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Campaign SettingEstimated Release Date
Druma, Profit and Prophecy8/1/2019
Concordance of Rivals4/24/2019
Faiths of Golarion12/12/2018
Construct Handbook11/14/2018
Distant Realms6/15/2018
Nidal, Land of Shadows4/15/2018
Inner Sea Taverns2/28/2018
Taldor, the First Empire12/13/2017
Aquatic Adventures6/14/2017
Lands of Conflict2/22/2017
Qadira, Jewel of the East1/25/2017
The First World, Realm of the Fey12/14/2016
Horror Realms11/21/2016
Inner Sea Temples10/15/2016
Planes of Power9/28/2016
Path of the Hellknight6/27/2016
Inner Sea Intrigue5/27/2016
Heaven Unleashed4/27/2016
Inner Sea Faiths3/23/2016
Darklands Revisited2/24/2016
Cheliax, the Infernal Empire12/16/2015
Occult Realms11/18/2015
Distant Shores10/21/2015
Inner Sea Races9/30/2015
Occult Bestiary8/29/2015
Hell Unleashed7/29/2015
Inner Sea Monster Codex6/29/2015
Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom5/29/2015
Tombs of Golarion3/15/2015
Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes1/17/2015
Lost Treasures12/17/2014
Ships of the Inner Sea10/22/2014
Undead Unleashed9/10/2014
Technology Guide8/14/2014
Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars6/25/2014
Occult Mysteries5/28/2014
Inner Sea Combat4/30/2014
Inner Sea Gods4/30/2014
Osirion, Legacy of the Pharaohs1/9/2014
Inner Sea NPC Codex12/11/2013
Towns of the Inner Sea10/21/2013
Mythic Realms9/25/2013
Demons Revisited8/19/2013
The Worldwound7/11/2013
Castles of the Inner Sea6/13/2013
Dragons Unleashed6/13/2013
Fey Revisited5/17/2013
Chronicle of the Righteous5/17/2013
Irrisen - Land of Eternal Winter1/22/2013
Mystery Monsters Revisited12/6/2012
Inner Sea Bestiary11/15/2012
Artifacts and Legends9/1/2012
Paths of Prestige8/1/2012
Magnimar, City of Monuments7/1/2012
Lost Kingdoms6/1/2012
Giants Revisited5/1/2012
Isles of the Shackles4/1/2012
Distant Worlds3/1/2012
Mythical Monsters Revisited2/1/2012
Dragon Empires Gazetteer1/1/2012
Book of the Damned - Volume 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse12/1/2011
Lands of the Linnorm Kings10/1/2011
Pathfinder Society Field Guide7/27/2011
Inner Sea Magic7/27/2011
Dungeons of Golarion7/6/2011
Undead Revisited6/10/2011
Rival Guide5/10/2011
Rule of Fear4/1/2011
Inner Sea World Guide3/1/2011
Lost Cities of Golarion1/1/2011
Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos12/1/2010
Misfit Monsters Redeemed10/1/2010
City of Strangers6/30/2010
Heart of the Jungle6/1/2010
Faction Guide5/1/2010
Classic Treasures Revisited4/1/2010
NPC Guide3/1/2010
Guide to the River Kingdoms2/1/2010
Classic Horrors Revisited1/1/2010
Cities of Golarion11/1/2009
Book of the Damned - Volume 1: Princes of Darkness10/1/2009
Seekers of Secrets10/1/2009
Dungeon Denizens Revisited7/1/2009
The Great Beyond - A Guide to the Multiverse6/1/2009
Dark Markets - A Guide to Katapesh4/1/2009
Dragons Revisited3/1/2009
Guide to Absalom12/1/2008
Into the Darklands11/1/2008
Gods and Magic10/1/2008
Pathfinder Campaign Setting9/1/2008
Guide to Darkmoon Vale8/1/2008
Classic Monsters Revisited7/1/2008
Guide to Korvosa6/1/2008