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Channel Foci

Description Source: Adventurer's Armory
Holy symbols (and unholy symbols) represent a covenant between the mortal and the divine. They allow the most pious to call forth the power of the gods themselves. Whether used to smite enemies of the devout or to offer succor to the faithful, holy symbols erase all doubt that the gods have a plan for their mortal children. A channel focus is a garment or other object that incorporates a holy or unholy symbol, and has a special power when a member of that symbol’s religion channels energy through it.

Activating a focus is identical to channeling energy, but instead of directing the power outward, the cleric (or other appropriate character) directs it into the focus, expending one use of channel energy. This triggers the item’s ability; the channel does not have any of its normal effects (for example, a cleric channeling positive energy through her focus would not heal living creatures or harm undead in the area). The cleric must wear or hold the focus, as appropriate. She can still use channel energy in the normal way, even while wearing or holding a channel focus. An activated channel focus radiates faint conjuration (positive energy) or necromancy magic (negative energy). An unactivated focus is completely nonmagical—it is a channel for the magical positive or negative energy, but has no magic of its own.

Because a focus includes the holy symbol of a specific religion, in most cases a cleric cannot activate the focus of another faith (though your GM may rule that a member of an allied church can activate another religion’s focus). A cleric whose deity allows positive or negative channeling may use either type to activate a focus, though some foci may have different effects depending on what kind of energy activates them. The cleric can use the focus as a holy symbol (whether activated or not), though if it is a worn item rather than a held item she must touch the item with a free hand.

1 These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.
2 These items weigh approximately three-quarters this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.

Authoritative vestments450 gp15 lbs.Any
Bronze gong100 gp5 lbs.Irori
Chains of contrition200 gp2 lbs.Any
Consecrated weapon+150 gp2 lbs.Any
Driftwood icon25 gpGozreh
Hallowed chalice200 gpAny
Instrument of the divine200 gp3 lbs.Any
Iron eye50 gp1 lb.Gorum
Just scale50 gp1 lb.Abadar
Lock of the saved+50 gp1 lb.Any
Meditation crystal100 gp1 lb.Any
Sanctified rings (pair)5 gpAny
Sanctified shield+100 gpAny
Spiked focus ward100 gp2 lbs.Any
Stinging whip50 gp5 lbs.Calistria
Sundered mask250 gp1 lb.Nethys
Teaching staff75 gp5 lbs.Any
Winged fetish50 gpPharasma