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Hellknight Aspirant

Source Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide pg. 13
Category Campaign
You have always admired the authority, discipline, and righteousness of the ebon-armored Hellknights. Whether it’s their unwavering self-control, uncompromising dedication to law and order, relentless pursuit of justice, or merciless administration of punishment, you have tried to model your own actions on the Hellknight philosophy called the Measure and the Chain. Your most fervent wish is to eventually join one of the Hellknight orders and take your place among the grim ranks dedicated to upholding and enforcing the laws of Hell and of Cheliax.

You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks, and Knowledge (planes) is a class skill for you. In addition, choose one of the following Hellknight orders. You have trained yourself in the use of that order’s favored weapon (if more than one weapon is listed, pick one), and gain a +1 trait bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to sunder or disarm you of that weapon.

Order of the Chain: Flail.
Order of the Gate: Dagger.
Order of the Godclaw: Morningstar.
Order of the Nail: Lance or halberd.
Order of the Pike: Longspear.
Order of the Pyre: Glaive.
Order of the Rack: Longsword or whip.
Order of the Scourge: Heavy mace or whip.