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Adventurer's Armory 2

Estimated Release Date: 6/14/2017
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Afflictions - Poisons [7]

Grinding joint paste, Halo mushroom toxin, Leng's tears, Nights-eye dust, Rainbow scarab shell, Skinsap extract, Sweetdream

Equipment (Armor) [17]

Alkenstar fortress plate, Burnished, Chain coat, Deflecting, Double-plated, Erutaki coat, Jarring, Nimble, Razored, Reinforced tunic, Slumbering, Snarlshield, steel, Snarlshield, wooden, Spider-silk bodysuit, Varisian dancing scarves, Vitalguard, War-shield, dwarven

Equipment (Misc.) [93]

Adventurer's sash, Anesthetic wine, Arcane adept package, Bear trap (offset), Bear trap (sawtooth), Beast-scent, Boline, Bolt, acid, Bolt, alchemical fire, Bolt, liquid ice, Bolt, poison, Burglar's outfit, Cane (common), Cane (elegant), Cane (simple), Cane, hollow, Charcoal, Chausses, Climber's plank, Conversation tube, Corset, Courtesan's outfit, Crutch, Crystal-sweet concoction, Curative myrrh, Dancer's garb, Dancer's garb, silver, Daring bravo package, Darkflare, Darting-eye concoction, Dissipating fan, Drowner's helm, Dusk lantern, Elemental explorer's kit, Emergency interrogation kit, Executioner's outfit, False teeth (clockwork), False teeth (common), False teeth (masterwork), Fear-killer concoction, Fiendslayer's kit, Gambeson, Gauntlet magnet, Ghost ink, Gloomstick, Hanging board, Headscarf, Holy warrior package, Imperial conquest, Invisible enemies kit, Kitumu's ire, Linguist's codex (expanded), Linguist's codex (standard), Liquid breeze, Lore seeker package, Minkaian ceremonial tea, Mirror ball, Mystic guide package, Nautical chart, Pantograph, Portable terrarium, Practice straitjacket, Questing knight package, Quick-step concoction, Rope recaller, Scroll case, spring loaded, Shadowy stalker package, Shears (adamantine), Shears (lopping), Shears (small), Shinobi shozoku, Silk kimono, Slow-heart concoction, Snake-tongue concoction, Sparring gear, Sphere-song concoction, Spirit-vision ink, Squire's outfit, Stiletto boots, Surgical jelly, Thief trainer, Treasure chest (medium), Treasure chest (huge), Treasure chest (large), Treasure chest (small), Tress tincture, Troll styptic, Undead survivor's kit, Underground survival kit, Wheelchair, Wild-blood concoction, Wilderness wanderer package, Wing sheaths

Equipment (Weapons) [32]

Battle ladder, gnome, Boarding axe, Boarding gaff, Brutally weighted, Butchering axe, Cat-o'-nine-tails, Chain-hammer, Cutlass, Dorn-dergar, dwarven, Dual-balanced, Dueling dagger, Fauchard, Flask thrower, Flying talon, Hornbow, orc, Jagged hooks, Katar, tri-bladed, Lantern staff, Piston maul, gnome, Razor, drow, Razor-sharp, Ripsaw glaive, gnome, Sanpkhang, Serrated edge, Sickle-sword, Spiral rapier, Stormshaft javelin, Switchscythe, Tactically adapted, Versatile design, War-shield, dwarven, Waveblade

Equipment Tricks [8]

Instrument Tricks, Ladder Tricks, Lantern Tricks, Mirror Tricks, Pole Tricks, Smokestick Tricks, Tanglefoot Bag Tricks, Thunderstone Tricks

Feats [15]

Armor Adept, Craft Poppet, Creative Armorsmith, Creative Weaponsmith, Darting Viper, Dorn-Dergar Master, Equipment Trick, Hook Fighter, Improvisational Healer, Modification Master, Modification Trainer, Modified Weapon Proficiency, Poppet Familiar, Tool Optimizer, Weapon Adept

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Ring of Balanced Grip

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [9]

Gloves of Improvised Might (+1), Gloves of Improvised Might (+2), Gloves of Improvised Might (+3), Gloves of Improvised Might (+4), Gloves of Improvised Might (+5), Quickmetal Bracers (Adamantine), Quickmetal Bracers (Cold Iron), Scrap Collector's Strap, Quickmetal Bracers (Silver)

Monsters [2]

Poppet, Small, Poppet, Tiny

Special Materials [2]

Singing Steel, Sunsilver

Spells [6]

Allied Cloak, Billowing Skirt, Grappling Scarf, Restful Cloak, Sculpted Cape, Surefoot Boots

Traits [6]

Amiable Briber, Bountiful Herb-Lore, Eye for the Wondrous, Gifted Smuggler, Master Messenger, Well-Provisioned Adventurer

Weapon Groups [31]

battle ladder, gnome (Double), boarding axe (Axes), boarding gaff (Double), boarding gaff (Polearms), butchering axe (Axes), cat-o'-nine-tails (Flails), chain-hammer (Double), chain-hammer (Hammers), chain-hammer (Thrown), cutlass (Blades, Heavy), dorn-dergar, dwarven (Flails), dueling dagger (Blades, Light), dueling dagger (Thrown), fauchard (Polearms), flask thrower (Thrown), flying talon (Flails), hornbow, orc (Bows), katar, tri-bladed (Close), lantern staff (Hammers), piston maul, gnome (Hammers), razor, drow (Blades, Light), ripsaw glaive, gnome (Polearms), sanpkhang (Monk), sanpkhang (Blades, Light), sickle-sword (Blades, Heavy), spiral rapier (Blades, Light), stormshaft javelin (Spears), stormshaft javelin (Thrown), switchscythe (Blades, Heavy), war-shield, dwarven (Close), waveblade (Close)