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Alchemical Remedies

Description Source: Ultimate Equipment
Alchemical remedies are substances used to overcome a negative condition or ward against a specific kind of attack. You use most remedies by drinking them or applying them to your skin or clothing. All of these substances can be made by a character with the Craft (alchemy) skill; the DC to craft each item is listed in the table below.

1 These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.
2 These items weigh approximately three-quarters this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.

NameCostWeightCraft DC
Air crystals50 gp
Alchemical blood40 gp1 lb.40
Alchemical grease 5 gp 1 lb. 15
Alchemical preserves50 gp20
Alchemist's kindness 1 gp 20
Ambrosia (vial)100 gp1 lb.25
Anderos salve and mulibrous tincture5 gp
Anesthetic wine50 gp1 lb.20
Antiemetic snuff50 gp25
Antiplague 50 gp 25
Antitoxin50 gp25
Applecheek10 gp1 lb.15
Aquemir150 gp30
Bladeguard 40 gp 15
Blain bane10 gp19
Blood-boiling pill75 gp25
Blood-chilling pill75 gp25
Blood-clotter salve30 gp20
Bloodgorge40 gp1/2 lb.25
Boulderhead bock25 gp2 lbs.19
Calistria's kindness3 gp20
Chameleon ointment20 gp20
Curative myrrh50 gp20
Distilled terrap sap30 gp1/2 lb.15
Essence of independence80 gp25
Eye drops of the unseen master150 gp25
Fire ward gel 150 gp 1 lb. 25
Fortifying brew20 gp1 lb.20
Fortifying fertilizer120 gp2 lbs.25
Frost ward gel 150 gp 1 lb. 25
Frostbite ointment50 gp1 lb.
Fury drops50 gp25
Gildea myrrh50 gp
Icecap ale40 gp1/2 lb.20
Iniquitous panacea200 gp1 lb.
Insight leaves50 gp25
Lantern honey150 gp
Liquid breeze30 gp20
Longbeard lambic20 gp1 lb.18
Loping ointment60 gp1 lb.25
Loyalty transfusion625 gp30
Meditation tea 30 gp 20
Mellowroot (vial)25 gp20
Memory incense50 gp1 lb.20
Muscle grout100 gp1 lb.
Nostalgia oil80 gp
Padzahr 80 gp 25
Phantom ash10 gp
Poison ward salve15 gp15
Purification pellet10 gp20
Rager's aid25 gp25
Salt tablets (10)1 gp10
Scarsalve10 gp1 lb.
Semblance transfusion300 gp25
Smelling salts 25 gp 25
Soothe syrup 25 gp 1/2 lb. 15
Soul stimulant 300 gp 30
Stillgut (vial)50 gp25
Stink ink (arcane)special1 lb.
Stink ink (common)5 gp1 lb.15
Sun cream10 gp1/2 lb.20
Surge syrup80 gp1 lb.25
Surgical jelly300 gp1 lb.25
Sweet Rest75 gp20
Synthetic mumia150 gp14
Tea of transference40 gp20
Troll oil 50 gp 1 lb. 30
Troll styptic100 gp25
Twitch tonic 45 gp 25
Vapors of easy breath75 gp3 lbs.25
Venombane lozenges35 gp
Vermin repellent 5 gp 20
Vivifying moxibustion needles85 gp25
War spirit pouch50 gp20
Wing oil1 gp20
Wismuth salix 30 gp 20
Wyrm's breath bitter30 gp1 lb.21