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ModuleEstimated Release Date
Cradle of Night9/15/2018
Heroes for Highdelve12/13/2017
The Gauntlet10/13/2017
Seers of the Drowned City11/21/2016
Gallows of Madness7/28/2016
We B4 Goblins!6/18/2016
Ire of the Storm3/25/2016
Down the Blighted Path2/24/2016
The House on Hook Street11/18/2015
Feast of Dust10/21/2015
We Be Goblins Free!7/29/2015
Daughters of Fury2/25/2015
Plunder and Peril11/22/2014
Risen from the Sands9/10/2014
The Emerald Spire Superdungeon6/25/2014
Tears at Bitter Manor3/25/2014
Wardens of the Reborn Forge1/9/2014
The Dragon's Demand9/1/2013
Doom Comes to Dustpawn6/15/2013
We Be Goblins Too!6/15/2013
Fangwood Keep5/4/2013
Broken Chains3/26/2013
Murder's Mark10/1/2012
The Moonscar8/1/2012
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun6/1/2012
No Response from Deepmar4/1/2012
The Midnight Mirror2/1/2012
The Ruby Phoenix Tournament12/1/2011
Feast of Ravenmoor10/1/2011
The Harrowing7/22/2011
We Be Goblins!6/10/2011
Academy of Secrets5/1/2011
Tomb of the Iron Medusa4/1/2011
Cult of the Ebon Destroyers2/1/2011
The Godsmouth Heresy1/1/2011
The Witchwar Legacy11/1/2010
Curse of the Riven Sky10/1/2010
Masters of the Fallen Fortress8/1/2010
From Shore to Sea6/1/2010
City of Golden Death4/1/2010
Realm of the Fellnight Queen2/1/2010
Masks of the Living God12/1/2009
Carrion Hill10/1/2009
Crypt of the Everflame8/1/2009
Beyond the Vault of Souls7/1/2009
Blood of Dragonscar6/1/2009
Clash of the Kingslayers5/1/2009
The Pact Stone Pyramid4/1/2009
Hungry are the Dead3/1/2009
Treasure of Chimera Cove2/1/2009
Tower of the Last Baron1/1/2009
Flight of the Red Raven12/1/2008
Revenge of the Kobold King11/1/2008
The Demon Within10/1/2008
Rivers into Darkness9/1/2008
Crucible of Chaos8/1/2008
Hangman's Noose7/1/2008
Guardians of Dragonfall6/1/2008
Carnival of Tears5/1/2008
Into the Haunted Forest3/1/2008
Entombed with the Pharaohs2/1/2008
Gallery of Evil1/1/2008
Seven Swords of Sin12/1/2007
Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale11/1/2007
Crown of the Kobold King10/1/2007
Hollow's Last Hope9/1/2007