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Alchemical Tools

Description Source: Ultimate Equipment
Alchemical tools are adventuring items that can prove extremely useful in a variety of situations, including battles, dungeon-delving, or crafting other alchemical items. All of these tools can be made by a character with the Craft (alchemy) skill; the DC to craft the item is listed in the below table.

Alchemical Burn/Inspiration

Description Source: Ultimate Intrigue
Ultimate Intrigue introduces two new abilities for alchemical items: alchemical burn and alchemical inspiration.

Alchemical Burn: Some alchemical items allow you to accept alchemical burn. To accept alchemical burn, you voluntarily take 1 point of nonlethal damage per character level when imbibing the item to gain the listed benefit. This damage can’t be healed by any means other than getting a full night’s rest, which removes all alchemical burn and associated nonlethal damage. Nonlethal damage from alchemical burn can’t be reduced or redirected, and if you are incapable of taking nonlethal damage, you gain no benefit from alchemical items that cause alchemical burn. You can accept alchemical burn only once per round, and can’t accept both alchemical burn and burn from the kineticist class (Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures 11) in the same round. A kineticist can use her internal buffer to avoid accepting alchemical burn. If you have accepted alchemical burn, you cannot benefit from abilities that allow you to ignore or alter the effects received from nonlethal damage. You can benefit from only one item that uses alchemical burn at a time. If you imbibe another, the second item has no effect.

Alchemical Inspiration: Items that grant alchemical inspiration function similar to the inspiration class feature of the investigator class (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 31). Such an alchemical item typically grants a number of uses of alchemical inspiration that can be used during the duration of the item. As a free action, you can expend one use of alchemical inspiration to add 1d6 to the result of a check of the type dictated by the alchemical item (as an alchemical bonus). This can be used even if you take 10 or 20. This choice is made after the check is rolled and before the results are revealed. You can use alchemical inspiration only once per check or roll, and can’t use both inspiration and alchemical inspiration on the same check or roll. In addition, if you have the inspiration class feature, you gain an additional +1 bonus when using inspiration on the appropriate type of check, whether the inspiration came from your class feature or from alchemical inspiration. You can benefit from only one item that grants alchemical inspiration at a time. If you imbibe another during the duration, the second one has no effect, even if you have already used all of your alchemical inspiration from the first item.

1 These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.
2 These items weigh approximately three-quarters this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.

NameCostWeightCraft DC
Aboleth Mucus Extract100 gp1/2 lb.
Accuracy lozenge330 gp25
Adhesive strip5 gp1/2 lb.
Age ointment80 gp15
Alchemical candle wax150 gp1 lb.20
Alchemical cement 5 gp 2 lbs. 15
Alchemical cleaner300 gp1 lb.25
Alchemical dye kit160 gp6 lbs.20
Alchemical glue 20 gp 1/2 lb. 20
Alchemical glue accelerant 25 gp 25
Alchemical pheromones (aggression)150 gp
Alchemical pheromones (arousal)300 gp
Alchemical pheromones (simple)1 gp
Alchemical pheromones (susceptibility)300 gp
Alchemical resin100 gp
Alchemical solvent 20 gp 1/2 lb. 20
Alkali salt30 gp20
Amp30 gp20
Angel quill arrowhead10 gp25
Anointing oil25 gp1 lb.20
Armor ointment 30 gp 1 lb. 15
Barbarian chew25 gp1 lb.20
Beast lure30 gp1/2 lb.20
Beast-scent75 gp1/2 lb.25
Black fester (vial)30 gp25
Blackfingers paste50 gp
Blackfire clay 20 gp 10 lbs. 20
Blasting jelly45 gp1/2 lb.
Blight tonic150 gp1 lb.20
Blightburn paste5,000 gp45 lbs.30
Blood neutrailizer25 gp1 lb.25
Bloodblock 25 gp 25
Bloodvine rope200 gp5 lbs.30
Boar's bellow190 gp15
Bodybalm25 gp25
Bomb launcher10 gp1/2 lb.25
Bone paste75 gp1 lb.20
Boniface paint15 gp5 lbs.20
Bore brush75 gp1 lb.15
Bottled musk25 gp1/2 lb.
Bottled sunlight200 gp2 lbs.30
Brewer's kit25 gp50 lbs.
Brewer's kit, masterwork75 gp50 lbs.
Bunk5 cp15
Buoyant balloon 10 gp 1 lb. 15
Burner3 gp1 lb.
Camouflage lichen100 gp
Candlerod 1 gp 1 lb. 20
Caphorite dust25 gp1/2 lb.25
Cardice oil50 gp1 lb.25
Carrion bait25 gp2 lbs.19
Casting plaster 5 sp 5 lbs.25
Chameleon pill100 gp15
Chemical ward25 gp1 lb.
Chill cream 15 gp 1 lb. 15
Clatterstone30 gp2 lbs.
Clockwork prowler500 gp25 lbs.
Clockwork prowler (advanced)1,500 gp30 lbs.
Cooking powder2 gp1 lb.15
Coral boulder50 gp20
Crucible20 gp30 lbs.
Dampening Ointment250 gp1/2 lb.25
Darklight lantern20 gp3 lbs.
Dead air vial200 gp25
Deep breath100 gp1 lb.
Defoliant 30 gp 25
Deodorizing agent (vial)30 gp25
Drought powder5 gp
Duskeye50 gp16
Ectoplasmic tracer100 gp7 lbs.20
Efreeti cord50 gp10
Efreeti switch25 gp10
Elemental breath80 gp1/2 lb.20
Elemental proofing100 gp1 lb.
Embalming fluid 50 gp 10 lbs. 25
Exemplar weapon salve350 gp1 lb.
Falsehood fizz190 gp15
Fellowship film190 gp15
Fervor juice50 gp20
Fiendgore unguent75 gp1 lb.20
Filter5 sp1/2 lb.
Fire ink1 gp15
Firearm oil260 gp1 lb.15
Fireskin elixir100 gp20
Flash seeds35 gp1/2 lb.15
Foaming powder 10 gp 1 lb. 20
Focus chew40 gp
Fool's glow45 gp1 lb.20
Frightful war paint300 gp1 lb.30
Fuel pellet (10)3 sp15
Garlic tablets20 gp1/2 lb.20
Ghost ink25 gp25
Gloom sight goggles200 gp25
Gloomstick25 gp1 lb.25
Glowing ink 5 gp 15
Golden maple leaves50 gp1/2 lb.
Gravelly tonic50 gp25
Gum rope30 gp1 lb.20
Harpy musk20 gp1 lb.20
Hobgoblin war draught10 gp1 lb.20
Homunculus clay2,250 gp5 lbs.30
Houndbane dust75 gp3 lbs.25
Hound's blood (vial)110 gp20
Ifrit's blood50 gp1 lb.20
Impact foam 25 gp 1 lb. 20
Imposing war paint70 gp1/2 lb.25
Incense of divinity200 gp1/2 lb.30
Ink of stolen secrets50 gp1 lb.
Instant fertilizer20 gp4 lbs.20
Intuition serum190 gp15
Invisible ink (average) 10 gp 20
Invisible ink (good) 25 gp 20
Invisible ink (simple) 2 gp 15
Invisible ink (superior) 75 gp 25
Kaava musk40 gp1/2 lb.20
Light detector 1 gp 10
Light fire ink40 gp25
Light of Axtarr180 gp1/2 lb.30
Light-killer's grease25 gp15
Liniment15 gp
Liquid traction25 gp1 lb.20
Litmus strip15 gp20
Lover's breath200 gp
Lozenge of the songbird50 gp25
Magnetized paper11 gp1 lb.15
Marker dye 15 gp 1 lb. 15
Masking scent (animal)25 gp20
Masking scent (humanoid)50 gp25
Masking scent (magical beast)100 gp30
Mending paste 25 gp 1/2 lb. 25
Mimic fibers30 gp20
Minkaian ceremonial tea900 gp35
Mithralbane sap50 gp1 lb.25
Monochrome Camouflage40 gp1 lb.
Moonrod10 gp1 lb.25
Necrobane formaldehyde60 gp3 lbs.23
Necrosalt150 gp1/2 lb.30
Night stalker's tonic200 gp20
Nushadir 10 gp 1 lb. 20
Odor stalk70 gp1/10 lbs
Oil of the masters50 gp1/2 lb.25
Ooze attractant100 gp1 lb.
Ooze grease50 gp1 lb.25
Oozing vat (gargantuan)500 gp10,000 lbs.
Oozing vat (huge)200 gp2,000 lbs.
Oozing vat (large)50 gp200 lbs.
Oozing vat (medium)10 gp20 lbs.
Oozing vat (small)1 gp2 lbs.
Pallid suspension324 gp
Paper wall paste10 gp2 lbs.15
Pathstones50 gp1 lb.25
Petrified ooze80 gp1/2 lb.25
Phosphorescent gel45 gp1/2 lb.20
Planar alchemical catalyst200 gp2 lbs.
Poison diffuser200 gp25
Poison sealant20 gp
Poison tattoo50 gp20
Potion sponge2 gp15
Pressure pill75 gp
Rake's friend120 gp15
Reagent paper1 gp15
Reanimating fluid100 gp25
Red flame torch20 gp1 lb.
Retort2 gp1/2 lb.
Rhinarium paste75 gp1/2 lb.20
Rockshard canister50 gp25 lbs.
Rusting powder 60 gp 30
Scent blocker80 gp1/2 lb.23
Scent cloak 20 gp 2 lbs. 20
Scentbane incense80 gp20
Serpent line12 gp5 lbs.20
Shaman's paint90 gp1/2 lb.20
Shrieking paste35 gp2 lbs.25
Silence dust60 gp1 lb.20
Silver drops180 gp30
Singer's solution120 gp15
Smoke Bomb100 gp1 lb.22
Smoke pellet 25 gp 20
Smoke signal5 gp1 lb.15
Smokestick 20 gp 1/2 lb. 20
Snake oil20 gp20
Sparkle smoke25 gp1 lb.15
Speech resin410 gp25
Spider sac30 gp1 lb.20
Spiderdraw40 gp1/2 lb.20
Spirit of glass35 gp25
Spiritbane spike300 gp1 lb.25
Spirit-vision ink25 gp30
Stagnant fog sack80 gp1 lb.20
Stalker's oil50 gp
Static wool100 gp1/2 lb.
Stonechipper salve150 gp1 lb.20
Sun cinder25 gp1 lb.20
Sunderblock35 gp2 lbs.
Sunrod 2 gp 1 lb. 25
Sunsoil50 gp1 lb.
Swift hands tonic250 gp20
Thunder kettle275 gp3 lbs.25
Tiller's gum100 gp20
Tindertwig 1 gp 25
Tracker's snuff200 gp30
Tracking powder30 gp25
Trailscent kit10 gp5 lbs.25
Tunnel creeper280 gp1 lb.25
Unstable accelerant50 gp1/2 lb.25
Vector ink60 gp20
Vine tube40 gp25
Vomit capsule12 gp15
Warding ash100 gp1/2 lb.25
Waspguts100 gp2 lbs.20
Water purification sponge 25 gp 1 lb. 15
Weapon blanch (adamantine) 100 gp 1/2 lb. 25
Weapon blanch (cold iron) 20 gp 1/2 lb. 20
Weapon blanch (ghost salt)200 gp1/2 lb.
Weapon blanch (silver) 5 gp 1/2 lb. 20
Woad painting (kit)300 gp1 lb.30
Woad painting (paint, 1 block)60 gp30