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Divine Anthology

Estimated Release Date: 9/28/2016
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Arcanist Exploits [1]

Obfuscated Spellcasting

Archetypes [3]

Divine Champion (Warpriest), Divine Paragon (Cleric), Iomedaen Enforcer (Paladin)

Bard Masterpieces [3]

Exhilarating Prayer of Grace (Dance), Hymn of Restorative Harmonics (Sing, Wind), Stirring Discourse of the Mind (Oratory)

Divine Fighting Techniques [10]

Asmodeus’s Mandate, Desna's Shooting Star, Erastil's Distracting Shot, Irori’s Perfected Fist, Lamashtu's Carving, Norgorber’s Silent Shiv, Rovagug’s Thunder, Sarenrae's Mercy, Torag's Patient Strikes, Urgathoa's Hunger

Feats [9]

Bravery in Action, Crowd Control, Diverse Obedience, Divine Communion, Divine Fighting Technique, Minor Miracle, Reward of the Faithful, Unbound Bravery, Undaunted Bravery

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Icon of Order

Magic Items (Staves) [1]

Staff of Nethys

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [2]

Amulet of Courage, Book of Written Whispers

Paladin Oaths [4]

Oath against the Whispering Way, Oath of the Mendevian Crusade, Oath of the People's Council, Oath of the Skyseeker

Rogue Talents [1]

Expert Cypher (Ex)

Spellbooks [1]

The Prying Eye

Spells [9]

Enlightened Step, Firewalker's Meditation, Medusa's Bane, Rite of Bodily Purity, Rite of Centered Mind, See Beyond, Spirit Bonds, Visualization of the Body, Visualization of the Mind

Subdomains [18]

Alchemy (Artifice), Alchemy (Magic), Captivation, Hubris (Glory), Hubris (Nobility), Insect, Legend, Lightning, Medicine, Monsoon, Petrification, Portal, Rites, Self-Realization (Liberation), Self-Realization (Strength), Thirst, Thorns, Truth

Traits [37]

Acolyte of Apocrypha, Ancestor's Blade, Andoletta's Consolation, Angradd's Valor, Apprentice, Arcane Scholar, Avowed Inspiration, Blind Zeal, Chaldira's Luck, Crusader, Darkest Before Dawn, Enemy of Delusion, Eye of Arqueros, Folgrit's Bounty, Folgrit's Mercy, Gemstone Collector, Guardian Smite, Heedful Readiness, Living Bulwark, Masked, Meditative Rest, Mighty Protector, Mischievous Smile, Natural Magic, Oathkeeper's Vow, Pristine Reputation, Redeemed by Ragathiel, Relentless Duty, Resilient Martyr, Rousing Courage, Secret Keeper, Strength of Submission, Student of History, Traditionalist (Prime Ascended), Undaunted, Unshackled, Untrained Scholar