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Plane-Hopper's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 9/15/2018
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Arcanist Exploits [5]

Focused Summoning, Hellfire Ray, Holy Water Jet, Maelstrom Jump, Orderly Casting

Archetypes [5]

Chaos Knight (Paladin), Elemental Companion (Companion), Elemental Familiar (Familiar), Planar Harmonizer (Occultist), Planar Rifter (Gunslinger)

Eidolon (Unchained) Subtypes [5]

Aeon, Astral, Radiant, Storykin, Void

Equipment (Alchemical Reagents) [5]

Cooperation Crystals, Fire Fragment, Heavenly Quartz, Void Shard, Whimsy Star

Feats [41]

Asura Sight, Asura Spellrend, Asura Style, Blackfire Summoning, Cerberus Crush, Cerberus Snare, Cerberus Style, Chance Death, Cosmic Gate, Crystalline Cloud, Dark Affinity, Deconstruct Spell, Deliberate Death, Dreamwalker, Ephemeral Tread, Experienced Ghost Hunter, Extra Crystalline Dust, Find the Flaw, Ghost Hunting Team, Gilded Weapons, Greater Planar Mentor, Improved Planar Mentor, Improved Stellar Wanderer, Ineffable Count of the Clock, Knight of the Twisted Word, Lady Luck's Guidance, Lonely Death, Marcher-Lord of the Cerulean Abyss, Personal Chronicler, Planar Mentor, Practiced Dreamer, Reflexive Crystalline Dust, Retributive Summoning, Scribe Spell Equation, Spell Praxis, Stellar Wanderer, Swamp Dweller, Swift Crystalline Dust, Triple-Baron, Waking Dream, Willing Death

Kineticist Wild Talents [5]

Angelic Protection, Infernal Bargain, Shepherd of Souls, Splash of the Styx, Turning Blast

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [1]

Planar Carriage

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [46]

Aphorite - Alchemist, Aphorite - Cleric, Aphorite - Fighter, Aphorite - Inquisitor, Aphorite - Investigator, Aphorite - Magus, Aphorite - Ranger, Aphorite - Rogue, Aphorite - Warpriest, Aphorite - Witch, Aphorite - Wizard, Duskwalker - Antipaladin, Duskwalker - Arcanist, Duskwalker - Bard, Duskwalker - Cleric, Duskwalker - Fighter, Duskwalker - Investigator, Duskwalker - Kineticist, Duskwalker - Monk, Duskwalker - Paladin, Duskwalker - Ranger, Duskwalker - Rogue, Duskwalker - Skald, Duskwalker - Spiritualist, Duskwalker - Vigilante, Duskwalker - Witch, Duskwalker - Wizard, Ganzi - Arcanist, Ganzi - Bard, Ganzi - Druid, Ganzi - Hunter, Ganzi - Investigator, Ganzi - Oracle, Ganzi - Rogue, Ganzi - Sorcerer, Ganzi - Wizard, Shabti - Bard, Shabti - Bloodrager, Shabti - Investigator, Shabti - Medium, Shabti - Oracle, Shabti - Paladin, Shabti - Ranger, Shabti - Shaman, Shabti - Skald, Shabti - Spiritualist

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [21]

Duskwalker - Abandoned, Shabti - Blank Slate, Aphorite - Eternal Smith, Ganzi - Expanded Oddities, Shabti - Facsimile, Duskwalker - Fosterling, Oread - Gemsoul (Crystal Oread), Oread - Ironsoul (Metal Oread), Ifrit - Lavasoul (Magma Ifrit), Undine - Mistsoul (Vapor Undine), Duskwalker - Olethros's Agent, Shabti - Pharaonic Will, Aphorite - Planar Envoy, Undine - Rimesoul (Frost Undine), Aphorite - Share Knowledge, Sylph - Smokesoul (Fume Sylph), Shabti - Soul Sympathy, Sylph - Stormsoul (Lightning Sylph), Ifrit - Sunsoul (Solar Ifrit), Aphorite - Urban Memories, Duskwalker - Yamaraj's Baliff

Spells [11]

Celestial Companion, Eroding Ray, Fiendish Wrath, Greater Reversion, Healing Leak, Minor Reversion, Minor Reversion, Mass, Planar Aegis, Righteous Condemnation, Speak with Plane, Talisman of Reprieve

Traits [4]

Acclimatize Alignment, Internal Compass, Subjective Equilibrium, Well-Provisioned Adventurer