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The Green Empress

Source Pathfinder #80: Empty Graves pg. 65
Pathfinder Wiki Wadjet


Alignment LG
Pantheon Deities of Ancient Osirion
Areas of Concern Good serpents, the River Sphinx, wisdom
Domains Good, Law, Protection, Travel, Water
Subdomains Archon (Good), Archon (Law), Defense, Exploration, Purity, Rivers, Trade
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Light mace
Symbol Uraeus
Sacred Animal(s) Uraeus

Paladin Code

Paladins of Wadjet are stoic yet gentle defenders of the people, devoted especially to those living near rivers and other bodies of water. They are relentless in their crusade against Apep, the evil god of snakes and darkness. Their tenets include the following affirmations.
  • The just and innocent are my wards. I will keep them safe and protected from evil to my last breath.
  • There are those who cannot travel to find what they need. If I find myself lacking in just actions, I will journey and find those who need my help.
  • I will offer my services to explorers, traders, and travelers who are unable to defend themselves. Their journeys aid us all.
  • I never turn away those that seek my counsel. If I cannot aid, I will find one who can.
  • Apep and his minions seek to destroy others. I am the only one who stands against his will. When I can, I will journey to cleanse his presence in this world.
  • Water is life. I must protect the rivers and waters to keep them safe and pure for all, as even the pharaoh thirsts.

For Followers of Wadjet


Snake Handler