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The following sample traps represent just some of the possibilities when constructing traps to challenge the player characters.
Click here for the full rules on Traps.
TrapCRTypePerception DCDisable Device DC
Arrow Trap1mechanical2020
Bear Trap1mechanical1520
Breakaway Vine1mechanical2020
Musk Shower1mechanical2020
Pit Trap1mechanical2020
Poisoned Dart Trap1mechanical2020
Spring Snare1mechanical2515
Swinging Axe Trap1mechanical2020
Swinging Log1mechanical1212
Tar Snare1mechanical2020
Burning Hands Trap2magic2626
Clam Clamp2mechanical2017
Javelin Trap2mechanical2020
Spiked Pit Trap2mechanical2020
Acid Arrow Trap3magic2727
Camouflaged Pit Trap3mechanical2520
Razor Grass3mechanical2520
Breakaway Log4mechanical2530
Electricity Arc Trap4mechanical2520
Spring-arm Spike4mechanical2020
Wall Scythe Trap4mechanical2020
Falling Block Trap5mechanical2020
Fireball Trap5magic2828
Flame Strike Trap6magic3030
Wyvern Arrow Trap6mechanical2020
Faceless Statue Trap7magic3131
Frost Fangs Trap7mechanical2520
Sinking Coffin Trap7mechanical2525
Summon Monster VI Trap7magic3131
Camouflaged Spiked Pit Trap8mechanical2520
Insanity Mist Trap8mechanical2520
Hail of Arrows Trap9mechanical2525
Shocking Floor Trap9magic2626
Chamber of Blades Trap10mechanical2520
Energy Drain Trap10magic3434
Cone of Cold Trap11magic3030
Crushing Cage Tarp11mechanical2930
Poisoned Pit Trap12mechanical2520
Maximized Fireball Trap13magic3131
Harm Trap14magic3131
Crushing Stone Trap15mechanical3020
Empowered Disintegrate Trap16magic3333
Lightning Bolt Gallery Trap17magic2929
Deadly Spear Trap18mechanical3030
Meteor Swarm Trap19magic3434
Destruction Trap20magic3434