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The Open Hand of Harmony

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 322
Pathfinder Wiki Korada


Alignment NG
Pantheon Empyreal Lords
Areas of Concern Foresight, forgiveness, peace
Domains Good, Healing, Magic, Protection
Subdomains Agathion, Defense, Divine, Medicine*, Restoration
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Unarmed strike
Symbol Lotus above two figures
Sacred Animal(s) Monkey
Sacred Color(s) Green, purple


Exactly at dawn, sit cross-legged in a quiet place. Fill your mind with thoughts of those who have harmed you or your loved ones. Strive to find forgiveness in your heart. Maintain your pose for an hour, rising above any physical discomfort you experience. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saves against effects with the chaotic or lawful descriptor.

Boons - Celestial Obedience

Mystery Cultist

Source Chronicle of the Righteous pg. 17
1: Harmonic (Sp) bless 3/day, augury 2/day, or mad monkeysUM 1/day
2: Steady Hand (Su) Three times per day as a swift action, you can choose to deal nonlethal damage with a weapon that normally deals lethal damage for 1 hour. When you use this ability, you do not take the normal –4 penalty on attack rolls for dealing nonlethal damage with a lethal weapon, and the damage die of your weapon increases by one step as long as you deal nonlethal damage with it.
3: Quietude (Su) You maintain an aura of utter peace. A continual sanctuary effect surrounds you, requiring enemies to succeed at a Will save (DC 11 + 1/2 your HD) to directly attack you. Extraplanar creatures that manage to attack you directly must succeed at an additional Will save (DC 14 + 1/2 your HD) or return to their plane of origin as though affected by a dismissal spell. If you attack another creature, the sanctuary effect temporarily subsides for 1d4+1 rounds.

For Followers of Korada


Heroic Interposition


Empyreal Focus