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Wondrous Items - Thrones

Description Source: Heroes of the High Court
A ruler’s physical seat is as much a symbol of authority as a scepter or crown. Many courts enforce stiff penalties— including execution—for unlawfully sitting upon or even touching the throne of a rightful ruler. Some thrones are invested with magical power to match their reputations.

A magical throne is a stationary magic item used to focus the power of a ruler at a fixed point. A throne is normally 5 feet wide, 5 feet long, and 10 feet high, although specific dimensions vary considerably. Thrones are heavy and always fixed in place; a successful DC 25 Strength check is required to uproot or move them (though this could be a higher DC, depending upon a throne’s size and weight). Moving a throne purges its magical abilities, although the throne’s magic can be restored with a lengthy and expensive rededication ritual (generally taking several weeks and costing half the market price of the throne).

All magic thrones are designed with a magical connection to a specific kingdom, nation, or tribe. Most magic thrones grant a heroism effect to the current ruler of the kingdom for as long as the ruler is seated upon the throne. Regardless of the throne’s size, only one creature can receive this effect at a time. While a ruler is seated on a magic throne, another creature within 20 feet of the throne can kneel, bow, or otherwise make an obeisance to gain a temporary blessing from the throne (treat this as speaking a command word to activate a magic item). The creature need not feel genuine allegiance to the ruler to gain this blessing; the physical act of loyalty is sufficient to receive the throne’s blessing. The effect of this blessing is described in the individual throne entries. Unless otherwise specified, this blessing ends after 24 hours. The throne can provide its blessing only once per creature per day. Because a throne can affect many dozens of courtiers in a single day, it is possible that all courtiers in a court with a magic throne have that blessing each day.

A magical throne is otherwise like any other permanent magic item and can be crafted with additional abilities, be intelligent, and so on.