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Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 324
Pathfinder Wiki Ylimancha


Alignment NG
Pantheon Empyreal Lords
Areas of Concern Coastal waters, fisherfolk, flying creatures
Domains Air, Animal, Good, Water
Subdomains Agathion, Feather, Oceans, Wind
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Longbow
Symbol Golden seagull
Sacred Animal(s) Seagull
Sacred Color(s) Blue, gold


Wrap yourself in a robe of feathers and immerse yourself in saltwater, holding your breath for as long as possible. Climb out of the water, kneel down, and pray until the robe dries. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws against effects with the water descriptor and effects from flying creatures.

Boons - Celestial Obedience

Mystery Cultist

Source Chronicle of the Righteous pg. 28
1: Winged Blessing (Sp) feather fall 3/day, levitate 2/day, or water breathing 1/day
2: Aspect of the Wind (Su) Avian wings sprout from your back, granting you a fly speed of 30 feet with average maneuverability.
3: Body of Water (Su) Your body becomes permanently fluid and malleable, making you immune to critical hits and sneak attacks. In addition, you can move through an area as small as one-quarter your space without squeezing or one-eighth your space when squeezing.

For Followers of Ylimancha


Heroic Interposition

Magic Items - Wondrous Items

Harborwing Cloak


Empyreal Focus