terrain (4th), persistent image (5th), programmed image (6th), project image (7th), screen (8th).
3: Willful Weaver (Sp) What matters the reality if all the world believes the lie? The effects of your illusions are so strong they can override the physical world. Three times per day, you can cast a false version of a conjuration or evocation spell as if casting shadow evocation or greater shadow conjuration.


Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 11
1: Trapper (Sp) animate rope 3/day, web 2/day, or spiked pit 1/day
2: Net Master (Ex) A trapper and a trickster rather than a true warrior, Grandmother Spider bests her foes through schemes, wits, and quick reflexes. You have learned to use the spider’s patient guile in combat, trapping your foes within the spider’s web. You gain Net Adept as a bonus feat, ignoring its prerequisites. If you already have Net Adept, you instead gain a +1 sacred or profane bonus on attack rolls with a net. When fighting with a net as a one-handed weapon and wielding nothing in your off hand, you also gain a +1 shield bonus to AC.
3: Binding Strike (Su) You allow no chances for your foes to escape once you have the advantage. Those enemies you fell are bound and ripe for your stewpot, should you feel less than charitable in victory. When you confirm a critical hit against an opponent, you can forgo any additional damage to immediately bind your foe in sticky webs, paralyzing it and pinning it in place. This functions as a hold monster spell with a caster level equal to your Hit Dice. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1).

Unique Spell Rules

Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 13


Silent Image can be prepared as a 1st-level spell
Ventriloquism can be prepared as a 1st-level spell
Spider Climb can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell
Web can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell