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Alchemical Weapons

Description Source: Ultimate Equipment
Alchemical weapons are designed to harm others, though they may have additional uses. Each of these substances can be made with the Craft (alchemy) skill; the DC to craft the item is listed in the below table.

1 These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.
2 These items weigh approximately three-quarters this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.

NameCostWeightCraft DCMelee/RangedDMGCriticalRangeTypeSpecial
Acid10 gp1 lb.15ranged1d6x210 ft.acidsplash
Acid neutralizer15 gp15adjacent (ranged)see textsee text
Alchemical coal (blinding cinders)100 gp25special1d630 ft. lineblindness/firesee text
Alchemical coal (choking smoke)50 gp20special1d615 ft. coneacid/sickensee text
Alchemist's fire20 gp1 lb.20ranged1d6x210 ft.firesplash
Alkali flask15 gp1 lb.20ranged1d6x210 ft.acidsplash, see text
Arrow (bleeding)160 gp25ammunitionbleed 1Psee text
Arrow (durable)1 gp25ammunitionPsee text
Arrow (dye)1 gp25ammunitionnonepaintsee text
Arrow (lodestone)10 gp25ammunitionhalfPsee text
Arrow (pheromone)15 gp25ammunitionPsee text
Arrow (raining)30 gp25ammunitionPsplash, see text
Arrow (slow burn)100 gp25ammunition1d6P/firesee text
Arrow (splintercloud)25 gp25ammunition1d3Parea, see text
Arrow (tangleshot)20 gp25ammunitionnoneentangle, see text
Arrow (trip)40 gp25ammunitionPtrip, see text
Artokus's fire100 gp1 lb.30ranged2d6/1d6firesplash, mythic, see text
Blanch bomb (adamantine)250 gp1/2 lb.30ranged10 ft.mythic, see text
Blanch bomb (cold iron)150 gp1/2 lb.25ranged10 ft.mythic, see text
Blanch bomb (silver)100 gp1/2 lb.25ranged10 ft.mythic, see text
Bloating solution25 gp20rangedsee text10 ft.see text
Bolt, acid40 gp25ammunitionsee textacidsee text
Bolt, alchemical fire50 gp25ammunitionsee textfiresee text
Bolt, liquid ice40 gp25ammunitionsee textcoldsee text
Bolt, poison25 gp20ammunitionsee textsee text
Bone Burn25 gp1 lb.20ranged1d6; see textx210 ft.acidsplash, see text
Bottled lightning40 gp1 lb.25ranged1d8/1x220 ft.electricity/sonicsee text
Brewed reek40 gp1 lb.25ranged10 ft.sickensplash, see text
Burst jar35 gp1 lb.25ranged110 ft.sonicsplash, see text
Chroma grenade75 gp2 lbs.25
Congealer spray15 gp20cone15 ft.see text
Consecrated Salts300 gp1/2 lb.30ranged2d4x210 ft.splash, see text
Corrosenze90 gp1 lb.25
Cytillesh stun vial75 gp1/2 lb.30specialsee textstun, confusion, see text
Darkflare1 gp25specialsee text
Deadground dust70 gp1 lb.25
Desiccating lubricant30 gp20rangedsee text10 ft.see text
Dung grenade100 gp1 lb.25Ranged1d6x210 ft.firesee text
Dust knuckles (4 vials)5 gp15meleesee textmeleesee text
Dust knuckles (diamond dust vial)25 gp25meleesee textmeleesee text
Dust knuckles (gloves)25 gp1/2 lb.20meleesee textmeleesee text
Ectoplasmic residue20 gp2 lbs.25rangedspecial10 ft.fear (see text)
Elemental brine500 gp1 lb.ranged2d6 (special)x210 ft.salt watersee text
Elemental flux (flask)20 gp1 lb.20ranged1d6x210 ft.randomsee text
Fiery boulder100 gp10 lbs.30ranged2d6x240 ft.firegreater splash
Firework (banshee ballerina)75 gp30ranged10 ft.sonicarea, see text
Firework (coughing dragon)40 gp1 lb.25rangedspecial90-540 ft. (see text)smokesee text
Firework (dancing peonies)50 gp1/2 lb.18see text
Firework (fire wheel)200 gp1 lb.25rangedspecial30 ft.firesee text
Firework (firecracker)10 gp20see text
Firework (firecracker, spirit)30 gp25see text
Firework (flame fountain)100 gp25melee (one hand)1d8x2firesee text
Firework (flashing fiend)100 gp30rangedspecial10 ft.lightsee text
Firework (holy fountain)110 gp1 lb.25see text1d410 ft.holyburst, see text
Firework (jumping jenny)15 gp16see text
Firework (paper candle)1 gp20ranged10 ft.see text
Firework (signal rocket)100 gp3 lbs.15rangedspecialspecialsee text
Firework (skydragon)300 gp10 lbs.30see text
Firework (skyrocket)50 gp1 lb.25ranged2d610 ft.firearea
Firework (sparking pinwheel)60 gp1 lb.25see text
Firework (star candle)5 gp20ranged1/1blindness5 ft.fire/nonlethalsee text
Firework (starfountain)500 gp100 lbs.25ranged1d610 ft.firearea
Flash powder50 gp20ranged10 ft.lightarea, see text
Fuse grenade100 gp1 lb.25ranged2d6/1d6x210 ft.B/firearea, see text
Ghast retch flask50 gp1 lb.20ranged10 ft.poisonsplash, see text
Hellfire sparkler250 gp50 lbs.25Ranged3d610 ft. radiusfiresee text
Holy water25 gp1 lb.ranged2d4x210 ft.splash, see text
Holy weapon balm30 gp1/2 lb.20variesvariesvariessee text
Incendiary catalyst40 gp1 lb.20Ranged10 ft.see text
Insomnia powder60 gp2 lbs.25ranged10 ft.insomnia, see text
Itching powder60 gp2 lbs.25ranged10 ft.poisonsplash, see text
Keros oil5 gp15ranged1d3x25 ft.firesee text
Kitumu's ire75 gp30ranged10 ft.see text
Liquid blade40 gp2 lbs.15melee (light)1d619-20/x2Pfragile, see text
Liquid ice40 gp2 lbs.25ranged1d6x210 ft.coldsplash
Lyddric essence20 gp1 lb.20ranged1d6/2d610 ft.acid, see text
Mineral acid50 gp1 lb.20Ranged2d610 ft.acidsee text
Mu spore secretions25 gp
Noxious aromatic (flask)15 gp1 lb.20ranged10 ft.nauseated, see text
Noxious pig150 gp25 lbs.35ranged40 ft.greater splash, see text
Pellet grenade (adamantine)150 gp1 lb.25ranged1d6/1d6/1d610 ft.B/P/firearea, see text
Pellet grenade (cold iron)100 gp1 lb.25ranged1d6/1d6/1d610 ft.B/P/firearea, see text
Pellet grenade (iron)50 gp1 lb.25ranged1d6/1d6/1d610 ft.B/P/firearea, see text
Pellet grenade (silver)70 gp1 lb.25ranged1d6/1d6/1d610 ft.B/P/firearea, see text
Perfect ice1,500 gp25rangedspecialcoldsee text
Plague powdervaries25
Portable hive300 gp25Ranged10 ft.see text
Pox burster50 gp1 lb.20ranged10 ft.diseasesplash, see text
Shadowcloy flask25 gp1 lb.20ranged10 ft.darknesssee text
Shard gel25 gp1 lb.20ranged1d4x210 ft.Psplash
Shriek bomb45 gp1 lb.20ranged2d610 ft.sonicsplash, see text
Silvercloud oil60 gp1/2 lb.25rangedsee text10 ft.see textsee text
Slime grenade100 gp3 lbs.25ranged2d65 ft.acidsee text
Slime slow15 gp1/2 lb.20rangedsee text10 ft.specialsplash, see text
Sneezing powder60 gp2 lbs.25ranged10 ft.poisonsplash, see text
Somnigrip45 gp3 lbs.2010 ft.see text
Specialty smoke pellet (Pepper)60 gp25ranged10 ft.see text
Specialty smoke pellet (Smog)40 gp25ranged10 ft.see text
Spore dehiscent30 gp1 lb.
Stench-gas bladder30 gp1/2 lb.Ranged10 ft.see text
Sting grenade100 gp1 lb.25Ranged2d6/1d6x210 ft.nonlethal/firesee text
Stormstone150 gp1 lb.30ranged1d6sonicmythic, see text
Suffocating powder45 gp2 lbs.20ranged10 ft.mythic, see text
Tangleburn bag150 gp5 lbs.30ranged1d610 ft.fireentangle, see text
Tanglefoot bag50 gp4 lbs.25ranged10 ft.entangle
Tanglefoot bundle250 gp20 lbs.35ranged60 ft.entangle
Tar bomb15 gp2 lbs.15ranged1d4/1d6x210 ft.firesee text
Thunderclap charge200 gp10 lbs.252d610 ft. radiussonicsee text
Thunderstone30 gp1 lb.25ranged20 ft.sonicarea, see text
Tress tincture50 gp25ranged10 ftsee text
Venomblock60 gp