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Villain Codex

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Alchemist Discoveries [2]

Incendiary Charge, Penetrating Charge

Archetypes [7]

Fortune-Teller (Bard), Hellcat (Monk), Hunting Serpent (Ninja), Mirror Witch (Witch), Seasoned Commander (Fighter), Vaultbreaker (Alchemist), Voice of the Void (Medium)

Barbarian Rage Powers [9]

Atavism Totem (Su), Atavism Totem, Greater (Su), Atavism Totem, Lesser (Su), Erratic Charge (Ex), Erratic Charge, Greater (Ex), Furious Barrage (Ex), Furious Draw, Savage Hurl (Ex), Two-Fanged Pounce

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Whip

Equipment (Misc.) [12]

Alchemical cleaner, Breathing tube, Caravan master's wagon, Guard's kit, Loaded shell game cups, Pallid suspension, Quick-pack table, Shoddy item, Smuggler's wagon, Sucker's barrel, Zip-line hook (masterwork), Zip-line hook (normal)

Equipment (Weapons) [5]

Cutlass, Dragoon Cartridge, Dragoon Musket, Dragoon Pistol, Hook hand

Feats [26]

Balor Whip, Coordinated Capture, Covering Fire (VC), Craft Shoddy Item, Cunning, Deadly Kiss, Favored Community, Greater Balor Whip, Improved Balor Whip, Improved Position of Strength, Musketeer's Daring, Musketeer's Dodge, Musketeer's Reposition, Musketeer's Sidestep, Nature's Wrath, Plague Resistance, Position of Strength, Protective Line, Quick Stow, Reap the Infirm, Terrifying Assassination, Twin Fang Lunge, Twin Fang Strike, Twin Fang Style, Two-Weapon Grace, Vishkanya Perfume

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Powerhouse Pelt

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

Sigils of the Great Cataclysm

Magic Items (Rings) [3]

Fool's Malady, Ring of Rulership, Society Ring

Magic Items (Rods) [2]

Aerialist's Rod, Rod of Burning Blood

Magic Items (Weapons) [11]

Balor's Lash, Cestus of Security, Cutlass of Waves, Darkness Arrow, Mage Shot (Acid), Mage Shot (Cold), Mage Shot (Electricity), Mage Shot (Fire), Reaper's Lantern, Sleeping Sap, Vine Arrow

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [42]

Animal Mask, Ankle Chains of Walking, Arrow of Latching, Badge of Authority, Battle Strider's Boots, Branding Iron of Tracking, Clandestine Voucher, Commander's Tent, Crate of Preservation, Devil's Spit, Diabolus Bell, Doorknobs of Peregrination, Erasing Book, Eyes of Embersight, Eyes of the Damned, Fungal Slippers, Gag of Silence, Ghungroos of Entrancement, Hat of the Seven Winds, Home Away, Hood's Flair, Hook of Ascension, Ivory Succubus, Moss Cloak, Mountebank's Megaphone, Necklace of Stolen Breath, Periapt of Devotion, Periapt of Utter Devotion, Pirate Lord's Patch, Plagueborn Mantle, Pliability Elixir, Quill of Verification, Slippers of Scampering, Smoke bomb of Forgetfulness, Satchel of Plentiful Feed (Type I), Satchel of Plentiful Feed (Type II), Satchel of Plentiful Feed (Type III), Satchel of Plentiful Feed (Type IV), Unbalanced Scales, Urgathoa's Breath, Vagrant's Hood, Vishkanya Periapt

Monster Templates [1]

Pallid Vector

Occult Rituals [6]

Atavistic Reversion, Blush of Youth, Cats and Mice, Enter the Inner Circle, Natural Reclamation, Unwavering Vigilance

Oracle Curses [1]

Toxic Blood

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Spells [26]

Amnesia, Appearance of Life, Greater, Beacon of Guilt, Burning Entanglement, Cloak of Shadows, Covetous Urge, Cursed Treasure, Dousing Rain, Escape Alarm, Fool's Gold (VC), Geomessage, Hide Bruises, Hobble, Hoodwink, Nature's Paths, Outbreak, Reinvigorating Wind, Resist Starvation, Rotgut, Sand Table, Shadow Claws, Shadow Jaunt, Steady Saddle, Virulent Miasma, Walk the Plank, Wicker Horse