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The Shining Scourge

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 320
Pathfinder Wiki Nurgal


Alignment CE
Pantheon Demon Lords
Areas of Concern Deserts, senseless warfare, the sun
Domains Chaos, Evil, Fire, Sun
Subdomains Ash, Day, Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Smoke, Thirst*
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Heavy mace
Symbol Lion jaws around the sun
Sacred Animal(s) Lion
Sacred Color(s) Yellow, orange


Offer prayers to Nurgal during an hour-long ritual of self-flagellation with a salt-encrusted whip—the ritual must end at noon. If this obedience does not take place under the light of the sun, you must end the ritual by swallowing a handful of sand and salt. Gain a +4 profane bonus on all Fortitude saving throws against effects that cause fatigue or exhaustion, or that damage, drain, or penalize ability scores.

Boons - Demonic Obedience


Source Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos pg. 22
1: Desert's Embrace (Sp) endure elements 3/day, scorching ray 2/ day, or daylight 1/day
2: Nurgal's Breath (Sp) You can cast sunbeam once per day—the beam of sunlight created by this ability issues from your open mouth.
3: Desiccating Pulse (Sp) You can cast horrid wilting three times per day.

Boons - Fiendish Obedience


Source Book of the Damned pg. 84
1: Sun’s Wrath (Sp) burning hands 3/day, flaming sphere 2/day, or searing light 1/day
2: High Noon (Su) Nurgal’s guidance sharpens your aim and steadies your hand, allowing you to make otherwise impossible attacks. Three times per day as a move action, you can use this power to improve the next melee or ranged attack you make during your turn; if you are in an area of bright light, you can instead use this ability as a swift action. For the purpose of this enhanced attack, you are treated as if you had true seeing against the target. If the target of the attack is within 30 feet, your enhanced attack targets the creature’s touch AC. If this attack is made using a firearm, the result is never a misfire, regardless of the attack roll. If the attack threatens a critical hit, the critical threat is automatically confirmed. Any attack that hits threatens a critical hit that must be confirmed as normal. If you hit the target and deal damage, the creature must attempt a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + half your Hit Dice + your Strength modifier) or be staggered for 1d3 rounds.
3: Solar Weaponry (Sp) You strike with the power of the sun, channeling its deadly light through your weapons. As a swift action up to three times per day, you can transform your weapon into raw energy for 3 rounds, giving it the qualities of a brilliant energy weapon. Any creature struck by your weapon must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + half your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier) or be permanently blinded. Unlike normal brilliant energy weapons, this weapon is made of pure sunlight and can harm undead creatures normally. Against undead foes that are particularly vulnerable to sun, the weapon also functions as a disrupting weapon.


Source Book of the Damned pg. 84
1: Desert’s Embrace (Sp) endure elements 3/day, scorching ray 2/day, or daylight1/day
2: Nurgal’s Breath (Sp) You can cast sunbeam as a spell-like ability once per day. The beam of sunlight you create with this ability issues from your open mouth.
3: Desiccating Pulse (Sp) You can cast horrid wilting three times per day as a spell-like ability.


Source Book of the Damned pg. 84
1: Lord of War (Sp) divine favor 3/day, tactical acumen 2/day, or deadly juggernaut 1/day
2: Acceptable Losses (Su) The most important responsibility of your minions is ensuring your survival on the battlefield. Once per day as an immediate action, when you are hit by an attack or affected by a spell or effect, you can transfer its effects to a creature within 30 feet. This creature must be one that is under your control or command or that otherwise considers itself subordinate to you. You suffer no effects from a transferred effect. If the effect is one that affects multiple creatures (such as horrid wilting or a breath weapon), the recipient of the transfer can suffer its effects twice. You can decide to transfer the effect or attack after the results of the attack rolls or saving throws have been revealed.
3: Avatar of Strife (Sp) You can call upon the Shining Scourge to fill you with his burning light, which spreads mindless warfare everywhere you go. Once per day as a standard action, you can begin radiating an aura of blazing light equivalent to that created by daylight, lasting 1 round per Hit Die. Any creature within 60 feet of you must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + half your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier) at the start of its turn or be compelled to attack the nearest conscious creature that round (similar to the “attack nearest creature” result of the confusion spell). Worshipers of Nurgal are immune to this effect. As a swift action, you can command a creature affected by your aura to direct its attacks against a creature of your choice within the effect’s 60-foot area; this designation lasts until the effect ends.

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