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Player CompanionEstimated Release Date
Chronicle of Legends5/29/2019
Heroes of Golarion3/27/2019
Wilderness Origins1/30/2019
Martial Arts Handbook11/14/2018
Plane-Hopper's Handbook9/15/2018
Heroes from the Fringe8/30/2018
Blood of the Ancients5/15/2018
Merchant's Manifest3/15/2018
Disciple's Doctrine1/31/2018
Potions and Poisons12/13/2017
People of the Wastes11/14/2017
Blood of the Coven10/14/2017
Antihero's Handbook9/14/2017
Elemental Master's Handbook8/14/2017
Blood of the Sea7/14/2017
Adventurer's Armory 26/14/2017
Legacy of the First World5/14/2017
Heroes of the Darklands4/26/2017
Monster Hunter's Handbook3/14/2017
Heroes of the High Court2/8/2017
Psychic Anthology2/8/2017
Healer's Handbook1/25/2017
Paths of the Righteous12/14/2016
Blood of the Beast11/21/2016
Divine Anthology9/28/2016
Haunted Heroes Handbook8/31/2016
Legacy of Dragons7/28/2016
Spymaster's Handbook6/27/2016
Magic Tactics Toolbox5/27/2016
Armor Master's Handbook4/27/2016
Blood of Shadows2/24/2016
Arcane Anthology1/16/2016
Agents of Evil12/16/2015
Weapon Master's Handbook11/30/2015
Black Markets11/18/2015
Occult Origins10/21/2015
Heroes of the Streets9/30/2015
Dirty Tactics Toolbox8/29/2015
Monster Summoner's Handbook6/29/2015
Cohorts and Companions5/29/2015
Heroes of the Wild4/29/2015
Melee Tactics Toolbox3/25/2015
Familiar Folio1/17/2015
Giant Hunter's Handbook12/17/2014
Ranged Tactics Toolbox11/22/2014
Advanced Class Origins10/22/2014
Champions of Corruption9/10/2014
People of the Stars8/14/2014
People of the River7/25/2014
Blood of the Elements6/25/2014
The Harrow Handbook5/28/2014
Undead Slayer's Handbook4/30/2014
Alchemy Manual4/30/2014
Champions of Balance3/25/2014
Bastards of Golarion2/6/2014
People of the Sands1/9/2014
Magical Marketplace12/11/2013
Blood of the Moon10/21/2013
Mythic Origins9/25/2013
Faiths and Philosophies8/19/2013
Demon Hunter's Handbook8/17/2013
Dragonslayer's Handbook7/11/2013
Pathfinder Society Primer7/11/2013
Kobolds of Golarion6/13/2013
Quests and Campaigns6/13/2013
Champions of Purity4/16/2013
Dungeoneer's Handbook3/8/2013
Animal Archive2/13/2013
People of the North1/22/2013
Blood of the Night12/6/2012
Knights of the Inner Sea9/1/2012
Varisia, Birthplace of Legends8/2/2012
Blood of Angels6/1/2012
Blood of Fiends4/1/2012
Pirates of the Inner Sea2/2/2012
Dragon Empires Primer12/1/2011
Faiths of Corruption10/1/2011
Goblins of Golarion7/27/2011
Faiths of Balance7/6/2011
Humans of Golarion6/10/2011
Faiths of Purity4/1/2011
Halflings of Golarion1/1/2011
Inner Sea Primer11/1/2010
Orcs of Golarion7/1/2010
Sargava, the Lost Colony6/1/2010
Gnomes of Golarion5/1/2010
Adventurer's Armory4/1/2010
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty1/1/2010
Dwarves of Golarion12/1/2009
Cheliax, Empire of Devils8/1/2009
Qadira, Gateway to the East7/1/2009
Taldor, Echoes of Glory6/1/2009
Osirion, Land of the Pharaohs12/1/2008
Elves of Golarion10/2/2008