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The Inheritor

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 76
Pathfinder Wiki Iomedae


Alignment LG
Pantheon Core Deities
Other Pantheons Ascended Pantheon, Halfling Deities, Order of the God Claw Pantheon
Areas of Concern Honor, justice, rulership, valor
Domains Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War
Subdomains Archon (Good), Archon (Law), Chivalry, Day, Duels, Heroism, Honor, Hubris (Glory)*, Light, Redemption, Revelation, Sovereignty, Tactics
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Longsword
Symbol Sword and sun
Sacred Animal(s) Lion
Sacred Color(s) Red, white


Hold your primary weapon in front of you and hang a holy symbol of Iomedae from it. Kneel while focusing on the holy symbol, pray for guidance and protection from the Inheritor, and swear to follow her teachings. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility) checks.

Divine Gift

Source Planar Adventures pg. 77
Nethys Note: See here for details on how to gain a Divine Gift
By spending 10 minutes in prayer to Iomedae (this may take place during daily preparation of spells), a character can activate a holy aura or shield of law effect on himself (CL 20th) that lasts for the next 12 hours.

On Golarion

Centers of Worship Absalom, Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Lastwall, Mendev, Molthune, Nirmathas, Sargava
Nationality Chelaxian

Boons - Deific Obedience


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 76
1: Courageous (Sp) remove fear 3/day, blessing of courage and lifeAPG 2/day, or heroism 1/day
2: Demon-Feared Caster (Ex) You are used to fighting the forces of evil. You gain a sacred bonus equal to 1 + 1 for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum +6) on caster level checks to overcome the spell resistance of outsiders with the chaotic or evil subtypes. These bonuses stack against outsiders who are both chaotic and evil (maximum +12) . If you don’t have the ability to cast spells, you instead gain the ability to use protection from chaos/evil as a spell-like ability three times per day.
3: Wrath of the Inheritor (Su) Three times per day, you can call upon Iomedae during the casting of a spell to increase its potency. When you use this ability, you can cast any spell that deals hit point damage and has a casting time of 1 standard action as a full-round action instead. Doing so changes half the damage dealt to divine power, similar to a flame strike spell. For example, a wizard 5/evangelist 9 casts a lightning bolt as a full-round action. The spell deals 10d6 points of damage, half of which is electricity damage and the other half of which is divine energy and not subject to electricity resistance. If you can’t cast spells that deal hit point damage, you instead gain the ability to imbue your weapon with holy power. Three times per day as a free action, you can grant your weapon the holy weapon special ability for 1 minute.


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 76
1: Glorious Servant (Sp) shield of faith 3/day, enthrall 2/day, or searing light 1/day
2: Righteous Strike (Sp) Once per day, you can channel the effects of holy smite through your weapon. You must declare your use of this ability before you roll your attack. On a hit, the target is affected as if targeted with holy smite.
3: Just Ally (Sp) Once per day as a standard action, you can summon a shield archon (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 31). The shield archon follows your commands perfectly for 1 minute for every Hit Die you possess before vanishing back to its home in Heaven. The shield archon doesn’t follow commands that would violate its alignment, however, and particularly egregious commands could cause it to attack you.


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 76
1: Knight of Valor (Sp) bless weapon 3/day, bull’s strength 2/day, or magic vestment 1/day
2: Valorous Smite (Su) If you have the smite evil class feature, you gain an extra use of that ability per day. You add the levels of sentinel to your paladin levels when calculating the extra damage dealt by your smite. If you successfully deal damage with your smite, your target must succeed at a Will saving throw (with a DC equal to 10 + your Charisma modifier + 1/2 your Hit Dice) or be stunned for 1 round plus 1 round for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum 6 rounds). Once a target saves against this stunning effect, it is immune to the stunning effect from your holy smite for 24 hours.

If you don’t have the smite evil class feature, instead you can, as a free action, single out an outsider with the evil subtype or an evil-aligned dragon you plan to vanquish. Against this target, you gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls and a sacred bonus equal to your sentinel level on damage rolls. The bonuses remain until the target is dead or you use this ability again, whichever comes first. If you choose a target that is not one of the listed creature types, the ability is wasted. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum once per day).
3: Banishing Strike (Sp) Once per day, you can channel the effects of banishment through your weapon, though you don’t need to cast (or even know) the spell. You must declare your use of this ability before you roll your attack. On a hit, the target is affected by a banishment effect. If you openly wear a holy symbol of Iomedae, you gain a +1 bonus on your caster level check to overcome the target’s spell resistance (if any) and the saving throw DC increases by 2.

Paladin Code

The paladins of Iomedae are just and strong, crusaders who live for the joy of righteous battle. Their mission is to right wrongs and eliminate evil at its root. They serve as examples to others, and their code demands they protect the weak and innocent by eliminating sources of oppression, rather than merely the symptoms. They may back down or withdraw from a fight if they are overmatched, but if their lives will buy time for others to escape, they must give them. Their tenets include the following affirmations.
  • I will learn the weight of my sword. Without my heart to guide it, it is worthless—my strength is not in my sword, but in my heart. If I lose my sword, I have lost a tool. If I betray my heart, I have died.
  • I will have faith in the Inheritor. I will channel her strength through my body. I will shine in her legion, and I will not tarnish her glory through base actions.
  • I am the first into battle, and the last to leave it.
  • I will not be taken prisoner by my free will. I will not surrender those under my command.
  • I will never abandon a companion, though I will honor sacrifice freely given.
  • I will guard the honor of my fellows, both in thought and deed, and I will have faith in them.
  • When in doubt, I may force my enemies to surrender, but I am responsible for their lives.
  • I will never refuse a challenge from an equal. I will give honor to worthy enemies, and contempt to the rest.
  • I will suffer death before dishonor.
  • I will be temperate in my actions and moderate in my behavior. I will strive to emulate Iomedae’s perfection.

Divine Fighting Technique

Iomedae's Inspiring Sword

Source Weapon Master's Handbook pg. 11
Iomedae demonstrates how to turn a longsword into a shining beacon of hope.

Optional Replacement: A paladin who worships Iomedae can replace a mercy with this initial benefit, even if she doesn’t meets its prerequisites.

Initial Benefit: While wielding a longsword, you can perform an impressive display of prowess as a full-round action. All allies within 30 feet who can see your display gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for 1 round + 1 round per 5 points of base attack bonus you have.

Advanced Prerequisites: Dazzling Display, Weapon Focus (longsword), base attack bonus +10.

Optional Replacement: A paladin of at least 9th level who worships Iomedae can replace a mercy with the following advanced benefit, even if she doesn’t meet the benefit’s prerequisites.

Advanced Benefit: As a standard action or at the end of a charge, you can make an attack against a foe with a longsword. If you succeed, you grant all allies who can see your attack a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for 1 minute.

For Followers of Iomedae


Battle Scout (Ranger), Crusader (Cleric), Iomedaen Enforcer (Paladin), Shining Knight (Paladin), Standard Bearer (Cavalier)


Disciple of the Sword, Hands of Valor, Protective Channel, Strike True

Magic Items - Altars

Altar of Iomedae

Magic Items - Armor

Icon of Order, Inheritor's Breastplate, War Commander's Field Plate

Magic Items - Rings

Knight-Inheritor's Ring

Magic Items - Weapons

Crusader's Longsword, Inheritor's Light, Iomedae's Needle

Magic Items - Wondrous Items

Knight's Pennon (Battle), Cloak of the Crusader, Lord's Banner (Crusades), Glorious Tabard (Greater), Knight's Pennon (Honor), Inheritor's Gauntlet, Glorious Tabard (Lesser), Medal of the Hero's Heart, Knight's Pennon (Parley), Lord's Banner (Swiftness), Lord's Banner (Terror), Lord's Banner (Victory)


Hand of the Inheritor (Herald), Iophanite

Prestige Classes

Heritor Knight, Inheritor's Crusader, Knight of Ozem


Bestow Grace of the Champion, Burst of Glory, Inheritor's Smite, Light Prison, Litany of Righteousness, Spear of Purity, Weapons Against Evil


A Shining Beacon, Divine Warrior, Inheritor's Immunity, Purity of Faith, Regal Presence, Searing Beacon

Unique Spell Rules

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 83


Holy Sword can be prepared as a 8th-level spell
Good Hope can be prepared as a 4th-level spell
Mark of Justice can be prepared as a 4th-level spell


Holy Sword can be prepared as a 6th-level spell


Good Hope can be prepared as a 3rd-level spell
Mark of Justice can be prepared as a 3rd-level spell

Unique Summon Rules

Source Pathfinder #26: The Sixfold Trial pg. 71
Summon Monster IV: Celestial Lion - LG
Summon Monster VI: Celestial Griffon - NG
Summon Nature's Ally VI: Celestial Griffon - NG