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Potions and Poisons

Estimated Release Date: 12/13/2017
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Afflictions - Drugs [12]

Esoterum, Gossamer Veil, Hush, Inspiration Dust, Keleshite Coffee, Magesight, Oblivion, Old-Mage, Ruk Tar, Serpent's Kiss, Sting's Savor, Vigilance

Afflictions - Poisons [10]

Blackfinger's salt, Diplopic serum, Gelidburn oil, Hydrofluoric acid, Insecticide, Juvebloom, Nerveblast, Ossivane, Pupil's friend, Tongue twist

Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Designer Poison (Ex), Enduring Toxin (Ex), Lasting Tinctures (Ex)

Archetypes [11]

Concocter (Alchemist), Disciple of the Forked Tongue (Bard), Fermenter (Alchemist), Mantella (Druid), Needler (Rogue), Reckless Epicurean (Investigator), Rotdrinker (Rogue), Swamp Poisoner (Rogue), Toxin Codexer (Investigator), Venom Siphoner (Witch), Venomblade (Fighter)

Equipment (Misc.) [23]

Alluring philter, Artistic ale, Brawler's brew, Dodger's draught, Explorer's emulsion, Harvester's kit, Leaper's libation, Liquid courage, Mage's assistant, Mirage mixture, Nimble nectar, Poisoned locket, Poisoned quill, Poisoner's goblet, Prowler's palliative, Sorcerer's spirits, Stalker's oil, Starlight juice, Stout solution, Thinker's tipple, Titan's tonic, Toxic censer, Venombane lozenges

Feats [15]

Delayed Potion, Dispelling Blood, Ghostbane Ichor, Healing Potion, Hemorhaging Venom, Lengthy Potion, Noxious Touch, Poison Resin, Toxic Secretions, Toxic Spray, Unraveling Blood, Vaporous Potion, Virulent Venom, Viscous Venom, Warding Blood

Fleshcrafting [3]

Adhesive Slime, Ring of Eyes, Webbed Appendages

Investigator Talents [3]

Anathema, Greater Anathema, Lingering Venom

Magic Items (Rings) [2]

Band of Efficacious Death, Band of Toxic Nullification

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Alchemist's Aspergillum

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [24]

Aegis of Recovery, Greater, Apron of the Careful Chemist, Blight Kickers, Death's Will, Elixir of Agility, Elixir of Countless Eyes, Elixir of the Infernal Familiar, Elixir of Vicious Magic, Eye of Crystalized Venom, Fiery Maw Elixir, Forbearer's Grace, Gloves of Restrained Death, Harvester's Bindings, Headband of the Tainted Ouroboros, Healer's Aid, Miasmatic Mask, Periapt of Proof Against Paralysis, Reaper's Wisdom, Shroud of Venom, Spirit Rush, Steelsheen Elixir, Swarmform Elixir, Vest of Resonating Foritude, Wraith's Sight Elixir

Rogue Talents [5]

Accurate Poisoner (Ex), Lingering Poison (Ex), Signature Poison (Ex), Suppress Poison (Ex), Toxic Regurgitation (Ex)

Slayer Talents [2]

Focused Poison, Redirect Poison

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [8]

Antitoxin Touch, Clay Skin, Glimpse the Hidden, Identifier's Eye, Phase Step, Poisonous Cloud, Toxic Blood, Undeath Sense

Traits [10]

Alchemical Fence, Blood Potion Brewer, Liquid Healing, Necrotoxin Resistance, Palm Potion, Poison Connoisseur, Poisoned Blade Resistance, Resourceful Alchemy, Technological Brewmaster, Weed Resistance

Witch Hexes [5]

Gift of Consumption (Su), Greater Gift of Consumption (Su), Poison Touch (Ex), Restless Slumber (Su), Withering (Su)