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Horror Adventures

Estimated Release Date: 8/7/2016
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Afflictions - Curses [17]

Blasted Vitality, Cursed Earth, Endless Night, Haunting, Major, Haunting, Minor, Hunt of the Ankou, Hunt of the Bogeyman, Jealous Structure, Perilous Demesne, Grand, Perilous Demesne, Greater, Perilous Demesne, Major, Perilous Demesne, Minor, Sealed Fate, Shattered Self, Tormenting Visions, Unseasonable Weather, Weeping Wound

Afflictions - Madnesses [16]

Amnesia, Catatonia, Cognitive Block, Delirium, Delusion, Dissociated Identity, Fugue, Halucination, Mania, Melancholia, Moral Insanity, Night Terrors, Paranoid, Phobia, Psychosomatic Loss, Schizophrenia

Archetypes [37]

Blood Alchemist (Alchemist), Bloody Jake (Slayer), Cult Hunter (Investigator), Dark Elementalist (Kineticist), Death Druid (Druid), Devolutionist (Druid), Dreadnought (Barbarian), Dreamstalker (Mesmerist), Elder Mythos Cultist (Cleric), Elder Mythos Scholar (Wizard), Exciter (Spiritualist), Experimenter (Vigilante), Family Hunter (Slayer), Fearsome Defender (Barbarian), Gaslighter (Mesmerist), Gingerbread Witch (Witch), Gravedigger (Investigator), Hallowed Necromancer (Wizard), Hangman (Vigilante), Hate-Monger (Mesmerist), Haunt Collector (Occultist), Hexenhammer (Inquisitor), Life Channeler (Druid), Living Grimoire (Inquisitor), Mad Scientist (Alchemist), Martyr (Paladin), Mooncursed (Barbarian), Necrologist (Spiritualist), Profiler (Investigator), Psychokineticist (Kineticist), Serial Killer (Vigilante), Soul Sentinel (Paladin), Talisman Crafter (Occultist), Tatterdemalion (Witch), Tortured Crusader (Paladin), Undead Master (Wizard), Witch Killer (Slayer)

Barbarian Rage Powers [7]

Cult Totem (Ex), Cult Totem, Greater (Ex), Cult Totem, Lesser (Ex), Daemon Totem (Su), Daemon Totem, Greater (Su), Daemon Totem, Lesser, Flight Response

Cleric Domains [1]


Corruptions [11]

Accursed, Deep One, Ghoul, Hellbound, Hive, Lich, Lycanthropy, Possessed, Promethean, Shadowbound, Vampirism

Corruption Manifestations [103]

Acid Blood (Hive), Agonizing Touch (Lich), Allure (Vampirism), Animalistic Health (Lycanthropy), Animalistic Might (Lycanthropy), Armored (Promethean), Baleful Glare (Accursed), Berserk Fury (Promethean), Bleak Aura (Lich), Blindsense (Hive), Bloodthirst (Deep One), Blurred Soul (Possessed), Brain Eater (Ghoul), Bristling Spines (Hive), Cadaver's Countenance (Lich), Call of the Deep (Deep One), Children of the Night (Vampirism), Claws of the Deep (Deep One), Cold Iron Allergy (Accursed), Contaminated Personality (Possessed), Corpse Armor (Ghoul), Cruel Deceiver (Accursed), Darkest Desires (Hellbound), Deathless (Lich), Death's Caress (Lich), Deep Adaptation (Deep One), Deepsight (Deep One), Devil's Horns (Hellbound), Devil's Mark (Hellbound), Diabolical Servitor (Hellbound), Diseased Bite (Ghoul), Dreadful Charm (Vampirism), Eerie Perception (Shadowbound), Emptiness of the Void (Shadowbound), Fangs (Vampirism), Feral Senses (Lycanthropy), Fiendish Tutelage (Hellbound), Frightful (Shadowbound), Fur Armor (Lycanthropy), Gnashing Bite (Ghoul), Greater Acid Blood (Hive), Greater Armored (Promethean), Greater Cadaver's Countenance (Lich), Greater Hive Mind (Hive), Greater Paralysis (Ghoul), Greater Shattered Body (Promethean), Greater Shattered Mind (Promethean), Greater Shift Form (Lycanthropy), Greater Stench of the Grave (Ghoul), Greater Unlife (Vampirism), Grim Fate (Accursed), Hateful Voices (Possessed), Hive Mind (Hive), Horrific Shock (Accursed), Insubstantiality (Shadowbound), Landwalker (Deep One), Life Drain (Vampirism), Living Armor (Hive), Living Weapon (Hive), Loathsome Gills (Deep One), Lunar Call (Lycanthropy), Lycanthropic Empathy (Lycanthropy), Malevolence (Lich), Master of the Dead (Lich), Murky Futures (Hellbound), Necromantic Knowledge (Lich), Paralysis (Ghoul), Passage through the Pit (Hellbound), Promethean Transfiguration (Promethean), Rampage (Promethean), Refuge in Pain (Shadowbound), Regretful Gaze (Shadowbound), Rending Claws (Ghoul), Replacement Limb (Promethean), Resin Secretion (Hive), Serpent's Tongue (Hellbound), Shattered Body (Promethean), Shattered Mind (Promethean), Shift Form (Lycanthropy), Siltsight (Deep One), Silver Allergy (Lycanthropy), Slow Aging (Deep One), Spiteful Transformation (Accursed), Staggering Claw (Ghoul), Stench of the Grave (Ghoul), Swimmer in the Deep (Deep One), Temporary Clarity (Possessed), Tenuous Soul (Hellbound), Touch of Ruin (Shadowbound), Traitorous Hand (Possessed), Transformed Flesh (Hive), True Unlife (Vampirism), Two Minds (Possessed), Undying Hatred (Accursed), Unlife (Vampirism), Unrestrained (Possessed), Vampiric Grace (Vampirism), Violent Will (Possessed), Weakening Claws (Accursed), Weaver of Lies (Shadowbound), Weightlessness (Possessed), Wish Peddler (Accursed), Wretched Pain (Shadowbound)

Equipment (Misc.) [9]

Heratic's fork, Iron maiden, Plague powder, Rack, Rat cage, Reanimating fluid, Thumbscrews (common), Thumbscrews (masterwork), Trephine

Feats [61]

Absorb Spirit, Aura Flare, Blood Feast, Blood Spurt, Bouncing Spell-Like Ability, Brutal Coup de Grace, Brute Assault, Brute Stomp, Brute Style, Bully Breed, Clarity of Pain, Consume Essence, Contagious Spell, Deadhand Initiate, Deadhand Master, Deadhand Style, Disconcerting Knowledge, Disrupting Fist, Disruptive Spell-Like Ability, Enemy Cult, Engulf Horror, Engulf Revulsion, Exorcising Mutilation, Exsanguinate, Fear Eater, Fearsome Spell-Like Ability, Fleshwarper, Ghost Guide, Gruesome Shapechanger, Horrific Gorging, Incorporeal Intuition, Intensified Spell-Like Ability, Kyton Cut, Kyton Shield, Kyton Style, Latching Horror, Lifeless Gaze, Lingering Spell-Like Ability, Maddening Obliteration, Maddening Strike, Maddening Style, Mutilating Ritualist, Profane Studies, Protector of the People, Purging Emesis, Putrid Summons, Reach Spell-Like Ability, Sacrificial Adept, Sacrificial Ritualist, Scarring Spell-Like Ability, Shatter Control, Sickening Spell-Like Ability, Skin Suit, Spawnlink, Spirit Speaker, Stubborn Curse, Touch of Evil, Traumatic Spell-Like Ability, Twisted Love, Unyielding Ferocity, Zealous Mind

Fleshcrafting [14]

Antennae, Blinding Spittle Glands, Burrowing Claws, Camouflage Flesh, Carapace, Cerebral Husk, Claw Gauntlet, Darksight Eyes, Grasping Tendril, Poison Fangs, Retractable Spines, Shark Gills, Stinging Tail, Wings of Darkness

Hazards - Haunts [26]

Arcane Storm, Belated Arrival, Betrayal, Bloody Handprints, Buried Alive, Cold Spot, Crushing Terror, Devouring Maws, Dissolving Vat, Eternal Pyre, Fallen from the Sky, Final Soldier, Flayed Suicide, Foreboding Mist, Haunted Dungeon, Heart Explosion, Living Decay, Maddening Influence, Psychic Echo (Anger), Scratching Behind the Wall, Soul Vortex, Spawn of the Abyss, Spectral Screams, Twisted Wish, Unsolved Murder, Watery Grave

Kineticist Wild Talents [2]

Elemental Whispers, Elemental Whispers, Greater

Magic Items (Armor) [2]

Lupine Rageskin, Ursine Rageskin

Magic Items (Artifacts) [3]

Cup of Forbidden Knowledge, Dark Grimoire, Elder Sign

Magic Items (Cursed Items) [4]

Book of Perilous Journey's, Needful Doll, Scroll of Blood Ink, Staff of Magical Decline

Magic Items (Rings) [3]

Heavenly Aegis Ring, Kyton Ring, Rings of Alien Geometries

Magic Items (Staves) [3]

Cephalopod Staff, Hungering Staff, Many-Eyed Staff

Magic Items (Weapons) [9]

Boneshaking Cleaver, Hangman's Noose, Hooked Massacre, Murderer's Machete, Murderer's Machete, Greater, Sacrificial Dagger, Screaming Blade, Vampiric, Vampiric, Greater

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [37]

Talisman (Greater) (Akoben), Talisman (Lesser) (Akoben), Talisman (Lesser) (Ankh), Talisman (Greater) (Ankh), Black Heart, Blackmarrow Altar, Brilliant Flash Symbol, Channel-Thieving Belt, Channel-Thieving Belt, Greater, Crimson Altar, Dark Lens Altar, Eldritch Scholar's Monocle, Gloves of Feasting, Talisman (Greater) (Hamsa), Talisman (Lesser) (Hamsa), Mantle of Life, Mantle of the Darkest Night, Monster Almanac, Monster Almanac, Greater, Moonlight Lantern, Necromancer's Beacon, Oil of Attraction, Pain Ward of the Ostiarius, Talisman (Lesser) (Pentacle), Talisman (Greater) (Pentacle), Perilous Puzzle Box, Purifying Ointment, Redemptor's Blessing, Talisman (Greater) (Scarab), Talisman (Lesser) (Scarab), Silver Nail, Threshold Guardian, Talisman (Lesser) (Trickelion), Talisman (Greater) (Triskelion), Urn of Smoldering Shapes, Witchlight Lantern, Wolf Caller's Horn

Medium Spirits [6]

Butcher (Champion), Deceiver (Trickster), Heretic (Hierophant), Lich (Archmage), Terminator (Guardian), Warmonger (Marshal)

Monsters [9]

Apostle Kyton, Dread Lord, Hive Larva Swarm, Hive Queen, Hive Warrior, Implacable Stalker, Trompe l'Oeil, Unknown, Waxwork Creature

Monster Subtypes [1]


Monster Templates [18]

Accursed, Apostle Kyton, Deep Creature, Dread Lord, Fleshwarped Creature, Ghoulish Creature, Hellbound Creature, Hive Creature, Implacable Stalker, Lich Creature, Lycanthropic Creature, Possessed Creature, Promethean Creature, Shadowbound Creature, Trompe l'Oeil, Unknown, Vampiric Creature, Waxwork

Occult Rituals [5]

Fugue of Oblivion, Paired Suffering, Second Sight, Seeded Doom, The Hungering of Shadows

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [22]

Dwarf - Paladin, Dwarf - Spiritualist, Dwarf - Wizard, Elf - Mesmerist, Elf - Sorcerer, Elf - Witch, Gnome - Druid, Gnome - Kinetcist, Gnome - Magus, Gnome - Rogue, Half-Elf - Cleric, Half-Elf - Oracle, Half-Elf - Ranger, Halfling - Barbarian, Halfling - Cavalier, Halfling - Monk, Half-Orc - Alchemist, Half-Orc - Bard, Half-Orc - Fighter, Human - Inquisitor, Human - Occultist, Human - Psychic

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [42]

Halfling - Acquisitive, Human - Aquatic Ancestery, Halfling - Attentive, Dwarf - Barrow Scholar, Dwarf - Barrow Warden, Halfling - Blessed, Elf - Blightborn, Elf - Creepy, Halfling - Creepy Doll, Halfling - Deep Jungle, Half-Elf - Dreamer, Gnome - Fairy Catcher, Human - Giant Ancestery, Dwarf - Healthy, Half-Orc - Innured, Gnome - Inquisitive, Halfling - Irrepressible, Elf - Keeper of Secrets, Elf - Light against Darkness, Elf - Long-Limbed, Half-Elf - Mismatched, Half-Orc - Monstrous Sympathy, Half-Elf - Multidisciplined, Half-Orc - Pain Tolerance, Elf - Perfect, Human - Piety, Half-Orc - Projection, Human - Psychic Defense, Human - Rationalize, Human - Reptilian Ancestory, Halfling - Resourceful, Half-Elf - Round Ears, Dwarf - Sense Aberration, Gnome - Shadow Dodger, Gnome - Shadow Foe, Elf - Slender, Half-Orc - Smog Sight, Gnome - Stalker, Half-Elf - Starchild, Half-Orc - Stoic, Dwarf - Tightfisted, Dwarf - Viscous Blood

Spells [72]

Absurdity, Alleviate Corruption, Appearance of Life, Assume Appearance, Assume Appearance, Greater, Ban Corruption, Barbed Chains, Blood Ties, Bloodbath, Boneshaker, Borrow Corruption, Charnel House, Compelling Rant, Contact Entity I, Contact Entity II, Contact Entity III, Contact Entity IV, Cruel Jaunt, Curse of Fell Seasons, Curse of Night, Curse Terrain, Curse Terrain, Greater, Curse Terrain, Lesser, Curse Terrain, Supreme, Damnation, Death Clutch, Decapitate, Decollate, Dreadscape, Flesh Puppet, Flesh Puppet Horde, Flesh Wall, Flickering Lights, Grasping Corpse, Green Caress, Hedging Weapons, Holy Javelin, Horrific Doubles, Hunger for Flesh, Hunger for Flesh, Mass, Impossible Angles, Life Blast, Locate Gate, Mad Sultan's Melody, Massacre, Maze of Madness and Suffering, Night Terrors, Pessimism, Phantasmal Asphixiation, Phantasmal Putrefaction, Phobia, Plundered Power, Profane Nimbus, Pyrotechnic Eruption, Quick Change, Rigor Mortis, Sacramental Seal, Sacred Nimbus, Screaming Flames, Sense Fear, Sense Madness, Sleepwalking Suggestion, Slough, Stave Off Corruption, Straitjacket, Symbol of Exsanguination, Temporary Graft, Torpid Reanimation, Verminous Transformation, Vile Dog Transformation, Waves of Blood, Wither Limb

Subdomains [3]

Dark Tapestry, Isolation, Stars

Traps [3]

Crushing Cage Tarp, Faceless Statue Trap, Sinking Coffin Trap

Witch Patrons [6]

Conspiracies, Decadence, Entropy, Nightmares, Revenge, Space