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Heroes from the Fringe

Estimated Release Date: 8/30/2018
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Archetypes [10]

Calamity Caller (Warpriest), Ferocious Hunter (Vigilante), First World Caller (Wizard), Gunpowder Bombardier (Ninja), Half-Elf Double Scion (Vigilante), Psammokinetic (Kineticist), Symbol Striker (Bloodrager), Terror Weaver (Psychic), Twilight Speaker (Skald), Warrior Poet (Samurai)

Bard Masterpieces [3]

Findelalara's Refuge (Dance, Oratory), Hymn of Sacred Lands (Oratory, Sing), Wildsoul Aria (Sing, Wind)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Songbird

Equipment (Armor) [1]

Poisoner's Buckler

Equipment (Misc.) [1]

Elven Prosthetics

Equipment (Weapons) [7]

Axe-gauntlet, dwarven heavy, Axe-gauntlet, dwarven light, Giant-sticker, dwarven, Pelletbow, dwarven heavy, Pelletbow, dwarven light, Ram hammer, dwarven, Sphinx hammer, dwarven

Equipment Tricks [1]


Familiars [1]

Fey-touched toad1

Feats [27]

Blood Frenzy Assault, Blood Frenzy Strike, Blood Frenzy Style, Citystep, Cloak of Stone, Cloud Invocation, Dawn's Blessing, Equipment Trick, Frozen Skin, Gifts from the Sea, Great Expectations, Greater Cloud Invocation, Hammer Throw, Improved Hammer Throw, Lead by Example, Master Hammer Throw, Pinch Time, Precipice Strike, Sand Strike, Sense Allies, Solitary Survivor, Stone Cover, Stone Shroud, Strength in Defeat, Twilight Words, Unaging, Unraveler of Secrets

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Farspear, Scatter Sling

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [7]

Elusion Cloak, Festival Garment, Seashell Diving Mask, Soothing Stole, Wanderlust Map, Northern Star (Normal) Ioun Stone, Southern Star (Normal) Ioun Stone

Monster Templates [1]

Fey-Touched Creature

Ninja Tricks [2]

Arcane Backfire (Su), Swarming Attack

Phantom Emotional Foci [1]


Psychic Discplines [1]


Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [64]

Elf - Aquatic Elves, Half-Elf - Aquatic Half-Elves (Shoreborn), Elf - Aquatic Mastery, Gnome - Artistic, Gnome - Bleachling Magic, Gnome - Bleachlings, Dwarf - Breath Weapon, Half-Orc - Burning Assurance, Half-Elf - Child of the Sea, Half-Orc - Cliffside Charger, Half-Elf - Cold-Honed, Halfling - Danger Detection, Half-Orc - Darklands Half-Orcs (Gloomkin), Dwarf - Death's End, Dwarf - Deep Tradition, Dwarf - Desert Delver, Dwarf - Desert Dwarves, Half-Orc - Desert Half-Orcs (Sandkin), Elf - Devoted Companion, Elf - Ekujae Elves, Half-Elf - Ekujae Half-Elves (Wildborn), Half-Orc - Evader, Halfling - Evasive Nomad, Halfling - Festive, Gnome - Fey Fortitude, Gnome - Fey Magic (HftF), Gnome - First World Gnomes, Elf - Forlorn Elves, Elf - Frostmelding, Half-Elf - Half-Drow (Darkborn), Dwarf - Iron Citizen, Dwarf - Iron Within, Elf - Jininese Elves, Elf - Jininese Weapon Mastery, Half-Elf - Jungle Affinity, Half-Orc - Jungle Half-Orcs (Rainkin), Elf - Moonkissed, Half-Elf - Mordant Envoy, Half-Elf - Mordant Spire Half-Elves (Spireborn), Half-Orc - Mountain Half-Orcs (Cragkin), Dwarf - Mwangi Dwarves, Gnome - Nature Affinity, Dwarf - Ouat Caste Dwarves, Merfolk - Outsear Merfolk, Sahuagin - Outsear Sahuagin, Dwarf - Pahmet Dwarves, Dwarf - Paraheen Dwarves, Sahuagin - Sahuagin Song, Gnome - Segada Gnomes, Halfling - Segadan Halflings, Elf - Sense Thoughts, Dwarf - Sky Citadel Dwarves, Halfling - Small Quarter Ally, Elf - Snowcaster Elves, Half-Elf - Snowcaster Half-Elves (Snowborn), Halfling - Song'o Halflings, Gnome - Sound Mimicry, Elf - Spiresworn Elves, Sahuagin - Stoic Defender, Half-Elf - Thinblood Resistance, Merfolk - Unexpected Ally, Half-Orc - Unflinching Valor, Half-Orc - Warded Skin, Half-Orc - Winter Half-Orcs (Frostkin)

Shaman Hexes [3]

Draconic Resilience, Intimidating Display, Wings

Spells [5]

False Age, Mark of Spite, Pernicious Pranksters, Redcap's Touch, Untold Wonder

Traits [9]

Azlanti Scholar, Cliff Strider, Free People, Mechanical Expertise, Mwangi Linguist, Observant Archer, Resourceful Scavenger, Shaer, Snake Handler

Weapon Groups [11]

axe-gauntlet, dwarven heavy (Axes), axe-gauntlet, dwarven heavy (Close), axe-gauntlet, dwarven light (Axes), axe-gauntlet, dwarven light (Close), giant-sticker, dwarven (Polearms), pelletbow, dwarven heavy (Crossbows), pelletbow, dwarven light (Crossbows), ram hammer, dwarven (Hammers), ram hammer, dwarven (Thrown), sphinx hammer, dwarven (Hammers), sphinx hammer, dwarven (Thrown)