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Merchant's Manifest

Estimated Release Date: 3/15/2018
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Afflictions - Poisons [1]

Might blight

Archetypes [3]

Knight of Coins (Paladin), Nameless Shadow (Rogue), Oathkeeper (Inquisitor)

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Lingering Leitmotif (Oratory, Sing), Song of the Stonebearers (Percussion, Sing)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Reins

Equipment (Armor) [1]

Martial arts training gear

Equipment (Misc.) [39]

Anulite paprika, Badger plush, Blackwood figurehead, Bogwalking sandals, Candlefish, Celwynvian stone fruit, Charda claws, Clockwork dial, Clockwork oar, Commissioned broadsheet (print run (500 broadsheets)), Commissioned broadsheet (setup and proof print), Covenant rings, Darkwood ancestry plank, Darkwood Mwangi harp, Dragon's blend, Founderflame torch, Heated gloves, Heatstone, Heatstone desalinator, Hireling, crier (masterful), Hireling, crier (skilled), Hireling, crier (trained), Hireling, crier (untrained), Horse whip, Karazhica, Lonoma eel, Mantra wheel, Mekainae, Monkey statue, Poh armor, Reagent extractor, Remora pad, Sangwine, Siphon ray, Spirit offerings, Sylirican lemons, Warka jar, Wasp metheglin, Yenchaburian hybrid

Equipment (Weapons) [3]

Baston fighting stick, Horse bow, Reflex bow

Magic Items (Armor) [2]

Bilgewater Coat, Iadaran Dress Uniform

Magic Items (Rings) [2]

Ring of Austere Majesty, Ring of Starlight

Magic Items (Rods) [1]

Waterblight Scepter

Magic Items (Weapons) [6]

Andoren Emancipation Hammer, Blade of Life's Defense, Channeler's Scarf, Clicking Blade, Dagger of Black Sands, Emerald-Eyed Blade

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [47]

Alabaster Trapping, Amulet of Water Parting, Armguards of Waning Hope, Badge of Veiled Authority, Banner of Piracy, Blight Siphoner, Boots of Flawless Resolve, Bounteous Bath Suffusion, Captain's Eye Patch, Caravan Guardian, Cathedral Pit Stone, Crackling Tassel, Desert Veil, Dianxue Gloves, Exorcist Ofuda, Fervent Searcher's Gloves, Gloves of the Keen Evaluator, Gorget of Umbral Hunger, Gown of Graceful Petiteness, Guardian Figurehead, Harborwing Cloak, Hexbiter Charm, Horse-Caller Flute, Incense of Golden Embers, Jungle Seeker's Monocle, Khangarad Scabbard, Lantern of the Shining Truth, Looter's Satchel, Lynx Eye Charm, Magnate's Miter, Mazludeh's Shield Token, Mother-Sphinx Token, Necklace of Bloody Incisors, Necklace of Ensured Return, Neili Robes, Protective Ruff, Quill of Passage, Rebuilder's Boots, Rimeshaper Gloves, Roseskin Comb, Scarves of the Stinging Dancer, Sea Silk Shell, Seafarer's Waders, Skyspirit Stone, Veil of Attentiveness, Whisper Safe, Wine of Concordance

Special Materials [3]

Blackwood, Heatstone Plating, Liquid Glass

Traits [6]

Canon of Coin, Eldritch Auditor, Footsteps of Aganhei, Obari Veteran, Sophisticated Citizen, Unwelcome Business