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People of the Wastes

Estimated Release Date: 11/14/2017
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Archetypes [15]

Blightwarden (Ranger), Constructed Pugilist (Brawler), Elysiokineticist (Kineticist), Faithful Wanderer (Paladin), Flood Flourisher (Hunter), Gun Chemist (Alchemist), Gun Smuggler (Rogue), Keeper of Construct (Inquisitor), Mutated Defender (Vigilante), Primal Warden (Shaman), Proclaimer (Warpriest), Scatter Gunner (Gunslinger), Toxic Sniper (Slayer), Undying Word (Skald), Wasteland Chronicler (Bard)

Equipment (Misc.) [4]

Bore brush, Firearm oil, Mineral acid, Thunderclap charge

Equipment (Weapons) [5]

Alchemical cartridge (molten shot), Alchemical cartridge (repellent), Alchemical cartridge (toxin), Cylinder rifle, Paddle-foot pistol

Feats [17]

Agent of Purity, Aligned Crafting, Battering Ram, Create Enhanced Firearm, Elemental Conversion, Primal Kineticist, Primal Strike, Reinforced Crafting, Runic Charge, Signature Strike Style, Signature Strike Taunt, Signature Strike Triumph, Sizzling Shot, Spell Drinker, Stock-Striker Style, Stock-Striker Sweep, Stock-Striker Takedown

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [10]

Anthill Boots, Beast Talisman, Bracers of Primal Mastery, Grapsing Cloak, Medallion of Demonic Disruption, Nail of Blood, Primal Dowser, Vermin Mask, Wand Protector, Wheel of Survival

Ranger Traps [3]

Blighted Mark Trap (Ex or Su), Cleansing Trap (Ex or Su), Infected Snare Trap (Ex or Su)

Spells [9]

Absorbing Barrier, Drain Construct, Forced Mutation, Hide from Undead, Greater, Influence Wild Magic, Unhallowed Blows, Unhallowed Blows, Greater, Violent Misfire, Violent Misfire, Greater

Traits [25]

Alkenstar Engineer, Angradd's Flame, Ash Bane, Besmara's Strength, Blight's Bane, Brigh's Insight, Clockwork Engineer, Darkblight Survivor, Demonblight Reistance, Dormant Defense, Gozreh's Sight, Inheritor's Immunity, Lamia's Bane, Neutralizing Gut, Ogre Avoidance, Pack Savvy, Scamper, Sodden Chld, Spellcaster's Anathema, Tanglebriar Guerrilla, Twisted Tattoo, Undergrowth Specialist, Venom Resistance, Volatile Fuse, Wasteland Vargrant

Vigilante Talents [4]

Aquatic Action, Gator Wrangle, Swamp Concoctions, Vortex Splash

Witch Hexes [5]

Congeal (Su), Murksight (Su), Pollute Water (Su), Polluting Glance (Su), Sink (Su)