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RPGEstimated Release Date
Planar Adventures6/21/2018
Ultimate Wilderness11/15/2017
Book of the Damned9/20/2017
Adventurer's Guide5/31/2017
Bestiary 64/26/2017
Villain Codex10/15/2016
Horror Adventures8/7/2016
Ultimate Intrigue3/23/2016
Bestiary 511/18/2015
Occult Adventures7/29/2015
Pathfinder Unchained4/29/2015
Strategy Guide3/25/2015
Monster Codex10/22/2014
Advanced Class Guide8/14/2014
PFS Guide to Organized Play 6.08/11/2014
Bestiary 410/20/2013
Mythic Adventures8/19/2013
Ultimate Campaign5/17/2013
NPC Codex11/15/2012
Ultimate Equipment9/3/2012
Advanced Race Guide5/1/2012
Bestiary 31/1/2012
Ultimate Combat7/27/2011
Ultimate Magic5/10/2011
Bestiary 212/1/2010
Advanced Player's Guide8/1/2010
GameMastery Guide6/1/2010
Pathfinder RPG Bestiary8/2/2009
PRPG Core Rulebook8/1/2009
Bonus Bestiary7/1/2009