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Lady of Inscribed Wonder

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 322
Pathfinder Wiki Irez


Alignment NG
Pantheon Empyreal Lords
Areas of Concern Cards, scribes, spells
Domains Good, Luck, Magic, Rune
Subdomains Agathion, Fate, Language, Wards
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Dart
Symbol Fan of parchment strips
Sacred Animal(s) Roc
Sacred Color(s) Red, white


Neatly inscribe six identical pairs of runes on 12 separate cards or squares of paper. Shuffle the cards facedown and draw two. On a match, gain a +4 sacred bonus on saves against spells cast from two schools of magic of your choice. On a mismatch, gain a +4 sacred bonus on saves against spells cast from scrolls. (Alternatively, draw two cards from a harrow deck, gaining one benefit for matching suits and the other if not.)

Boons - Celestial Obedience

Mystery Cultist

Source Chronicle of the Righteous pg. 15
1: Calligrapher's Talent (Sp) divine favor 3/day, augury 2/day, or glyph of warding 1/day
2: Divine Inscription (Su) Three times per day, when using a scroll to cast a spell that deals hit point damage, you can change half the spell’s damage to holy damage. If you lack the ability to cast a particular spell from a scroll, you may attempt a Use Magic Device check with a bonus equal to your HD plus your Charisma modifier (or your regular Use Magic Device bonus, whichever is better).
3: Lucky Cards (Su) Once per day, you can summon 2d6 shimmering cards that trail in your wake. The cards dart around you during combat, intercepting deadly attacks. At your discretion, each card can absorb a single damage die from either a sneak attack or a critical hit that would normally hit you. For example, if you would be hit by a sneak attack dealing an extra 3d6 points of damage and you had two cards remaining, you could reduce the sneak attack damage to 1d6 (these dice are removed before being rolled). Once a card absorbs a damage die, it disappears. Unused cards disappear at the end of each day.

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Heroic Interposition


Empyreal Focus