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Helm of Ikimizi

Source Lost Kingdoms pg. 32
Aura moderate enchantment CL 7th
Slot head; Price —; Weight 3 lbs.


The helm of Ikimizi grants its wearer a +4 circumstance bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits. However, whenever the wearer threatens a critical hit (regardless of whether or not he actually succeeds), he immediately becomes berserk (gaining all the benefits and drawbacks of the barbarian’s rage ability). For 1d4+1 rounds, he is compelled to attack the nearest creature until it has fallen, regardless of whether the target is friend or foe.

In addition, whenever the wearer of a helm of Ikimizi slays a creature, he must spend at least 1 full-round action feasting on the flesh of the fallen creature, heedless of anything or anyone else around him.

Once it is equipped, the helm of Ikimizi can only be removed by a remove curse spell.


Requirements helm of comprehend languages and read magic, helm of telepathy, helm of underwater action; Cost