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Inner Sea Intrigue

Estimated Release Date: 5/27/2016
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Afflictions - Poisons [7]

Blackfinder's silence, Breath of the mantis god, Calistria's revenge, Chelish deathapple, Marvelous fear gas, Twilight illness, Vessel between

Archetypes [19]

Anaphexia Thought-Killer (Vigilante), Bonded Investigator (Investigator), Frozen Shadow (Ninja), Galtan Agitator (Rogue), God Caller (Summoner), God Caller (Summoner (Unchained)), Guardian of Immortality (Investigator), Guerrilla (Rogue), Keleshite Prophet (Oracle), Lantern Lighter (Ranger), Magic Warrior (Magus), Nexian Spellspy (Witch), Nithveil Adept (Druid), Perfect Scholar (Monk), Perfect Scholar (Monk (Unchained)), Provocateur (Bard), Royal Accuser (Inquisitor), Studious Librarian (Bard), Tinkerer (Alchemist)

Equipment (Misc.) [7]

Antidote, Broadsheet, Calistria's kindness, Chameleon pill, Piecemeal weapon, Waspguts, Wing staff

Feats [6]

Convincing Persona, Greater Stylized Spell, Masked Renown, Masked Symbol, Stylized Spell Mastery, Stylized Spontaneity

Inquisitions [5]

Clandestine, Execution, Politics, Sedition, Seduction

Investigator Talents [7]

Atheist Inspiration, False Spellcaster, Favored Beat, Iconclastic Strike, Silencing Strike, Sustained Inspirational Expertise, Twilight Talon Improvisation

Magic Items (Rings) [2]

Survivor's Ring, Witness Hunter's Ring

Magic Items (Rods) [1]

Rod of the Alicorn

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Obliviating, Training, Transformative, Greater

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [22]

Bloodlink, Brastlewark Brew, Chalice of Poison, Charmer's Kiss, Chelish Listening Trumpet, Elixir of Amnesia, Forger's Friend, Harrow Deck of Secret Schemes, Hat of Infinite Disguises, Holdout Wand Wrap, Kitharodian Pen, Kyonin Bliss, Mask of the Cursed Eye, Masterful Gray Gloves, Medicinal Bezoar, Memory Musk Gourd, Platter of Exquisite Feasting, Saboteur's Gloves, Seamless Skin, Spectacles of Lip Reading, Toastmaster's Teacup, Triple Eyes of Vivid Auras

Prestige Classes [2]

Enchanting Courtesan, Lion Blade

Rogue Talents [5]

Claimed Turf (Ex), Innocuous Servant (Ex), Maneuvering Dodge (Ex), Sczarni Smuggler (Ex), Thrill of the Chase (Ex)

Spells [26]

Apathy, Assumed Likeness, Brightest Light, Calistria's Guardian Wasps, Commune with Texts, Daggermark's Exchange, Diminished Detection, Dongun Shaper's Touch, Dream Reality, Implant Urge, Inveigle Monster, Inveigle Person, Nex's Secret Workshop, Oath of Anonymity, Recorporeal Incarnation, Rotting Alliance, Sealed Sending, Searching Shadows, Seeds of Influence, Seeds of Influence, Greater, Seek Shelter, Substitute Trail, Transfiguring Touch, True Skill, Violent Accident, Wandering Trail

Vigilante Talents [9]

Bellflower Innuendo, Companion to the Lonely, Discreet Inquiries, Harsh Judgement, Instant Plan, Kalistocrat's Acumen, Shackle Smash, Turnabout, Whip of Vengeance