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Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 324
Pathfinder Wiki Tolc


Alignment CG
Pantheon Empyreal Lords
Areas of Concern Cold, frozen wilds, survival
Domains Chaos, Good, Travel, Water
Subdomains Azata (Chaos), Azata (Good), Exploration, Ice, Storms
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Javelin
Symbol Antlers and ice javelin
Sacred Animal(s) Caribou
Sacred Color(s) Icy blue, ivory


Kneel naked outdoors at night while dipping your hands in two bowls of tepid water. Slowly raise your hands above your head and hold them there until the water from both bowls has evaporated. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saves against cold effects.

Boons - Celestial Obedience

Mystery Cultist

Source Chronicle of the Righteous pg. 26
1: Frozen Magic (Sp) mount (caribou only) 3/day, chill metal 2/day, or protection from energy 1/day
2: Icy Shards (Su) Three times per day, you can breathe a 15-foot cone of ice particles. The cone deals 1d6 points of damage per HD you possess (maximum 15d6). Half this damage is cold damage, while the other half is slashing damage. A Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD) halves damage taken from this attack.
3: Glacial Dark (Sp) You can cast polar midnightUM once per day.

For Followers of Tolc


Heroic Interposition


Empyreal Focus