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Legacy of the First World

Estimated Release Date: 5/14/2017
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Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Fey Mutagen (Su), Grand Fey Mutagen (Su), Greater Fey Mutagen (Su)

Archetypes [16]

Ankou's Shadow (Slayer), Chronomancer (Wizard), Deepwater Rager (Barbarian), Fey Prankster (Bard), Feykiller (Hunter), First World Innovator (Alchemist), First World Minstrel (Bard), Grasping Vine (Shaman), Hermit (Oracle), Hooded Knight (Cavalier), Nornkith (Monk), Seducer (Witch), Serpent Herald (Skald), Shadow Scion (Rogue), Twinned Summoner (Summoner (Unchained)), Twinned Summoner (Summoner)

Barbarian Rage Powers [3]

Master of the Deep (Su), Suffocating Grip (Ex), Suffocating Grip, Greater (Ex)

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Ragadahn's Raqs Beledi (Dance), Ragadahn's Spiraling Ascent (Act, Dance)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Blossom

Eidolon Evolutions [3]

Extra Feat (Ex), Shared Evolution (Su), Shared Slot (Su)

Eidolon (Unchained) Evolutions [3]

Extra Feat (Ex), Shared Evolution (Su), Shared Slot (Su)

Eidolon (Unchained) Subtypes [1]


Equipment (Misc.) [2]

Chroma grenade, Vine tube

Feats [17]

Biological Lattice, Centered Spell, City-Locked, Conduit Casting, Eerily Centered, Embrace of the Dark Fey, Fascinated by the Mundane, Hydroponic Adaptation, Improved Outflank, Improved Precise Strike, Introspective Performance, Selfish Channel, Spell Synergy, Step of the Flighty Fey, Strange Yield, Unfettered Rage, Wild Speaker

Hunter Animal Focuses [5]

Crow, Goat, Mongoose, Shark, Turtle

Magic Items (Rods) [3]

Rod of the Thriceborn (greater), Rod of the Thriceborn (lesser), Rod of the Thriceborn (normal)

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [5]

Charm of the Thriceborn, Clandestine Horseshoes, Hood of Privacy, Ribbon of the Three, Whispering Gloves (LotFW)

Monster Templates [1]

Fey-Touched Creature

Oracle Curses [2]

Pranked, Reclusive

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Psychic Discplines [1]


Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [8]

Gathlain - Alchemist, Gathlain - Bard, Gathlain - Investigator, Gathlain - Kineticist, Gathlain - Mesmerist, Gathlain - Oracle, Gathlain - Rogue, Gathlain - Sorcerer

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [17]

Half-Elf - Alert for Betrayal, Gnome - Bleachling, Gathlain - Body Thorns, Gathlain - Bower Born, Half-Elf - Disregarded, Halfling - Fey-Quickened, Elf - Fey-Sighted, Gnome - Fey-Tongued, Human - Heart of the Fey, Human - Imposter-Wary, Gnome - Nosophobia, Gathlain - Photosynthetic Vision, Half-Orc - Shaman Enhancement, Gathlain - Sticky Tendrils, Gathlain - Symbiotic Imbalance, Elf - Vigilance, Dwarf - Wanderer

Shaman Hexes [1]

Silkstring Snare

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [13]

Alluring Spores, Ally Across Time, Army Across Time, Cold Iron Fetters, Iron Spine, Mortal Terror, Strand of the Tangled Knot, Temporal Divergence, Temporal Regression, Thirsting Entanglement, Threefold Face, Threefold Form, Threefold Sight

Traits [5]

Accustomed to Trickery, Fey Hex, Fey Mediator, Unstuck, Voices of Solid Things

Witch Hexes [2]

Mother's Eye (Su), Seduction (Su)