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Psychic Anthology

Estimated Release Date: 2/8/2017
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Archetypes [10]

Autohypnotist (Mesmerist), Kinetic Knight (Kineticist), Material Manipulator (Mesmerist), Outer Channeler (Medium), Panoply Savant (Occultist), Phantom Blade (Spiritualist), Projectionist (Mesmerist), Totem Spiritualist (Spiritualist), Usher of Lost Souls (Spiritualist), Vexing Trickster (Mesmerist)

Corruptions [1]


Corruption Manifestations [8]

Ameliorate Damage (Psychometabolic), Defy Gravity (Psychometabolic), Endless Echoes (Psychometabolic), Eschew Gravity (Psychometabolic), Mind Blast (Psychometabolic), Psychometabolic Blast (Psychometabolic), Psychometabolic Jaunt (Psychometabolic), Psychometabolic Shield (Psychometabolic)

Feats [15]

Blinding Stare, Bouncing Trick, Confusing Stare, Contingent Trick, Elemental Knowledge, Elemental Overload, Kinetic Crafting, Kinetic Invocation, Metamagic Invocation, Penetrating Stare, Perturbing Stare, Reflexive Trick, Spell Trick, Split Trick, Swap Trick

Implement Focus Powers [12]

Counterstrike, False Confidence, Guardian Aura, Hypnotic Gaze, Martyr's Benediction, Metamagic Knowledge, Metamagic Master, Puppet Master, Rebuke Anathema, Shield Ally, Spell Power, Warrior's Resilience

Kineticist Wild Talents [31]

Absentia, Aether Architect, Blade Rush, Blade Whirlwind, Body of Air, Corpse Puppet, Cryokinetic Stasis, Curse Breaker, Detonation, Earth Tongue, Focused Blast, Foxfire, Foxfire Infusion, Green Tongue, Greater, Healing Burst, Herbal Antivenom, Living Capacitor, Maelstrom, Positive Admixture, Positive Blast, Slick Infusion, Spore Infusion, Synaptic Infusion, Telekinetic Boomerang, Tree Step, Tremor, Undead Grip, Verdant Blast, Weighing Infusion, Whip Hurricane, Wood Healer

Magic Items (Rings) [5]

Ring of Phrenic Prowess, Ring of Mysticism (Type I), Ring of Mysticism (Type II), Ring of Mysticism (Type III), Ring of Mysticism (Type IV)

Magic Items (Rods) [3]

Recondite Rod (greater), Recondite Rod (lesser), Recondite Rod (normal)

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [11]

Shard of Psychic Power (1st-level), Shard of Psychic Power (2nd-level), Shard of Psychic Power (3rd-level), Shard of Psychic Power (4th-level), Shard of Psychic Power (5th-level), Shard of Psychic Power (6th-level), Shard of Psychic Power (7th-level), Shard of Psychic Power (8th-level), Shard of Psychic Power (9th-level), Centering Jewel, Robe of the Overmind

Medium Spirits [9]

Aeon, Agathion, Angel, Archon, Azata, Daemon, Demon, Devil, Psychopomp

Occultist Implements [4]

Mage's Paraphernalia (Panoply), Performer's Accoutrements (Panoply), Saint's Holy Regalia (Panoply), Trappings of the Warrior (Panoply)

Phantom Emotional Foci [1]


Spells [16]

Aura of Distraction, Burst of Force, Debilitating Pain, Debilitating Pain, Mass, Glimpse of the Akashic, Reflexive Barrier, Rend Body I, Rend Body II, Rend Body III, Rend Body IV, Sensory Overload, Telekinetic Strikes, Thought Worm I, Thought Worm II, Thought Worm III, Thought Worm IV