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Magic Tactics Toolbox

Estimated Release Date: 5/27/2016
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Advanced Weapon Trainings [2]

Item Mastery, Warrior Spirit

Arcane Discoveries [2]

Faith Magic, Psychic Preparation

Archetypes [11]

Cryptid Scholar (Investigator), Dimensional Excavator (Alchemist), Divine Scourge (Cleric), Drovier (Druid), Havocker (Witch), Overseer (Shaman), Patient Ambusher (Hunter), Questioner (Investigator), Spell Trapper (Magus), Toxicologist (Druid), Urban Infiltrator (Inquisitor)

Bloodrager/Sorcerer Bloodline Mutations [3]

Blood Havoc, Blood Intensity, Blood Piercing

Feats [35]

Abeyance, Ability Mastery, Acute Shot, Alchemical Strike, Blunt Blade, Brisk Spell, Bull's Eye, Burning Amplification, Cataract, Channeling Variance, Chilling Amplification, Concealment Mastery, Consumption, Disconcerting Stare, Eldritch Assault, Encouraging Spell, Expanded Metakinesis, Extra Blood Hex, Extra Variance, Falter, Force Shield Mastery, Hinder, Hinderance Dismissal, Implement Mastery, Manifold Stare, Practiced Ritualist, Racial Item Mastery, Resistance Mastery, Restoration Mastery, Scale and Skin, Shocking Amplification, Symbolic Mastery, Uncertainty, Vast Spell, Weapon Evoker Mastery

Investigator Talents [5]

Eldritch Conduit, Just a Face in the Crowd, Occult Dungeoneer, Spell Storing, The Whole Time

Magic Items (Rods) [7]

Gravitic Force Rod, Rod of Hindered Healing, Rod of Minor Curses, Rod of Perilous Pits, Rod of Spellsight, Rod of Subtle Menace, Rod of Tangling Ectoplasm

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [4]

Lore Needle, Monster Killer's Folio, Saccadic Focusing Prism, Sigil Chalk

Rogue Talents [12]

Dampen Presence, Eldritch Conduit (Su), Glib Facade (Sp), Innocent Facade (Sp), Just a Face in the Crowd (Su), Occult Dungeoneer (Su), Rapid Perception (Su), Scry Slip (Su), Spell Storing (Su), Superior Sniper, The Whole Time (Su), Unlock Ki (Su)

Skald Sagas [2]

Lay of Scholar-King (Oratory, Sing), Saga of the Witch Queen (Oratory, Sing)

Spells [28]

Akashic Communion, Alaznist's Jinx, Bind Sage, Biting Words, Bone Fists, Bouncing Bomb Admixture, Earsend, Flash Forward, Flexile Curse, Hidden Blades, Impenetrable Veil, Innocuous Shape, Irregular Size, Itching Curse, Kalistocrat's Nightmare, Lost Legacy, Nondetection, Lesser, Particulate Form, Phantasmal Reminder, Phasic Challenge, Release the Hounds, Roaming Pit, Secluded Grimoire, Spellcurse, Symbol of Distraction, Touch of Slumber, Wall of Bone, Warp Metal

Warpriest Blessings [1]