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Heroes of the Darklands

Estimated Release Date: 4/26/2017
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Afflictions - Poisons [2]

Cyanide, Slaver's will

Archetypes [12]

Beastkin Berserker (Barbarian), Blightburner (Kineticist), Blightseeker (Alchemist), Crystal Tender (Shaman), Darklands Sailor (Ranger), Darklantern (Vigilante), Demon-Sworn (Witch), Fungal Pilgrim (Druid), Psychic Marauder (Psychic), Stonesinger (Bard), Turncoat (Slayer), Vermin Tamer (Cavalier)

Equipment (Misc.) [16]

Blasting jelly, Blightburn reader, Clatterstone, Collapsible rowboat, Deep breath, Drought powder, Filter mask, Focus chew, Miner's bird, Monochrome Camouflage, Mu spore secretions, Muscle grout, Ooze attractant, Spore dehiscent, Sunsoil, Vault altimeter

Feats [8]

Assisted Ascension, Aural Insight, Natural Pathseeker, Obscuring Beacon, Searing Distraction, Sense Metals and Minerals, Terrain Celerity, Tracer Fire

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Blightburn Arrow

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [10]

Amulet of Radiation Absorption, Bottled Sunlight, Cavern Compass, Earthquake Boots, Ghoulbane Belt, Helm of Ooze, Polychrome Cover, Robe of Magma, Rockfall Cloak, Stonemeld Boots

Special Materials [3]

Blightburn, Caphorite, Lazurite

Spells [14]

Animus Mine, Animus Mine, Greater, Concealed Breath, Entomb, Grasp, Intensify Psyche, Mage's Crawl Space, Morning Sun, Pale Flame, Radiation Ward, Rock Whip, Shadowfade, Skyshroud, Surface Excursion

Traits [13]

Allies in the Deep, Ancestral Grounds, Black Blood Heritage, Cavern Survivor, Darklands Scholar, Darklands Trader, Deep Faith, Escaped Captive, Keeper of the Secret Shame, Light in the Darkness, Radiant Healing, Scourge of the Darkness, Voices in your Head

Vehicles [1]

Hot-Air Balloon