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Elemental Master's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 8/14/2017
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Alchemist Discoveries [1]

Elemental Destabilizers (Su)

Arcane Focused Schools [8]

Ice (Air), Ice (Water), Magma (Earth), Magma (Fire), Mud (Earth), Mud (Water), Smoke (Air), Smoke (Fire)

Arcane Schools [1]


Archetypes [10]

Abendego Diver (Ranger), Earthshadow (Rogue), Energy Scientist (Alchemist), Firebrand (Gunslinger), Flamesinger (Bard), Foundation of Faith (Cleric), Storm Caller (Summoner), Storm Caller (Summoner (Unchained)), Windstep Master (Monk), Windstep Master (Monk (Unchained))

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Blazing Rondo (Oratory, Percussion), Dance of Captivating Desire (Dance)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Eidolon (Unchained) Subtypes [1]


Equipment (Misc.) [5]

Aquemir, Corrosenze, Deadground dust, Light of Axtarr, Somnigrip

Feats [17]

Benthic Spell, Bilge Rat, Brackish Spell, Flumefire Rage, Growth in Ash, Hammer Guards the Anvil, Hurricane Punch, Improved Elemental Counterspell, Joyless Toil, Kraggodan's Stance, Mobile Gathering, Mountain Eyes, Stone-Handed, Storm Breaker, Sunblade, Tundra Stride, Wind Song

Investigator Talents [4]

Castling, Extra Earthcraft, Fortified Position, Unbalancing Trick

Kineticist Wild Talents [10]

Dampening Infusion, Dazzling Infusion, Energize Weapon, Magnetism, Magnetism, Greater, Penetrating Infusion, Pillar, Spindle, Unnerving Infusion, Vampiric Infusion

Magic Items (Elemental Augmentations) [7]

Blazing Eyes, Blazing Hand, Hoarfrost Bones, Quicksilver Blood, Smoldering Blood, Vaporous Lungs, Whirlpool Maw

Magic Items (Rods) [1]

Fossilizing Rod

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Density Hammer

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [5]

Gemcarver's Tools, Esoteric Diadem (Greater), Figurine of Wondrous Power (Hematite Courgar), Esoteric Diadem (Lesser), Esoteric Diadem (Normal)

Oracle Curses [1]

Elemental Imbalance

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Phantom Emotional Foci [1]


Prestige Classes [1]

Genie Binder

Rogue Talents [8]

Against the Wall (Ex), Castling (Ex), Extra Earthcraft, Fortified Position (Ex), Petrifying Strike (Su), Resonating Rumbles (Su), Stony Skin (Ex), Unbalancing Trick (Ex)

Slayer Talents [4]

Castling, Extra Earthcraft, Fortified Position, Unbalancing Trick

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [11]

Blast of Wind, Carrying Wind, Expel Blood, Lightning Conductor, Rising Water, Second Wind, Speak with Waves, Spindrift Spritz, Spindrift Spritz, Mass, Wall of Mist, Waterproof

Traits [4]

Elemental Accident, Elemental Apprentice, Elemental Negotiator, Planar Escapee