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Intrigued by Thassilon

Source Return of the Runelords Players Guide pg. 11
Category Campaign
The rediscovery of Thassilon’s legacy several years ago was an eye-opener for many, including you. After living so long in the shadow of these enormous ruins, you were intrigued to find out that they were much older than anyone could have guessed and that the runelords who built them may still exist. You’ve made a promise to yourself to uncover all that you can about Thassilon, its runelords, and the mysterious history of that ancient civilization.

You gain Thassilonian as a bonus language, and at 1st level and every 2 levels thereafter, you gain a bonus skill rank that can only be applied to Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Linguistics, or Use Magic Device.

Once per adventure, you may either take 20 on a Use Magic Device check or activate a charged magic item without expending any charges.