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Disciple's Doctrine

Estimated Release Date: 1/31/2018
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Arcane Focused Schools [1]


Arcanist Exploits [5]

Armored Mask, Aspect of Innocence, Charmer, Convert Wand, Mending Flesh

Archetypes [11]

Divine Numerologist (Oracle), Elemental Envoy (Ranger), Elemental Monk (Monk), Elemental Monk (Monk (Unchained)), Esoteric Initiate (Occultist), Fist of the Godclaw (Warpriest), Mask of the Living God (Ninja), Seeker of Enlightenment (Spiritualist), Totem Channeler (Skald), Vessel of the Failed (Medium), Ward Speaker (Samurai)

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Kaminari Drums (Percussion), Spirit of the Horse (Strings)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Monument

Equipment (Misc.) [4]

Convocation bells, Disguised holy text, Ritual disk, Spiritual leader's vestments

Investigator Talents [5]

Numerical Alchemy, Numerical Alchemy, Greater, Numerical Strike, Numerical Strike, Greater, Numerical Strike, Masterful

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Storval's Fang

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [12]

Charlatan's Cope, Cloak of Good Fortune, Echo of Divinity's Promise, Emblem of Lost Lives, Foresight Quill, Godstar, Lantern of the Four Elements (greater), Malleable Monument, Numerology Cylinder, Spectacles of Comprehension, Lantern of the Four Elements (standard), Tome of Forgotten Epithets

Magus Arcana [3]

Book-Bound (Su), Circle of Order (Su), Tabris's Step (Sp)

Occult Rituals [2]

Breath of Forgotten Life, Song of the Kami's Gift

Psychic Discplines [1]


Spells [10]

Debilitating Speech, Fastidiousness, Fortune's Path, Hallucinatory Decor, Litany of Admonition, Litany of Dependability, Litany of Duty, Litany of Order, Prophetic Lore, Unflappable Mien

Traits [7]

Aspect of the Quah, Dogged, Ecumenical, Heretic's Caution, Imperfect Recall, Natural Ritualist, Self-Sustaining

Variant Channeling [6]

Duty, Flying Creatures, Journeys, Monuments, Moonlight, Sexuality

Vigilante Talents [5]

Ancestral Enlightenment, Magical Familiarity, Skill Familiarity, Steely Resolve, Weapon Familiarity

Warpriest Blessings [1]