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The Pallid Princess

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 156
Pathfinder Wiki Urgathoa


Alignment NE
Pantheon Core Deities
Areas of Concern Disease, gluttony, undeath
Domains Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, War
Subdomains Blood, Cannibalism, Corruption, Daemon, Divine, Ferocity, Murder, Plague (Death), Plague (Evil), Self-Realization (Strength)*, Shadow (Death), Undead
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Scythe
Symbol Skull-decorated fly
Sacred Animal(s) Fly
Sacred Color(s) Red, green


Cover a table (or suitable flat surface) with a black velvet cloth and spread a feast atop it. If you are in the wilderness or another area where fine food is not readily available, load the table with the best quality food you can find in whatever amount you have. Eat to the point of painful fullness, sipping wine between dishes and reciting a prayer to Urgathoa. At the end of the hour, consume a piece of rotten fruit, rancid meat, moldy cheese, or other spoiled bit of food. Trust in Urgathoa to protect you from any sickness or disease that might follow. Treat your caster level as 1 higher when casting necromancy spells.

Divine Gift

Source Planar Adventures pg. 81
Nethys Note: See here for details on how to gain a Divine Gift
The recipient dies and rises at the next sunset (or after 12 hours have passed, whichever comes first, but never in a situation that would result in the gift being granted during the day) as a vampire. (At the GM’s discretion, other vampire templates, such as jiang-shi or nosferatu, can be applied rather than the standard vampire template.) If the character is already a vampire, he does not suffer any of the traditional vampire weaknesses (such as sunlight or running water) for 24 hours.

On Golarion

Centers of Worship Darklands, Geb, Osirion, Ustalav, Varisia
Nationality Varisian

Boons - Deific Obedience


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 156
1: Pestilent Penitent (Sp) curse water 3/day, feast of ashesAPG 2/day, or contagion 1/day
2: Death Knowledge (Su) Your knowledge of the arcane workings of death increases. Your familiar can teach you one new spell from either the Death or Magic domain spell list. The spell must be of a level you can cast, and once you choose the spell, your selection can’t be changed. If you cast spells from a spellbook, you learn a new spell in the same manner, though it appears magically in your spellbook. If you cast spells spontaneously, you can choose one spell to add to your list of spells known, but you gain no additional spell slots.
3: Blight of Ruin (Su) Your blight hex gains power from Urgathoa’s favor. If you use your blight hex on a plot of land, you can affect an area whose radius is equal to 20 × your combined witch and evangelist levels. If you blight a creature of the animal or plant type, increase the saving throw DC by 4 and the curse’s effect to 2 points of Constitution damage per day. If the target successfully saves against your blight hex, it instead takes 3d6 points of negative energy damage. If you don’t have access to the blight hex, you instead gain the ability to use mass festerAPG once per day as a spell-like ability.


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 156
1: Mistress of Undeath (Sp) inflict light wounds 3/day, desecrate 2/day, or animate dead 1/day
2: Bolstering Channel (Su) When you channel negative energy to heal undead creatures, you infuse the targets with negative energy made more powerful by Urgathoa’s influence. Any undead creatures healed by your channeled energy increase their movement speed by 10 feet for 1 round for every Hit Die you possess.
3: Ally from the Grave (Sp) The Pallid Princess’s servants have taken notice of your deeds and answer your call. Once per day as a standard action, you can summon a bhuta (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 41) to serve you. You gain telepathy with the bhuta to a range of 100 feet. The bhuta follows your commands perfectly for 1 minute for every Hit Die you possess before vanishing back to its home. It doesn’t obey commands that would make it perform overly good acts, and such instructions could cause it to attack you if they are particularly egregious.


Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 156
1: Glutton for Slaughter (Sp) magic missile 3/day, acid arrow 2/day, or fireball 1/day
2: Scythe Wielder (Ex) You have trained extensively with Urgathoa’s deadly favored weapon and with many related weapons, and you wield them with the skill of the Pallid Princess’s most favored undead champions. If you selected the heavy blades group for your weapon training class feature, increase your attack and damage bonuses with heavy blades by 1. If you don’t have the weapon training class feature, you instead gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with the scythe only.
3: Fearless in the Face of Undeath (Ex) You have spent too much time among the unliving to be taken in by their tricks and abilities, and you are proof against many of their powers. Increase your bravery saving throw bonus by 1. This bonus now applies to saving throws against any spells and effects generated by undead creatures, as well as against fear effects. The bonus also applies to nonmagical effects generated by undead creatures, such as a deathweb’s poison. If you don’t have the bravery class feature, you instead gain a +2 profane bonus on saving throws against spells and effects generated by undead.

Antipaladin Code

The antipaladins of Urgathoa are creatures of the night, plague-bearers and bringers of death. They seek to spread Urgathoa’s gifts by the sword and by emulating their goddess. Their tenets include the following affirmations.
  • The grave opens to us all. We hasten the living on their inevitable path.
  • The deathless are the true expression of existence, for they are beyond life and death. I will emulate their ways and destroy those who would defile their timeless perfection.
  • I have no duty but to my hunger and my goddess.
  • Existence is hunger. Both life and death feed on life. I am an instrument of transition.

Divine Fighting Technique

Urgathoa's Hunger

Source Divine Anthology pg. 31
The grisly content of Pallid Cravings can be found in many places where the Pallid Princess maintains a significant presence, especially within the undead nation of Geb. The pages of this manuscript are said to be tattooed onto a humanoid and flensed off while the victim is still alive; the swaths of skin are then carefully preserved for presentation in the book. Pallid Cravings details hundreds of ways for a member of Urgathoa’s faithful to satisfy her depraved urges for an opponent’s flesh and blood while in battle.

Initial Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your Wisdom bonus, you can feast upon the life essence of a creature that you hit with a scythe. Activating this ability is a swift action. When you do so, you gain a number of temporary hit points equal to the damage you dealt with the scythe attack. These temporary hit points last for 1 minute and don’t stack.

Advanced Prerequisites: Divine Fighting Technique, Heal 10 ranks, base attack bonus +7.

Advanced Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your Wisdom bonus, you can exacerbate any lingering contagions within a target’s body upon making a successful melee attack with a scythe. Activating this ability is a swift action, and causes the target to immediately attempt additional saving throws against all diseases with which it is currently afflicted. Any failed saves cause the target to immediately take the effects of that disease, while a successful save does not count toward the number of consecutive saves that the target must succeed at in order to cure the disease.

For Followers of Urgathoa


Dirge Bard (Bard), Gravewalker (Witch), Undead Lord (Cleric)


Bolster Undead, Potion Glutton, Shatter Resolve, Thanatopic Spell, Threnodic Spell, Undead Master

Magic Items - Altars

Altar of Urgathoa

Magic Items - Armor

Pallid Chain

Magic Items - Rings

Gluttonous Feasting Ring

Magic Items - Sets

Urgathoa's Gluttony

Magic Items - Weapons

Nail of the Princess, Reaper's Lantern

Magic Items - Wondrous Items

Darkskull, Gloves of Bony Power, Mask of the Skull, Pallid Crystal, Plagueborn Mantle, Robe of Bones, Urgathoa's Breath


Mother’s Maw (Herald), Pallid Angel, Sarcovalt


Epidemic, Ghoul Hunger, Plague Bearer


Corpse Cannibal, Deathspeaker, Denial of Fate, Inoculated

Unique Spell Rules

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 163


Ghoul Touch can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell
Purify Food and Drink can be prepared as a 1st-level spell


Ghoul Touch can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell


Ghoul Touch can be prepared as a 2nd-level spell
Purify Food and Drink can be prepared as a 0-level spell


Contagion can be prepared as a 3rd-level spell [arcane version]
Remove Disease can be prepared as a 3rd-level spell [arcane version]


Contagion can be prepared as a 3rd-level spell [necromancer only, arcane version]
Remove Disease can be prepared as a 3rd-level spell [necromancer only, arcane version]

Unique Summon Rules

Source Pathfinder #47: Ashes at Dawn pg. 71
Summon Monster I: Bloody Human Skeleton
Summon Monster VII: Daughter of Urgathoa (extraplanar)

Other Rules

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 163
Priests who cast remove disease may draw diseases into themselves as they heal their targets; they become carriers without suffering ill effects. Contagion spells cast by Urgathoa’s priests always use the caster’s spell DC for the disease’s secondary saves.