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Aquatic Adventures

Estimated Release Date: 6/14/2017
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Archetypes [9]

Aquachymist (Alchemist), Aquakinetcist (Kineticist), Aquanaut (Fighter), Deep Shaman (Shaman), Drowned Channeler (Spiritualist), Oceanrider (Cavalier), Pearl Seeker (Paladin), Pelagic Hunter (Hunter), Tidal Trickster (Rogue)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Waves

Equipment (Misc.) [14]

Air tank, Air tank, pressurized, Bottom-walker's anchor, Hippocampus (combat-trained), Hippocampus (common), Jellyfish, luminous, Masterwork flippers, Poison sealant, Pressure pill, Scent salts, Sureseal bladder (mundane), Sureseal bladder (potion), Underwater goggles, Wet suit

Feats [16]

Aquadynamic Focus, Aquadynamic Shot, Child of Two Worlds, Deep Breath, Dolphin Circle, Dolphin Dart, Dolphin Style, Favor of the Empress of Torrents, Master Swimmer, Murky Spell, Pressure Adept, Shark Leap, Shark Style, Shark Tear, Steam Spell, Touch of the Brackish Emperor

Hunter Animal Focuses [12]

Aboleth, Cetus, Charybdis, Deep One, Hippocampus, Kraken, Reefclaw, Scylla, Sea Serpent, Selkie, Shoggoth, Siyokoy

Magic Items (Armor) [3]

Aquadynamic, Greater Aquadynamic, Improved Aquadynamic

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

The Gasping Pearl

Magic Items (Rods) [6]

Rod of Metamagic, Murky (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Steam (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Steam (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Murky (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Murky (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Steam (normal)

Magic Items (Staves) [1]

Staff of Waves

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]


Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [6]

Apparatus of the Octopus, Bag of Tricks (Aquamarine), Figurine of Wondrous Power (Coral Hippocampus), Elixir of Two Worlds, Tidefinder, Traveler's Wet Suit

Spells [14]

Aquatic Trail, Extreme Buoyancy, Free Swim, Invisibility Bubble, Invisibility Bubble, Giant, Invisibility Bubble, Mass, Lead Anchor, Life Current, Neutral Buoyancy, Pressure Adaptation, Stabilize Pressure, Steam Ray Fusillade, Unlife Current, Wave Form