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Cleric Spells

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F This spell has a focus component not normally included in a spell component pouch.
M This spell has a material component not normally included in a spell component pouch.
R Spell requires a requisite religion or race. If religion, spellcaster must worship the listed deity to utilize the spell. If race, the spell might only target members of the listed race (the spell will say this if it does), but often are just the race's guarded secrets. Members of other races can learn to cast them with GM permission.
T In order to prepare any of these spells, the caster must spend an hour performing a ritual in which he beseeches Torag (or a member of his family) for the aid of one of his divine family members. For 24 hours after the ritual, the caster may prepare spells of the requested deity. The caster may only attune himself to one additional deity at a time.
Y This spell has a Mythic version.


Bleed: Cause a stabilized creature to resume dying.
Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
Detect Fiendish Presence: As detect evil, except this specifically detects outsiders with the evil subtype and their servants.
Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or object.
Enhanced Diplomacy: Grant a +2 to diplomacy or intimidate to a single subject.
Grasp: Retry a Climb check as an immediate action
Guidance: +1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Mending: Makes minor repairs on an object.
Purify Food and Drink: Purifies 1 cu. ft./level of food or water.
Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Resistance: Subject gains +1 on saving throws.
Scrivener's Chant: Imbue a quill to rapidly transcribe words from one page to another.
Sign of the DawnflowerR: Transmit a hidden message that you are a worshipper of Sarenrae to the target.
Sotto Voce: Use your dry, rasping whisper to fill a creature with dread.
Spark: Ignites flammable objects.
Stabilize: Cause a dying creature to stabilize.
Vigor: Give someone a +1 bonus on their next melee damage roll.
Virtue: Subject gains 1 temporary hp.


Abadar's TruthtellingR: Force the target to speak the truth.
AbstemiousnessR: Enhance simple food to provide greater nutrition.
Abundant Ammunition: Replaces nonmagical ammunition every round.
Advanced ScurvyR: Force the target to contract an advanced form of scurvy.
Air Bubble: Creates a small pocket of air around your head or an object.
Alleviate Addiction: Ignore the effects of addictions.
Ant Haul: Triples carrying capacity of a creature.
Aspect of the NightingaleR: Your voice becomes clear and pleasant, like a nightingale.
Authenticating Gaze: Gain a bonus on Appraise/Linguistics checks related to books and scrolls, along with some magical detection abilities.
BaneY: Enemies take –1 on attack rolls and saves against fear.
Barbed Chains: Hellish chains attack and cause a target to become shaken
Bestow Planar Infusion I: Grant the target the effects of a planar infusion
Bleeding StrikeR: Enhance a weapon to deal bleed damage with its attack.
Blend with Surroundings: Change the appearance of a creature to better blend in with its surroundings.
BlessY: Allies gain +1 on attack rolls and saves against fear.
Bless WaterM: Makes holy water.
Blessed Fist: Target doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity with unarmed strikes.
Blessing of the WatchR: Functions as bless, except lasts for 1 hour/level but only in the caster’s home city.
Brightest Night: Grant improved low-light vision to several creatures
Burning Disarm: Make a metal item become red hot, forcing those holding it to drop it or risk searing their hand.
Carrion Compass: Animate the target undead’s organs to lead you to its most recent controller or cause of undeath.
Cause Fear: One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.
Celestial Healing: Grant fast healing 1 for 1 round/2 levels.
Ceremony: Harness divine power to create a ceremony.
Clarion Call: Make yourself heard over great distances.
Cloak of Secrets: Filter speech from a given area to sound like a different conversation.
CommandY: One subject obeys selected command for 1 round.
Compel Hostility: Compels opponents to attack you instead of your allies.
Comprehend Languages: You understand all languages.
Coward's Cowl: Enhance a target’s defensive instincts.
Cultural Adaptation: Adapt to fit the local cultural
Cultural Adaptation (Taldan): Better impersonate the member of a specific culture.
Cure Light WoundsY: Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max +5).
Curse WaterM: Makes unholy water.
Dancing Lantern: Animates a lantern that follows you.
Deadeye's Lore: Gain a +4 bonus on Survival and move full speed while tracking.
Deathwatch: Reveals how near death subjects within 30 ft. are.
Decompose Corpse: Turn a corpse into a clean skeleton.
Desperate Weapon: Create an improvised weapon.
Detect Chaos: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Charm: Detect charm, compulsion, and possession effects in the area
Detect Demon: Sense the presence of demons, their servants, and the Abyss.
Detect Evil: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Good: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Law: Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.
Detect Radiation: Detect radiation in the surrounding area.
Detect the Faithful: Find others of the same faith.
Detect Undead: Reveals undead within 60 ft.
Diagnose Disease: Detect and identify diseases.
Divine FavorY: You gain +1 per three levels on attack and damage rolls.
Doom: One subject takes –2 on attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, and checks.
Dream FeastR: Feed someone while they sleep.
Ears of the City: The target of this spell sees and hears a stream of past scenes and pieces of conversations related to local people and events.
Egorian Diplomacy: Coerce a target, cloud its memory of the encounter
Endure ElementsY: Exist comfortably in hot or cold regions.
Enhance WaterR: Transform water into an alcoholic beverage.
Entropic ShieldY: Ranged attacks against you have 20% miss chance.
Face of the DevourerR: Horribly mutate the target’s face, disfiguring it while granting it a natural attack.
FairnessR: Force humanoid creatures to trade fairly with each other.
Fallback StrategyR: Gain a free re-roll while this spell is active.
Fastidiousness: Keep yourself and your equipment clean and dry
Ferment: Affected liquid becomes alcoholic
FirebellyR: Breathe fire and become resistant to it.
Forbid Action: Target obeys command to not do something.
Funereal Weapon: Targeted weapon bypasses some DR of undead creatures
Gorum's ArmorY: Make a suit of armor or shield erupt in thousands of spikes, causing damage to natural attacks against you.
Grasping CorpseM: Cause a corpse to grab or trip a foe
Guardian Armor: Teleport your armor onto an ally in range
Hairline FracturesR: Create hairline fractures in earth and stone.
Haze of DreamsR: Fill an enemy’s head with waking dreams, slowing it down.
Hedging Weapons: Floating weapons protect you and make ranged attacks
Hidden Spring: Discover a temporary spring of fresh, flowing water
Hide from Undead: Undead can't perceive one subject/level.
Ice ArmorR: Create a thick suit of ice armor.
Infernal Healing: Give someone fast healing 1 for a minute, at the cost of a temporary evil alignment.
Inflict Light WoundsY: Touch deals 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).
Instant Clot: Touched creature doesn't bleed
Instant Portrait: Create a portrait of a creature on the touched surface
IronbeardR: Create a brushy beard of stiff iron to use as defense and a weapon.
Ironbloom SproutsFMR: Transform mushrooms into magical ironbloom mushrooms.
Karmic BlessingR: Target treats one skill of your choice as a class skill.
Keyhole: Create a keyhole in any door or enlarge an existing keyhole
Know the EnemyY: Gain +10 on a monster Knowledge check.
Kreighton's Perusal: Gain a brief understanding from a book as if you had read it for 1 hour.
Liberating Command: Target makes an Escape Artist check as an immediate action and gains a bonus on it.
Lighten ObjectR: Decrease the target’s weight by half or reduce the armor check penalty of armor.
Lucky Number: Tweak tiny variables in a creature’s immediate future.
Magic Stone: Three stones gain +1 on attack, deal 1d6 +1 damage.
Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.
Marid's MasteryR: Target gains bonus to attack/damage when combat is in water, penalty if on land.
Mighty Fist of the EarthRY: Fling a fist-sized rock at your opponent, this rock can channel your ki.
Mirror Mantis: Creature sees an looming assassin whenever they see their reflection in a mirror
Moment of Greatness: Doubles a morale bonus.
Murderous CommandY: Target is compelled to kill its ally.
Murderous CrowR: Conjure a supernaturally vicious and clever crow to watch over you.
Obscure PoisonM: Make it harder to detect a poison or venomous creature.
Obscuring MistY: Fog surrounds you.
Opportunistic Loyalty: Temporarily act as an ally to benefit from other creatures’ spells.
Peace Bond: Create a glowing rune of peace to protect targets from your own magic.
Peasant ArmamentsR: Transform improvised weapons into actual weapons.
Pesh VigorM: Increase target’s strength with consumption of pesh.
Pick Your PoisonR: Temporarily convert a deadly poison into intoxicating alcohol.
Pierce Facade: Gain a +5 insight bonus to Perception to see through disguises
Planar Orientation: Locate places of power on your current plane
Poisoned EggR: Transform a single egg into a dose of poison.
Positive Pulse: Energy harms undead or bolsters the living
Preserve: Prevent objects from rotting and spoiling
Protection from ChaosY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Protection from EvilY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Protection from GoodY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Protection from LawY: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against selected alignment.
Ray of Sickening: Ray makes subject sickened.
Read WeatherFR: Forecast the weather for the next 48 hours.
Recharge Innate MagicR: Regain a use of all 0-level and 1st-level spell-like abilities.
Refine Improvised Weapon: Transform improvised weapon into a masterwork simple or martial weapon.
Reinforce Armaments: Temporarily mitigates the fragile quality in targeted weapon or armor.
Remove Fear: Suppresses fear or gives +4 on saves against fear for one subject + one per four levels.
Remove Sickness: Suppress disease, nausea, and the sickened condition.
Resist Starvation: Last longer without food
Restore Corpse: Skeletal corpse grows flesh.
Rite of Bodily PurityM: +2 to saves vs diseases, drugs, and poison for 24 hours, discharge to reroll a failed save vs a disease, drug, or poison
Rite of Centered MindM: +1 to saves vs mind-affecting effects for 24 hours, discharge to reroll a failed save vs a mind-affecting effect.
Rune TraceM: Learn information about a magical rune without triggering it
Sanctify Corpse: Prevent a corpse from becoming an undead.
SanctuaryY: Opponents can't attack you, and you can't attack.
Scarify: Convert some lethal damage to nonlethal damage, causing massive scarring
Shadow Trap: Pin someone’s target, causing them to become stuck.
Shield of FaithY: Aura grants +2 or higher deflection bonus.
Shield Speech: Speak freely to one creature within 10 feet without being overheard.
Shield the Banner: Protect your tribe's banner with a sanctuary-like effect.
Skim: Read four times faster than normal
Songbird: Conjure music from a good-aligned plane
Speak Local Language: Target gains the ability to speak and understand a regional human language.
Speechreader's Sight: Read lips from a distance
Spirit Share: Grant beneficial liquids with a touch
Starsight: Observe the night sky as if it were a clear and unobstructed night.
Stone ShieldR: Summon a thick stone slab from the ground to shield you from attacks.
Strand of the Tangled Knot: Next attack against you takes -10 penalty
Stunning Barrier: Magical field grants a +1 bonus to AC and on saves, and stuns one creature attacking you.
Summon Minor Monster: Summon 1d3 Tiny animals.
Summon Monster 1: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Sun MetalY: Weapon touched bursts into flames.
Sure Casting: Treat your CL as 5 higher for the purposes of bypassing SR with the next spell you cast
Suspend Drowning: Targets temporarily stop drowning
Swallow Your FearR: Increase creatures' combat effectiveness when they under a fear effect.
Tap Inner BeautyR: Grant yourself a +2 insight bonus to Charisma-related checks.
Theft WardRY: Gain a +10 Perception bonus to notice someone trying to take a specific object from you.
Touch of Blindness: Coat a creature’s eyes in darkness, blinding them.
Touch of BloodlettingR: Cause any wounds the target has to bleed profusely.
Tracking MarkR: Gain a supernatural ability to detect tracks and other clues.
True Appraisal: Gain a +5 competence bonus on Appraisal checks and never be wildly inaccurate
Unbreakable Heart: Give a +4 bonus on saves against effects which rely on negative emotions.
Unhallowed Blows: One natural weapon or unarmed strike of subject undead gets +1 on attack and damage rolls
Unwelcome HaloR: Force a halo around a target, preventing it from hiding in the dark.
Watchful EyeFRT: As shield other, but with a shorter duration and the requirement that you must maintain line of effect with whom you are linked to.
Waterproof: Target becomes waterproof for the spells duration
Weapons Against EvilR: Enhance weapons with pale light that allow them to bypass minor DR of evil creatures.
Weaponwand: Merge a wand with your weapon, allowing you to wield the wand at the same time you use your weapon.
Winter FeathersR: Protect a feathered creature from the cold for a day.


AbeyanceM: Suppress the effects of a single curse.
Aboleth's LungR: Allow the target to breathe water at the cost of no longer being able to breathe air.
Admonishing Ray: Fire multiple rays that deal nonlethal force.
Aid: +1 on attack rolls and saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hp +1/level (max +10).
Air Step: Tread unsteadily on air, with limitations.
Alchemical TinkeringR: Transform an alchemical item or firearm into another similar item.
Align Weapon: Weapon becomes good, evil, lawful, or chaotic.
Ally Across Time: Summon a duplicate of yourself from a parallel world to aid another
Alter Summoned Monster: Swap one summoned creature with another.
Amplify Stench: Amplify your natural stench ability.
Ancestral Communion: Contact the spirits of your ancestors to bolster your own knowledge.
Ancestral RegressionR: Conceal a drow’s appearance with that of a surface elf.
Angelic Aspect, Lesser: Gain some minor aspects of angelic creatures.
Animate Dead, LesserM: Create one skeleton or zombie.
Ant Haul, Communal: As ant haul, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Arrow of Law: Harm and possibly daze chaotic creatures.
Ashen Path: Allow one or more creatures to ignore airborne effects and see through magical smoke and fog
AuguryMF: Learns whether an action will be good or bad.
Bear's Endurance: Subject gains +4 to Con for 1 min./level.
Beloved of the Forge: Gain an innate sense of the direction to your home or last-used crafting area.
Bestow Weapon Proficiency: Grants a creature proficiency in a single weapon for short period of time.
Blessing of Courage and Life: Grants a +2 bonus on saves vs. fear and death.
Blessing of Luck and ResolveR: Increase resistance against fear.
Blinding RayRY: Fire blinding rays of sunlight to blind enemies and damage those with sensitivity to light.
Blood BlazeR: Ignite the blood of those who come near you.
Blood in the Water: Enhance those with a blood frenzy.
Blood of the Martyr: Cause someone to bleed from every orifice; drinking this blood will heal your wounds.
Bloodbath: Cause yourself and enemies to bleed.
Bloody Tears and Jagged SmileR: Become more intimidating with black eyes that weep blood and turn your teeth into jagged fangs.
Boiling BloodY: Targets take fire damage; orcs get +2 Strength.
Bone Fists: Gain armor spikes which provide +1 natural armor and a +2 damage with natural weapons.
Boneshaker: Momentarily control a living or undead creature's skeleton.
Book Ward: Protect a book from fire, acid, and water.
Brittle PortalR: Reduce the hardness of objects within the area.
Build Trust: Gain various bonuses when interacting with the target.
Bull's Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.
Burst of Radiance: Fill the area with a blinding light.
Calm Emotions: Calms creatures, negating emotion effects.
Calm Spirit: Postpone hostile action by a haunt or incorporeal undead.
Cleromancy: Use rolled dice to grant luck bonuses to future spells.
Cloud of SeasicknessR: Create a sickening cloud that mimics the effects of seasickness.
Compassionate Ally: Target is compelled to help injured ally.
Compel Tongue: As share language, but target can only speak and write in the language imparted.
Conditional Favor: Provide another spell whose effects reverse if the target breaks a restriction.
ConsecrateMY: Fills area with positive energy, weakening undead.
Contact Entity I: Ask eldritch entities to find and converse with you
Cure Moderate WoundsY: Cures 2d8 damage + 1/level (max +10).
Curse ItemR: Curse an object to make it flawed and prone to failure.
Curse Terrain, LesserM: Curse an area with three mild hazards
Dark Whispers: Whisper through the shadows.
DarknessY: 20-ft. radius of supernatural shadow.
Deadeye's ArrowR: Create an arrow of crackling electricity to harm your enemies or alert your allies.
Death CandleR: Create a howling fire elemental from the remains of the target’s life energy.
Death KnellY: Kills dying creature; you gain 1d8 temporary hp, +2 to Str, and +1 caster level.
Deathwine: Turn a potion into a pool of necromantic energy.
Defending BoneR: Animate a bone to float near you and block physical attacks.
Delay DiseaseR: Grant the target temporary immunity to disease.
Delay Pain: Ignore pain for 1 hour/level.
Delay Poison: Stops poison from harming target for 1 hour/level.
DesecrateMY: Fills area with negative energy, making undead stronger.
Detect Magic, Greater: As detect magic, but learn more information.
Detect Relations: Detect whether or not creatures are related by blood.
Diminish Resistance: Weaken a creature's resistance to one type of energy
Disfiguring TouchY: Target becomes disfigured.
Display Aversion: Create an illusion to repulse a vampire.
Dread Bolt: Harm and possibly sicken good creatures.
Dress Corpse: Doctor the evidence on a corpse.
Drunkard's BreathR: Spew a noxious cloud in a 30 ft. cone.
Dwarven VeilRT: Enhance a target's dwarf-like qualities, giving it a +2 bonus to influence dwarves.
Eagle's Splendor: Subject gains +4 to Cha for 1 min./level.
Early JudgmentR: Show a creature the reward or punishment that awaits it after death.
Effortless Armor: Armor you wear no longer slows your speed.
Enchantment Sight: See enchantment spells active on creatures
Endure Elements, Communal: As endure elements, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Enemy's HeartR: Absorb an enemy’s power by eating it’s heart.
Enthrall: Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.
Eroding Ray: ranged touch attack deals 2d6 to construct or object, +1 ray/four levels (max 3)
Fear the Sun: Impose light blindness on your enemies.
Find Traps: Notice traps as a rogue does.
First World RevisionsR: As ancestral regression but for disguising a wayang as a gnome.
Flickering Lights: Create an area of inconsistent lighting.
Gentle Repose: Preserves one corpse.
Ghost Whip: Create a ghost touch whip that passes through objects.
Ghostbane Dirge: Incorporeal creature takes half damage from nonmagical weapons.
Ghoul HungerR: Awaken an unnatural hunger in the target, causing it to seek out humanoid flesh.
Gird Ally: Grant your summoned creatures a deflection bonus to their AC.
Gozreh's TridentR: Create a forked trident of electricity.
Grace: Movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity.
GroundswellR: Raise the ground up underneath you.
Halfling Vengeance: Grant a Small creature the ability to make debilitating blows with daggers and slings
Hanspur's Flotsam Vessel: Assemble a sturdy raft and oars from driftwood, reeds, and other river debris.
Healing Token: Imbued holy symbol serves as a conduit for healing magic
Heroic FortuneFM: Grant a temporary hero point.
Hold Fey: As hold person, but targets fey
Hold Person: Paralyzes one humanoid for 1 round/level.
Holy Ice WeaponM: Create a masterwork weapon made of frozen holy water.
Imbue with Aura: Target emulates your cleric aura.
Imbue with Elemental Might: As imbue with spell ability, except you transfer your elemental assault ability to the target.
Inflict Moderate WoundsY: Touch attack, 2d8 damage + 1/level (max +10).
Influence Wild Magic: Stabilize an area of primal magic
Inheritor's SmiteR: Gain a bonus on your next attack; if it hits, attempt a free bull rush.
Inner Focus: Ignore divine focus components of your spells.
Instant Armor: Summon armor temporarily replacing your current attire.
Instant Weapon: Summon a melee weapon to wield.
Instrument of Agony: Weapon exudes divine fury, granting a bonus on Intimidate checks.
Intensify Psyche: Amplify the targets emotions
Invigorating Poison: Transform the negative effects of a poison into positive ones.
Ironskin: Harden your skin into iron.
Know Peerage: Target uses your Knowledge (nobility) ranks.
Lay of the Land: Instantly learn about the geography of the surrounding area.
Lead Plating: Enclose the target in a thin sheath of lead.
Life ChannelR: Allow those with affinity to negative energy to gain healing from positive energy.
Life Pact: Affected creatures automatically donate hp to stabilize fallen ally.
Light PrisonR: Surround a creature with a light prison, damaging and blinding it if it attempts to escape.
Locate Portal: Detect portals within range
Magic Boulder: As magic stone, but with boulders.
Magic Siege Engine: Siege gains +1 on targeting and damage rolls.
Make WholeY: Repairs an object.
Marching Chant: Allies can hustle without penalty while you sing or chant.
Martyr's Bargain: Delay the effects of damage dealt to you.
Masterwork Transformation: Make a normal item into a masterwork one.
Mortal Terror: Frighten creature with an existential crisis
Muffle Sound: Allies gain a bonus on Stealth checks but risk verbal spell failure.
Necromantic Burden: Make undead more difficult to control.
Necrostasis: Stagger an undead creature
Night Blindness: Impair target’s vision as if it were darker.
Outbreak: Diseased creatures in the area become extremely contagious
Overstimulate: Target creature gains the ferocity ability
Owl's Wisdom: Subject gains +4 to Wis for 1 min./level.
Page-Bound Epiphany: Fill an empty book with knowledge on a topic from around the world.
Path of Glory: Create an expanding glow that heals allies within it of 1 hp of damage.
Peacemaker's ParleyRT: Quickly manipulate unfriendly or hostile creatures with diplomacy.
Pilfering Hand: You may seize an object or manipulate it from afar.
Planetarium: Project a current image of the nighty sky in places you would normally be unable to view it.
Preserve GraceF: Grant a creature the guidence of a phylactery of faithfulness
Protection from Chaos, Communal: As protection from chaos, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Evil, Communal: As protection from evil, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Good, Communal: As protection from good, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Law, Communal: As protection from law, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Protection from Outsiders: Ward a creature against attacks from outsides with a specific racial subtype, more powerful than protection from evil or similar spells.
Protection from Spores: Bolster a creature’s body against the harmful effects of spore and fungus.
Protection from Technology: +2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against technology.
Protective Penumbra: Shadow protects the target from light.
Radiation Ward: Protect a creature against radiation
Recentering Drone: Emit a calming drone so targets under the effect of negative conditions can suffer a lesser version of them instead.
Reinforce Armaments, Communal: As reinforce armaments, but you may divide the spell's duration among objects touched.
Remove Paralysis: Frees creatures from paralysis or slow effect.
Resist EnergyY: Ignores 10 (or more) points of damage/attack from specified energy type.
Restful Cloak: Enchanted cloak functions as a tent
Restoration, Lesser: Dispels magical ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage.
Returning Weapon: Grants a weapon the returning special weapon quality.
Reveal True ShapeM: Reveal the true form of a magically disguised/transformed creature.
Revealing Light: As light, but hampers Stealth checks
Rock Whip: Create a whip that passes through unworked stone
Rotgut: Turn water into cheap alcohol
Rovagug's FuryR: Create a minor earthquake to trip creatures.
Sacred SpaceR: Sanctify an area with holy power.
Savage MawR: Transform your mouth into a ferocious maw, gain a bestial roar to demoralize your enemies.
Secret SpeechR: Send secret messages to others within normal speech.
Semblance of FleshR: Disguise a construct as a creature of flesh.
Sense Fear: Perceive nearby creatures that are experiencing fear
Sense Madness: Determine mental disturbances in nearby creatures
Sentry SkullMR: Create a grisly sentinel from the severed head of a humanoid or monstrous humanoid.
Shackle: Summon manacles onto a target creature
Shard of Chaos: Harm and possibly slow lawful creatures.
Share Language: Subject understands chosen language.
Shared SacrificeR: Create a link to the target and direct pain and damage through it.
ShatterY: Sonic vibration damages objects or crystalline creatures.
Shield of Fortification: Target gains a 25% chance to treat critical hits and sneak attacks as normal hits.
Shield Of Shards: Turn your shield into a storm of shards that attack adjacent creatures
Shield OtherFY: You take half of subject's damage.
SilenceY: Negates sound in 20-ft. radius.
Silent Table: Give yourself privacy by muffling sound leaving the area.
Snow Shape (Ulfen): Form snow into any shape you wish, including hard ice weapons.
Solidify Earth: Harden earth and stone, impeding burrowing creatures
Soothing Word: Lessen the severity of a target’s conditions.
Sound Burst: Deals 1d8 sonic damage and may stun subjects.
Spear of Purity: Harm and possibly blind evil creatures.
Spell GaugeR: Discover some spells the target has prepared.
Spindrift Spritz: Target can roll twice and take the better result when making a saving throw against gaining minor conditions
Spiral Descent: Teleport straight downwards
Spiritual Squire: Create an ally out of force to assist you in combat
Spiritual WeaponY: Magic weapon attacks on its own.
Stabilize Pressure: Target immediately adjusts to the surrounding pressure
Staggering Fall: Make a falling creature hit the ground harder.
Stalwart Resolve: Ignore the effects of ability damage and penalties to one score.
Status: Monitors condition, position of allies.
Stave Off Corruption: Protect against a corruption's progression.
Stoke the Inner FireR: Increase the natural heat of your body, transferring it to weapons and armor.
Stone Throwing: Grant the subject the rock throwing and rock catching abilities.
Storm Sight: Spread your senses through a storm, learning about other creatures affected by the weather
Summon Cacodaemon: Summon a cacodaemon.
Summon Monster 2: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Sun's Disdain: Curse a creature, giving it light blindness and making it susceptible to light spells
Suppress Charms and Compulsions: Either grant a bonus to saves against, or suppress, charm and compulsion spells
Surmount AfflictionY: Temporarily suppress one condition.
Sympathetic WoundsMR: Force half of the damage you take onto another creature.
Tears to Wine: Turn nonmagic liquids into special mead or wine, enhancing the intelligence and wisdom of those who drink.
Touch of Mercy: Change the damage a creature can deal from lethal to nonlethal.
Track Ship: Use a piece of a ship to track it on a nautical chart.
Trail of the RoseR: Cause a rose to leave a scented trail along your path as you move.
Transmute Wine to Blood: Transform a bottle of fine wine into a pint of animal blood.
Twisted Futures: Prevent creatures from taking advantage of "roll twice, take better" abiltiies.
Undeath Sense: As per detect undead, but affecting a creature you touch
Undetectable Alignment: Conceals alignment for 24 hours.
Unholy Ice WeaponM: Create a masterwork weapon made of frozen unholy water.
Unliving Rage: As rage, except affecting only undead.
Urgathoa's Beacon: Cause creatures to attract the attention of undead
Vexing Miscalculation: Prevent the target from scoring critical hits.
Violent Accident: Curse a target to have a lethal accident in the near future
Visualization of the BodyM: Gain a +5 bonus on checks with one physical ability score for 24 hours, discharge for a one-time physical boost
Visualization of the MindM: Gain a +5 bonus on checks with one mental ability score for 24 hours, discharge for a one-time mental boost
Water Walk, Communal: As water walk, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Weapon of Awe: Weapon gets +2 on damage rolls.
Web Shelter: Create a comfortable shelter made of webbing.
Whispering LoreR: Gain a bonus to Knowledge based on the terrain you are in.
Zone of Truth: Subjects within range cannot lie.


Accept Affliction: Transfer the effects of afflictions from someone else to yourself.
Aggravate Affliction: Force ongoing afflictions to trigger.
Agonize: Pain encourages an outsider to obey you.
Agonizing RebukeR: Force your attacker to suffer mental pain when harming you.
Air Breathing: Allow creatures to breathe air.
Align Weapon, Communal: As align weapon, but you can divide the duration among weapons touched.
Animate DeadMY: Creates undead skeletons and zombies.
Appearance of Life: Undead appear to be alive
Archon's Aura: Aura penalizes enemy attacks and AC.
Aura of Cannibalism: Sap the strength of those around you.
Aura of Inviolate Ownership: Ward your attended items against theft.
Aura Sight: Alignment auras become visible to you.
Badger's Ferocity: Weapons are keen while you concentrate.
Beacon of LuckR: Send out a burst of luck to allies around you.
Bestow Curse: –6 to an ability score; –4 on attack rolls, saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action.
Bestow InsightR: Grant the target a bonus on a skill check and consider them trained.
Black Sword of WarR: Enchant a weapon to deal extra bleed damage.
Bleed Glory: Increase the cost to use mythic power.
Blessing of the Mole: 1 ally/level gains darkvision and a +2 Stealth bonus.
Blindness/DeafnessY: Makes subject blinded or deafened.
Blood Biography: Learn about a creature with its blood.
Blood Rage: Inspire a number of creatures into a rage, increaing their strength but lowering their AC.
Blood ScentR: Magnify the target’s ability to smell the presence of blood.
Blot: Destroy all writing within an area.
Bone Flense: Cause a target's bones to erupt in sharp, jagged spurs, inflicting bleed and sickened
Calculated Luck: Use the Path of Numbers to boost your combat preparedness.
Catatonia: Make a willing target appear to be dead.
Chain of Perdition: Creates a floating chain of force.
Champion's BoutR: Prevent others from interfering in a duel.
Channel the GiftR: Fuel a target’s spellcasting, spontaneously cast spells without expending the slot.
Channel VigorR: Focus your energy into a specific part of your body, giving you various enhancements.
Charitable Impulse: Compel a creature to aid others rather than use violence.
Collaborative Thaumaturgy: Apply a metamagic property to an ally’s spell.
Contact Entity II: Ask more powerful entities to find and converse with you
Contact High: Duplicate a drug’s effects on others.
ContagionY: Infects subject with chosen disease.
Contagious Zeal: Grant bonuses and temporary hit points that spread from creature to creature.
Contest of Skill: Cause two creatures to automatically fail to confirm critical hits
Continual FlameM: Makes a permanent, heatless light.
Control Vermin: Control a number of vermin for you and your allies to ride.
Create Food and Water: Feeds three humans (or one horse)/level.
Create Soul GemF: Draw a recently dead creature's soul into a gem.
Curative DistillationM: Enhance an healing remady
Cure Serious WoundsY: Cures 3d8 damage + 1/level (max +15).
Curse of Befouled FortuneR: Target can't gain the benefit of any luck ability.
Cursed Treasure: Target object curses the next creature to touch it
Daggermark's Exchange: Transmute one poison into another of equal or lesser value
Damnation: Punish creatures for evil spells they know or that affect them
Dark-Light: Create a dazzling light that only affects those without light sensitivity.
Daybreak ArrowY: Targeted ammunition exudes radiant energy.
DaylightY: 60-ft. radius of bright light.
Deadly Juggernaut: Your might increases with every kill you make.
Deeper Darkness: Object sheds supernatural shadow in 60-ft. radius.
Delay Poison, Communal: As delay poison, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Detect Anxieties: Learn what makes a creautre anxious.
Detect Desires: Learn what a creatures desire.
Detoxify: Remove a creature's ability to poison others
Discharge: Dissipate the charges from a technical object or hamper a creature with the robot subtype.
Discovery Torch: Object touched emanates bright light, granting Perception and Sense Motive bonuses.
Dispel MagicY: Cancels one magical spell or effect.
Disrupt Silence: Disrupt all silence effects in an area.
Draconic Malice: Cause living creatures to lose their immunity to fear or mind-affecting effects vs your spells.
Dragon Turtle Shell: Treat the natural attack damage of a creature attacking you as five sizes smaller.
Drain Poison: Drain a creature’s poison and apply it to your weapon.
Elemental Speech: Enables you to speak to elementals and some creatures.
Enter Image: Transfers your consciousness to an object bearing your likeness.
Fair is Foul: Curse someone with a disfiguring or painful mutation.
False AlibiMR: Modify the target’s memory in a specific way.
Final Sacrifice: Cause a summoned creature to explode.
Flesh PuppetM: Control a zombie in human guise.
Forced Mutation: Warp a creature's flesh, inflicting deformaties and penalties to Constitution and Charisma
Fortune's PathMF: Gain a glimpse of the future
Fractions of Heal and HarmR: Heal yourself with the next spell that also deals damage.
Free Spirit: Gain the effects of freedom of movement, but also become drunk
Free Swim: As freedom of movement, but only allowing a creature to move freely underwater
FrosthammerR: Hurl a warhammer of magically hardened ice at your target.
Glyph of WardingMY: Inscription harms those who pass it.
Guarding Knowledge: Gain a +4 insight bonus on saving throws vs a creature's abilitiy you have identified with a Knowledge check
Guiding Star: Know approximate distance from where you cast this spell.
Healing Leak: Touched target only gains and grants half the benefits from magical healing
Helping Hand: Ghostly hand leads subject to you.
Hide from Undead, Greater: As per hide from undead, but doesn't automatically end due to combat actions
Holy Javelin: Deal ongoing damage to evil creatures and apply penalties
Homeward Bound: Return a creature to its home plane
Horrifying Visage: Cause creatures to gain a phobia
Hydrophobia: Make targets become deathly afraid of water.
Infernal Challenger: Summon a bearded devil to preform a Hellknight initiation
Inflict Serious WoundsY: Touch attack, 3d8 damage + 1/level (max +15).
Invisibility Purge: Dispels invisibility within 5 ft./level.
Iron Stake: Hurl a spike of cold iron at a foe
Irradiate: Flood an area with dangerous radiation.
Irregular Size: Creature's limb shrivels
Kalistocrat's Nightmare: Any coin a creature touches turns into a copper piece
Ki Leech: Add to your ki pool when you critically hit.
Life Current: Infuse a current with positive energy, healing all living creatures within
Life Shield: Ward yourself with positive energy so any attacking undead take damage.
Light of Iomedae: Illuminate all undead creatures in the area and make them more vulnerable to positive energy.
Lightning Lash: Create a cackling lash of unholy lightning.
Lissalan Snake SigilMR: As sepia snake sigil, except using the Thassilonian schools of magic.
Locate Object: Senses direction toward object (specific or type).
Lover's VengeanceM: Inspire yourself or a lover into a rage against someone who wronged you.
Magic Circle against Chaos: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic Circle against Evil: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic Circle against Good: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic Circle against Law: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic VestmentY: Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels.
Mantle of Calm: Neutralize the rage effects of those who have attacked you.
Mark of Buoyancy: Make a touched object weightless
Mark of Obvious Ethics: Other creatures can determine the target’s alignment.
Martyr's Last BlessingR: Burst with healing energy when you are dying or killed.
Mathematical Curse: Use the Path of Numbers to place a mathematical curse on someone.
Meld into Stone: You and your gear merge with stone.
Mind Maze: Target must act as though they are wandering through a maze.
Minor Reversion: Store a replica of yourself in the Akashic Record, end the spell when injured to be healed 1d8+1/level
Monstrous ExtremitiesR: Mutate an extremity of the creature touched.
Moonrise Arrow: Imbue ammunition with damaging silver light
Nap StackM: Subjects only need 2 hours for a night's sleep, and can sleep even longer for more benefits.
Numerological Resistance: Use the Path of Numbers to grant your allies resilience in the face of elemental dangers.
Oath of JusticeRT: Seal an oath between two creatures.
Obscure Object: Masks object against scrying.
Paragon SurgeR: +2 enhancement to Dexterity and Intelligence, gain use of any one feat.
Planar InquiryM: Call an outsider to answer questions
Planned AssaultRT: Increase the effectiveness of actions planned in advance.
Plant Voice: Grant a plant creature the ability to speak, hear, and understand you.
PrayerY: Allies get +1 bonus on most rolls, enemies –1 penalty.
Pressure Adaptation: Target acclimates to pressure changes more quickly
Project WeaknessR: Curse the target with the weaknesses of your vampirism.
Protection from Energy: Absorb 12 points/level of damage from one kind of energy.
Qlippoth Appearance: Assault the mind of your enemies with your hideous face
Raging RubbleR: Animate an area of rocks to create a dangerous, rolling area of debris.
Reaper's Coterie: Target weapon gains bonus damage for defeating enemies.
RechargeM: Restore charges to a technological item.
Remove Blindness/Deafness: Cures normal or magical blindness or deafness.
Remove Curse: Frees object or person from curse.
Remove Disease: Cures all diseases affecting subject.
Resist Energy, Communal: As resist energy, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Restore Mythic Power: Transfer some of your mythic essence to another creature.
Returning Weapon, Communal: As returning weapon, but you may divide the duration among weapons touched.
Reveal Mirage: Discern illusory terrain from range.
Revelation: Gain great insight into the inner workings of a puzzle, device, or trap.
Righteous Condemnation: Chaotic, neutral, or evil spellcasters who target you with a spell take a -4 penalty to Intelligence-, Wisdom-, and Charisma-based skill checks
Riversight: See events transpiring along a natural watercourse you touch.
Sacred BondFY: Cast touch healing spells from a distance.
SadomasochismR: Take more damage from opponents, but force them to become demoralized.
Sand Whirlwind: Create a whirling cloud of sand around someone, making it harder for them to speak.
Sands of TimeY: Target temporarily ages.
Screaming Flames: Send forth a wave a flames screaming with the agony of the damned
Searing LightY: Ray deals 1d8/two levels damage (more against undead).
Sebaceous TwinR: Extract a half-formed parasitic clone from the target, causing it to siphon blood and distract its host.
Second Wind: Heal a small amount of hit points, only usable at less than 1/4 hp
See BeyondM: +5 Perception (+10 vs ethereal or invisible) for 24 hours, discharge to temporarily gain x-ray vision
Severed Fate: Prevent the target from using hero points.
Shadowmind: Force a target to see more darkness around them.
Share Glory: Imbue targets with a fraction of your mythic nature.
Share Language, Communal: As share language, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Shared Training: Share your teamwork feats with allies
Sharesister: Take a negative level to grant another creature of the same gender a bonus on their casting ability.
Shield of Darkness: Shield yourself with darkness, granting yourself total concealment.
Shield of WingsR: Five burning wings grant you flight and protect you from fire.
Silverlight: Create a bright silver light that is harmful to those vulnerable to silver.
Skeleton Crew: Turn corpses into obedient skeleton crew.
Sky SwimR: Allow the target to swim through the air.
Skyshroud: Unobstructed view of the sky from underground
Slave to Sin: Draw out a creatures inner sin
Soul Vault: Protect your soul from harmful effects after death
Speak with Dead: Corpse answers one question/two levels.
Spellcurse: Target takes 1d6 damage for each spell affecting it
Spiral Ascent: Teleport straight upwards
Spirit BondsM: Gain a bond with 1 creature/3 levels for 24 hours. End bond to send a message as Sending
Spotlight: Create a mobile area of bright light while also suppressing light surrounding it.
Steal Years: Temporarily steal youth and vitality from the target.
Stone ShapeY: Sculpts stone into any shape.
Storm of Blades: Create swords and propel them towards your target.
Stunning Barrier, Greater: Magical field grants a +2 bonus to AC and on saves, and stuns multiple creatures attacking you.
Summon Ancestral Guardian: Conjure your ancestors' spirits to help you in combat.
Summon Monster 3: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Summon Totem Creature (Shoanti): Summon animals sacred to your tribe.
Symbol of ExsanguinationM: Triggered rune causes nearby creatures to bleed.
Symbol of HealingM: Triggered rune heals living creatures.
Tactical FormationRT: Grant targets a bonus to AC so long as they remain in formation.
Teratoid Caress: Imbue a creature with disfiguring abyssal energy, harming them when they use celestial or healing magic
Titanic Anchoring: Become grounded and nearly immovable.
Toxic Blood: Turn your blood into venom, poisoning creatures that wound you
Transfer Regeneration: Bestow your regeneration on your allies.
Trial by Fire: Test a creature's purity of convictions by exposing it to a sheet of divine fire.
Trial of Fire and Acid: Cover the target creature in burning acid.
Unhallowed Blows, Greater: As per unhallowed blows, but a +1 bonus per 4 caster levels
Unlife Current: Infuse a current with negative energy, damaging all living creatures within
Unravel Destiny: Creature takes a penalty to rolls based on number of hero points possessed.
Unspoken Name: Learn when a nearby creature refers to you with a particular name or title
Vampiric Hunger: Grant a target the fangs and hunger of a vampire.
Vision of Hell: Illusory hellscape makes creatures shaken.
Voluminous Vocabulary: Grant ability to speak, read, and write one or more languages for 8 hours.
Wall of Split Illumination: Create a wall of illumination, darkness on one side, light on the other.
Water Breathing: Subjects can breathe underwater.
Water Walk: Subject treads on water as if solid.
Waters of LamashtuMY: Create a poison which looks like clean and pure water.
Wind Wall: Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.
Wrathful Mantle: Subject shines and gets +1/four levels on all saves.


Absolution: Removes enchantments and forgives actions taken under their effects.
Absorb Rune IM: Absorb a magic rune up to 3rd level, which can be moved or dispelled
Abyssal VerminR: Infuse vermin with fiendish qualities.
Air Walk: Subject treads on air as if solid (climb or descend at 45-degree angle).
Alter River: Alter the flow of water in a natural freshwater channel.
Ancestral Gift: Summon an ancestor to bring you a ghostly, magical weapon.
Anti-Incorporeal Shell: Incorporeal creatures stay 10 ft. away from you.
Ardor's Onslaught: The power of conviction assaults neutral foes
Aura of Doom: Creatures in your aura become shaken.
Baphomet's Blessing: Transmute the target’s head into that of a bull.
Battle TranceRY: Gain ferocity, bonus hit points, and +4 vs. mind-affecting effects.
Bereave: Affected creatures don't count as allies for any purpose
Bestow Planar Infusion II: Grants the target the benefits of an improved planar infusion
Bit of LuckR: Gain a pool of luck that can be used to add a luck bonus to any d20 rolls, which can turn a failure into a success
Black Spot: Inflict a specific and feared pirate curse onto your target.
Blade of Light: Imbue a weapon with sunlight, making it bane to the undead
Blessing of FervorY: Gives allies a choice of benefits.
Bloatbomb: Kill a weak creature and turn its corpse into an explosive trap.
Blood Crow StrikeY: Unarmed strikes create crows that deal fire and negative energy damage.
Borrow Corruption: Temporarily gain the effects of a corrupted creature's manifestations
Bountiful Banquet: Create a luxurious feast for two creatures/level.
Brightest Light: As daylight, but lasts longer and can dispel darkness effects
Burst with Light: Fill the target with powerful and damaging light.
Calamitous Flailing: Cause the target’s attacks to gain a miss chance.
Celestial Healing, Greater: As celestial healing, except target gains a stronger aura and fast healing 4 instead of 1.
Chaos HammerY: Harms and slows lawful creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Charon's Dispensation: Protection from the River Styx.
Concealed Breath: Hold breath without negative effects
Conditional Curse: Bestow a curse that is difficult to remove without fulfilling the condition.
Control Summoned Creature: Direct a summoned monster as if you had summoned it.
Control Water: Raises or lowers bodies of water.
Create Drug: Conjure a drug.
Crimson Breath: Spit poison at a creature
Crusader's EdgeY: Grant a weapon the evil outsider bane quality and nauseate evil outsiders with a critical hit.
Cure Critical WoundsY: Cures 4d8 damage + 1/level (max +20).
Curse of Unexpected DeathR: Curse a creature with a chance of instant and unexpected death.
Curse TerrainM: Curse an area with four hazards
Daemon WardM: As death ward, but against daemons.
Deadman's ContingencyF: Set one of a list of contingencies for your demise.
Death Knell Aura: Create an aura that feeds on the souls of those who die within it.
Death Ward: Grants bonuses against death spells and negative energy.
DeathlessY: Prevent death from hit point damage so long as this spell persists.
Debilitating Portent: Inflicts an ill fate on a creature, halving its damage when it attacks or casts a spell
Devil SnareM: Create an invisible circle to trap outsiders.
Dimensional Anchor: Bars extradimensional movement.
Discern Lies: Reveals deliberate falsehoods.
Dismissal: Forces a creature to return to native plane.
DivinationM: Provides useful advice for specific proposed actions.
Divine Power: You gain attack bonuses and 1 hp/level.
Enchantment Foil: Trick opponents who try to cast enchantments on you.
False FutureM: Cause divinations of the future to reveal the result you choose.
Film of Filth: Cause the target’s flesh to exude a layer of putrescent slime with a horrible stench.
Firewalker's MeditationM: resist fire 5, DR 5/magic, +4 to saves vs pain for 24 hours, discharge to temporarily increase to resist 30, DR 10, and immunity to pain
Flame Steed: As phantom steed, but immune to fire and can breathe a cone of smoke and ash
Flaming Aura: Gain the fire subtype or enhance an already existing subtype.
Flesh Puppet HordeM: Control multiple zombies in human guise.
Fleshworm Infestation: Worms deal hp and Dex damage.
Forceful Strike: Strike a creature with great force, dealing extra damage and knocking it back.
Freedom of Movement: Subject moves normally despite impediments to restrict movement.
Frigid Souls: Disrupt and dispel spells that protect against cold
Frosty Aura: Gain the cold subtype or enhance an already existing subtype.
Giant VerminY: Turns centipedes, scorpions, or spiders into giant vermin.
Gift of the Deep: Grant a sahuagin unique powers like mutants.
Gilded WhispersM: Use a single coin as a conduit for eavesdropping.
Glimpse of TruthM: Gain true seeing for 1 round.
Globe of Tranquil Water: Create a bubble to block out all natural and magical precipitation within an area.
Guardian of Faith: Target is protected by shield of faith and a protection spell, and can transfer the effects to another creature.
Hallucinogenic Smoke: Exhale a cone of smoke which disorients those caught inside. It has a side effect of improving the effects of augury when cast within.
Healing Flames: Holy flames damage evil creatures and heal good creatures
Healing WarmthR: Gain protection from fire, use absorbed energy to heal others.
Heavy Water: Make water heavier and harder to swim through.
Holy SmiteY: Harms and possibly blinds evil creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Hunger for Flesh: Give a creature a bite attack and a hunger for its own kind's flesh.
Imbue with Spell Ability: Transfer spells to subject.
Infernal Healing, Greater: As infernal healing, except using fast healing 4.
Inflict Critical WoundsY: Touch attack, 4d8 damage + 1/level (max +20).
Infuse Effigy: Infuse an effigy with a powerful curse.
Instant Restoration: Channel planar energy into a summoned creature to heal it; can be done immediately when the creature drops to 0 or fewer hit points.
Iron Spine: Turn creatures skeleton into sharp iron, increased effect against creatures vulnerable to cold iron
Janni's Jaunt: As plane shift, but only works on willing creatures and only transports to the Inner Planes
Magic Circle Against Technology: Protects those in an area with protection from technology, and other effects that suppress or resist technology.
Magic Weapon, GreaterY: Weapon gains +1 bonus/four levels (max +5).
Majestic Image: As enter image, but also gain bonuses on social skills while in the image.
Make Whole, Greater: As make whole, but repairs 1d6+1/level damage to a max of 10d6+10.
Malediction: Banish a soul to Hell if it dies within the next minute.
Mark of the Reptile God: Mark a creature with an acidic curse.
Master's Escape: Create a link between you and a summoned creature, allowing you to switch places.
Mighty StrengthRT: As bull’s strength, except it grants a +8 enhancement bonus to Strength.
Mythic Severance: Restrict target’s access to its mythic power.
Nature's Ravages: Speed up the decomposition of a corpse.
Neutralize Poison: Immunizes subject against poison, detoxifies venom in or on subject.
Order's WrathY: Harms and dazes chaotic creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Path of Glory, Greater: Create an expanding glow that heals allies within it of 5 hp of damage.
Persistent Vigor: Gain fast healing 2, immunity to bleed, and faster recovery from diseases and poisons.
Plague Carrier: Target's attacks carry filth fever.
Planar Adaptation: Resist harmful effects of other plane.
Planar Ally, LesserM: Exchange services with a 6 HD extraplanar creature.
Planetary Adaptation: As planar adaptation, but only on different worlds of the Material Plane.
Poison: Touch deals 1d3 Con damage 1/round for 6 rounds.
Poisonous Balm: As cure serious wounds, but leave behind a latent venom.
Positive Pulse, Greater: A large pulse of positive enrgy damages undead and bolsters living creatures
Probe HistoryR: Find answers to Knowledge questions by looking at alternate realities.
Protection from Energy, Communal: As protection from energy, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Purify Body: Heal a creature and remove its physical impairments
Quieting Weapons: Weapons make no sound and quiet their victims.
Rags to Riches: Enhance an object to function as if it were masterwork quality.
Red Hand of the Killer: Stain the hand of a creature's killer red.
Remove Radioactivity: Remove radiation effects from a target.
Repel Vermin: Insects, spiders, and other vermin stay 10 ft. away.
Replenish KiR: Attune the target’s energy to replenish their ki pool.
Rest Eternal: Dead creature cannot be revived.
RestorationM: Restores level and ability score drains.
Revenant Armor: Grant a suit of armor limited animation when its wearer falls unconcious or is killed
Ride The Waves: Target can breathe water and swim.
Rigor Mortis: Painfully swell a targets joints.
Sacrifice: Make a sacrifice to aid conjuring and commanding a planar creature.
SendingY: Delivers short message anywhere, instantly.
Shadow Barbs: Create a vicious spiked chain enshrouded in shadow.
Shield of Fortification, Greater: Target gains a 50% chance to treat critical hits and sneak attacks as normal hits.
Shield of the DawnflowerRY: Create a protective shield of sunlight.
Shield Speech, Greater: Communicate freely with a group of nearby people without anyone else being able to overhear.
Soothe Construct: Reduce the berserk chance of a construct.
Speak with Haunt: Haunt answers one question/2 levels.
Speak with Plane: Speak with a manifestation of a sentient plane
Spell Immunity: Subject is immune to one spell per 4 levels.
Spellcrash, Lesser: Target loses a 3rd-level prepared spell or spell slot.
Spindrift Spritz, Mass: As spindrift spritz, but affecting 1 creature/level
Spiritual Ally: Creates a divine ally to aid you.
Spit Venom: Spit blinding black adder venom.
Summon Accuser: Summon an accuser devil to do your bidding.
Summon Barghest I: Summon a barghest to serve you
Summon Cacodaemon, Greater: Summon 1d4+1 cacodaemons.
Summon Genie, LesserF: As summon monster I, except you can summon one janni.
Summon Monster 4: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Summon Ship: Conjure a ship out of extradimensional materials
Summoner Conduit: The target takes damage whenever its summoned creature does.
Suppress Primal Magic: Suppress the effects of primal magic.
Sword to Snake: Change an object into a venemous creature.
Symbol of RevelationM: Triggered symbol reveals illusions.
Symbol of SlowingM: Triggered rune slows creatures.
Tail Current: Create a current in water to enhance or impede swimming
Tailwind: Create a current of wind to enhance or impede flight
Terrible Remorse: Creature is compelled to harm itself.
Thaumaturgic Circle: As magic circle, but affecting a non-alignment subtype or outsider race.
Tongues: Speak and understand any language.
Torpid ReanimationM: Animate dead when a specific trigger condition occurs.
Transplant Visage: Remove the face and eyes of a creature, magically melding them with your own.
Traveling DreamR: Create a magical sensor that you can watch through while you sleep.
Umbral Infusion: Infuse mindless undead with power from the Shadow Plane, increasing their power.
Undeath Inversion: Alter an undead creature’s energy affinity so it takes damage from negative energy and heals from positive energy.
Unholy BlightY: Harms and sickens good creatures (1d8 damage/2 levels).
Unholy Ward: Resist damage from holy sources, smite evil, etc.
Virulence: Quickly advance the spread of diseases within the targeted creatures.
Wall of Bone: Create a wall of bones that damages and grapples adjacent creatures
Ward of the SeasonR: Enhance a creature with the power of a season.
Ward Shield: Enchant a shield with Spell Resistance and a bonus against area-effect spells.
Warp Metal: Warp wood, affecting metal objects
Water Shield: Surround yourself with a protective spout of acid.
Wave Form: Briefly turn into a huge wave that knocks down everything in your path
Wrathful Weapon: Enhance a weapon with the anarchic, axiomatic, holy, or unholy special ability.


Air Walk, Communal: As air walk, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Ancestral Memory: Petition your ancestors for aid, gaining a +5 bonus to Intelligence-based skill checks.
Angelic Aspect: As angelic aspect, lesser with improved angelic qualities.
Appearance of Life, Greater: As appearance of life, but deceiveing all of the senses
Army Across Time: As ally across time, but more cubes and more duplicates
Astral Projection, LesserM: Limited astral travel.
AtonementF: Removes burden of misdeeds from subject and reverses magical alignment change.
Awaken the Devoured: Deal 1d8/level nonlethal damage to a daemon and make it confused.
Ban Corruption: Eliminate the gifts of a nearby corrupted creature
Blood Tentacles: Create writhing tentacles from your chest.
Blood Ties: When a target is harmed, so is the target's relative.
Boneshatter: Create fractures and splinters in the bones/carapace of a creature.
Break EnchantmentY: Frees subjects from enchantments, transmutations, and curses.
Breath of LifeY: Cures 5d8 damage + 1/level and restores life to recently slain creatures.
Burst of GloryR: Increase your allie’s attack rolls, saves against fear, and hit points.
Call Spirit: Make the spirit of one creature manifest.
Caustic Blood: Imbue your blood with corrosive acid, damaging those who wound you.
Charnel House: Create an area of semi-real gore
Cleanse: As heal, but only cures 4d8 damage +1/level (max +25).
Cleansing Fire: Create a ring of fire that damages creatures passing through and dispels evil magic within
Cold Iron Fetters: Reduce the targets move speeds, increased effect with creatures vulnerable to cold iron
Command, Greater: As command, but affects one subject/level.
CommuneM: Deity answers one yes-or-no question/level.
Commune with Plane: Learn about local planar terrain
Compel Tongue, Mass: As compel tongue, except it affects multiple creatures.
Compelling Rant: People believe your ridiculous speech as long as you keep talking
Constricting CoilsR: Paralyze a target with constricting snake coils.
Contact Entity III: Ask very powerful eldritch entities to find and converse with you, or they may reply telepathically.
Contagion, Greater: Infect a subject with a magical disease.
Cure Light Wounds, Mass: Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Curse of Magic NegationM: Target gains the negated spellblight.
Curse, Major: As bestow curse, but harder to remove.
Darkvault: Ward shadows so light cannot penetrate them.
Daywalker: Reshape an undead creature to appear living.
Decollate: Target can safely remove its head
Dispel Balance: You are protected from neutral enemies
Dispel Chaos: +4 bonus against attacks.
Dispel Evil: +4 bonus against attacks.
Dispel Good: +4 bonus against attacks.
Dispel Law: +4 bonus against attacks.
Disrupting Weapon: Melee weapon destroys undead.
DungeonsightF: Receive a clear and memorable view of the layout of the nearby area.
Fickle Winds: Wind walls selectively block attacks.
Flame StrikeY: Smites foes with divine fire (1d6/level damage).
Flexile Curse: Creature's armor and shield lose 1 AC and hardness/hour
Forbid Action, Greater: As forbid action, but 1 creature/level.
Freedom's ToastR: Teleport the target a short distance while freeing them from restraints.
GeniekindY: Gain the power and influence of a genie.
Ghostbane Dirge, Mass: As ghostbane dirge, but affects multiple creatures.
Greater Reversion: As minor reversion, but healing 3d8+1/level
Half-Blood ExtractionFMR: Transform a half-orc into a full-blooded orc.
HallowM: Designates location as holy.
Hasten Judgment: Quicken a soul's journey to judgement-hampering ressurection or weakening undead foes
Heretic's TongueR: Fill the target’s mind with blasphemous thoughts, blocking them from some magical abilities temporarily.
Heroic Fortune, MassFM: As heroic fortune, but with multiple people.
Holy IceM: Create wall or javelins of frozen holy water.
Hunter's BlessingR: Grant creatures the benefits of favored enemy and favored terrain.
Hymn of Mercy: As touch of mercy, except affecting an area.
Inflict Light Wounds, Mass: Deals 1d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Insect Plague: Wasp swarms attack creatures.
Invigorating ReposeRT: Enhance your spells that bring the dead back to life.
Khain's Army: Create a small squad of ghouls led by a ghast, charged with necromantic energy.
Lend Path: Temporarily transfer one of your mythic path abilities to another creature.
Life Bubble: Protects creatures from sustained environmental effects.
Lighten Object, MassR: As lighten object, except for multiple objects.
Locate Gate: Find a nearby magical portal
Magic Siege Engine, Greater: Siege engine gains +1 on targeting and damage rolls for every four caster levels.
Mark of Justice: Designates action that triggers curse on subject.
Pillar of LifeY: Created pillar heals 2d8 + 1/level (max +20).
Plane ShiftY: As many as 8 subjects travel to another plane.
Planeslayer's Call: Allies gain benefits against outsiders of an alignment you choose.
Profane Nimbus: Unholy energy damages good creatures that attack you and protects you from good attacks.
Raise DeadM: Restores life to subject who died as long as one day/level ago.
Rapid Repair: Construct gains fast healing 5.
RebootF: Bring a destroyed construct back to action for a limited time.
Reprobation: Marked target is shunned by your religion.
Respectful QuietR: Render all targets silent, but only one-way.
Righteous Might: Your size increases, and you gain bonuses in combat.
Sacred Nimbus: Holy energy damages evil creatures that attack you and protects you from good attacks
Sanctify Weapons: Allow all weapons in the area to bypass a specific type of fiendish DR.
Sand Whirlwind, Greater: Create a large whirlwind of sand, blinding and hampering the ability to speak of those within.
Sawtooth Terrain: Cause giant mantis limbs to sprout from the ground, damaging and cripping creatures
ScryingF: Spies on subject from a distance.
Seek Shelter: Weak creatures are compelled to seek shelter
Serenity: Peaceful feelings harm those attempting violence.
Sessile Spirit: Cause a spirit inhabiting a creature or an object to go dormant.
Shroud of Darkness: Affected creatures have their vision impaired
Siphon Magic: Transfer a magical effect from another creature to yourself.
Slay Living: Touch attack deals 12d6 + 1 per level.
Slough: Slough off a target's skin.
Smite AbominationR: Emulate a paladin’s power to smite undead.
Snake Staff: Transforms wood into snakes to fight for you.
SoulswitchF: Swap your soul with your familiar’s.
Spawn WardR: Protect the target from energy drain, blood drain, and being made into undead spawn.
Spell Immunity, Communal: As spell immunity, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Spell Resistance: Subject gains SR 12 + level.
Spellcasting Contract, LesserR: Forge a contract to grant someone spellcasting abilities.
Spellsteal: Create a discordant blast of energy to disrupt a target’s hold on magic and transfer it to you.
Sphere of Warding: Create a sphere of energy to dispossess incorporeal creatures of stolen bodies.
Steal Power: Sap mythic power from another creature.
Steal Years, Greater: As steal years, but steal a greater amount of years and for longer.
Summon Ceustodaemon: Summon a ceustodaemon.
Summon GenieF: As lesser summon genie, except summon one djinni or 1d3 jann.
Summon Infernal Host: Summon host devils.
Summon Lesser Demon: As summon monster, except to summon a brimorak, incubus, thoxel demon, 1d3 schir demons, or 1d4+1 vermlek demons.
Summon Lesser Psychopomp: Summon 1d3 esobok psychopomps or 1d4+1 nosoi psychopomps.
Summon Monster 5: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Sun's Disdain, Mass: As sun's disdain, but targeting multiple creatures
Symbol of PainM: Triggered rune wracks nearby creatures with pain.
Symbol of ScryingM: Triggered rune activates scrying sensor.
Symbol of SleepM: Triggered rune puts nearby creatures into catatonic slumber.
Symbol of StrikingM: As symbol of death, but fills a 5-foot square.
Talisman of Reprieve: Create an item that protects against the effects of an aligned plane
Tongues, Communal: As tongues, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Touch of Slumber: Touched nonhostile creature falls asleep
Treasure StitchingM: Objects on cloth become embroidered.
True SeeingM: Lets you see all things as they really are.
Undeath Ward: Create a barrier to repel undead.
UnhallowM: Designates location as unholy.
Unholy IceM: Create wall or javelins of frozen unholy water.
Unleash Pandemonium: Call upon the wild winds of the Abyssal atmosphere.
Untold Wonder: Treat penalties from emotion effects as bonuses instead
Vile Dog Transformation: Transform ordinary dogs into fiendish minions.
Village VeilR: Make an area seem worthless to others.
WaftR: Alter the targets so they are light enough to be carried by the wind.
Wall of Blindness/Deafness: Translucent wall blinds or deafens creatures that pass through it.
Wall of Clockwork: Create a wall made up of spinning cogs and gears.
Wall of Ectoplasm: Wall of spirits blocks movement on Material Plane and Ethereal Plane and causes fear.
Wall of StoneY: Creates a stone wall that can be shaped.


Absorb Rune IIM: As absorb rune I, but affecting a rune up to 5th level
Alaznist's Jinx: Inlfict the spell burn spellblight
Alleviate CorruptionM: Attempt to weakne a corruption's effect at risk to yourself
Animate ObjectsY: Objects attack your foes.
Antilife Shell: 10-ft.-radius field hedges out living creatures.
Balance of Suffering: Steal lifeforce from one creature and imbue it into another
Banishment: Banishes 2 HD/level of extraplanar creatures.
Bear's Endurance, Mass: As bear's endurance, affects 1 subject/level.
Besmara's Grasping Depths: Use the restless dead to down your targets
Betraying Sting: Strike down creatures who thought you were their friend
Blade BarrierY: Wall of blades deals 1d6/level damage.
Bless Army: (Mass Combat Spell) +1 OM/Morale to an army.
Blessing of Luck and Resolve, MassR: As blessing of luck and resolve but with multiple creatures.
Bloodsworn RetributionRT: Swear an oath, damaging yourself to gain a bonus to things relating to that oath.
Bull's Strength, Mass: As bull's strength, affects 1 subject/level.
Chains of Light: Hold a creature immobile with glowing chains with the added benefit of preventing the use of any extradimension travel.
Cold Ice Strike: Cone of ice slivers deals 1d6 cold/level.
Commune with TextsM: Quckly search though a collection of texts to find the right information
Contact NalfeshneeMF:
Create UndeadM: Create ghasts, ghouls, mohrgs, or mummies.
Cruel Jaunt: Sense creatures suffering from fear, then teleport close to them.
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass: Cures 2d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Curse of the Outcast: Curse someone to rub people the wrong way.
Curse Terrain, GreaterM: Curse an area with six dangerous hazards
Death Knell Aura, Greater: As death knell aura, except dying creatures die much faster within the aura.
Demon Dream: Target enemies as nightmare or fellow worshipers of Lamashtu as dream
Dimensional Blade: Turn your weapon into a two-dimensional object that can more easily bypass armor.
Discharge, Greater: As discharge, but with greater effects that can effect an area.
Dispel Magic, Greater: Works as dispel magic, but can affect multiple targets.
Dream Reality: Cause a creature to think it is dreaming
Dust Form: You become an incorporeal creature of dust for a short period of time.
Dust Ward: Ward an item so it will be destroyed if others try to learn its purpose or use it.
Eagle's Splendor, Mass: As eagle's splendor, affects 1 subject/level.
Eaglesoul: Infuse yourself with power from a good-aligned outsider.
Elemental Assessor: Shoot a ray made up of multiple energies at your enemy.
Emblem of Greed: Transform a melee weapon into a powerful burning glaive like ones wielded by the ancient Runelords.
Enlightened StepM: Air Walk for 24 hours, discharge to temporarily gain a fly speed
Epidemic: Infect a subject with a highly contagious disease.
Find the Path: Shows most direct way to a location.
Flesh Wall: Create a wall of zombies
ForbiddanceM: Blocks planar travel, damages creatures of different alignment.
Geas/Quest: As lesser geas, but affects any creature.
Genius Avaricious: Channel the power of Mammon into a single coin.
Glyph of Warding, GreaterM: As glyph of warding, but up to 10d8 damage or 6th-level spell.
Hammer of MendingFR: Release a wave of energy to repair objects and constructs.
HarmY: Deals 10 points/level damage to target.
HealY: Cures 10 points/level damage, all diseases and mental conditions.
Hellfire Ray: Damn creatures to Hell with a blast of pure hellfire.
Heroes' Feast: Food for one creature/level cures and grants combat bonuses.
Impart MindM: Impart a portion of your intellect and personality into a magical item.
Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass: Deals 2d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Inspiring Recovery: Healing can restore the dead to life and restore your allies vigor
Invoke DeityMF: Infuse yourself with the powers of your deity's planar realm
Joyful Rapture: Negate harmful emotions.
Knock, Mass: As knock, but affecting multiple targets
Lash of the Astradaemon: Enhance your hands into fearsome claws that inflict negative levels.
Mage's Decree: Send a message to creatures within miles.
Metabolic MoltingMR: Place the target in suspended animation, restoring ability drain and regenerating missing limbs.
Minor Reversion, Mass: As minor reversion, but one creature per level
Music of the Spheres: Amplify music of the spheres to grant fast healing, resistance, and saving throw bonuses to all creatures in the area.
Neutralize Poison, Greater: As neutralize poison, but with an automatic success on all caster level checks to neutralize poisons.
Oasis: Redirect the flow of water toward a designated point.
Open the Dead Roads: Open a path to the Dead Roads, speeding your travel on the Material Plane or the Boneyard
Overwhelming Poison: Make a poison more difficult to resist.
Owl's Wisdom, Mass: As owl's wisdom, affects 1 subject/level.
Perceive BetrayalF: Sense when nearby creatures have tratorous intent towards your lord
Plague BearerR: Make the target a carrier of numerous diseases.
Plague Storm: Cloud infects creatures like contagion.
Planar Adaptation, Mass: As planar adaptation, but affects multiple creatures.
Planar AllyM: As lesser planar ally, but up to 12 HD.
Planetary Adaptation, Mass: As planetary adaptation but on a group of creatures.
PrognosticationM: Gain cryptic information from further in the future than divination.
Roaming PitM: Create a mobile extradimensional pit
Sarzari Shadow MemoryM: Learn information to aid you in assassinating a creature
Seer's BaneR: As nondetection, but damages those who cast divination spells on the warded creature/item.
Shield of the Dawnflower, GreaterR: Create a shield of sunlight.
Sign of WrathF: Create a giant symbol of wrath to forcibly repulse all nearby creatures.
Source Severance: As antimagic field, except suppress only a specific type of spellcasting (arcane or divine).
Speak with Soul: Hold an extended conversation with a soul
Spellcrash: Target loses a 5th-level prepared spell or spell slot.
Summon Barghest II: Summon a greater barghest or 1d3 normal barghest
Summon Genie, GreaterF: As lesser summon genie, except summon one shaitan, 1d3 djinn, or 1d4+1 jann.
Summon Laborers: Summon helpful petitioners to aid in construction and labor.
Summon Monster 6: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Summon Stampede: Conjure a herd of aurochs to trample your enemies.
Summon Vanth: Summon a single vanth psychopomp.
Sustaining Legend: Amplify the mythic powers of the target creatures, bolstering them with healing energy.
Symbol of DistractionM: Fascinates all creatures within 60 ft.
Symbol of FearM: Triggered rune panics nearby creatures.
Symbol of PersuasionM: Triggered rune charms nearby creatures.
Symbol of SealingM: Create triggered wall of force.
Symbol of StormsM: Symbol creates stormwinds and lightning when triggered
TruespeakR: Communicate with any creature with a mind.
Undeath to DeathFM: Destroys 1d4 HD/level undead (max. 20d4).
Vengeful StingerR: Grow a long, wasp-like tail with stinger.
Vermicious Assumption: Call upon a vermlek demon to invade and inhabit the body of a nearby corpse.
Wall of Silver: Wall of energy that only blocks and affects evil creatures and spells
What Grows WithinR: Infect others with Xhamen-Dor’s seeded infestation.
Wind Walk: You and your allies turn vaporous and travel fast.
Wither Limb: Make one of the creature's limbs useless.
Word of Recall: Teleports you back to designated place.


Arbitrament: Harms creatures of extreme alignments
Archon's Trumpet: Paralyze all creatures in the area with the sound of a booming trumpet.
Artificer's Curse: Temporarily suppress the most powerful qualities of a magical item.
Awaken ConstructM: Grant a construct humanlike sentience.
Bestow Curse, Greater: Place an even greater curse on the subject.
Bestow Grace of the Champion: Target gains paladin abilities for 1 round/level.
Bestow Planar Infusion III: Grants the target the benefits of a greater planar infusion
BlasphemyY: Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes nonevil subjects.
Bloodstone MirrorM: Protect yourself against a mind-affecting effect and redirect it to a nearby creature
Circle of ClarityF: Emanation hampers illusions and stealth.
Contact Entity IV: Ask extraordinarily powerful eldritch entities to find and converse with you, or they may reply telepathically.
Control WeatherY: Changes weather in local area.
Create Demiplane, LesserF: Create your own demiplane.
Create Variant MummyM: Create a bog mummy, ice mummy, or Osirian tomb guardian.
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass: Cures 3d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
DestructionF: Kills subject and destroys remains.
DictumY: Kills, paralyzes, staggers, or deafens nonlawful targets.
Ethereal Jaunt: You become ethereal for 1 round/level.
False ResurrectionM: Appear to resurrect someone but instead allow a shadow demon to possess the corpse.
Frost Mammoth: Conjure a Huge mastodon made of ice and snow
Grim Stalker: Create a Grim to disrupt the targets sleep
Halfling Vengeance, Mass: As halfling vengeance, but affecting 1 creature/level
Holy WordY: Kills, paralyzes, blinds, or deafens nongood subjects.
Hunger for Flesh, Mass: Give creatures bite attacks and a hunger for their own kind's flesh.
Hymn of Peace: Prevent all nearby creatures from attacking others.
Inflict Serious Wounds, Mass: Deals 3d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Infuse Robot: Transform a robot into a magical construct.
Jolting Portent: You inflict a vengeful fate on a creature, dealing electricity damage each time it attacks or casts a spell.
Lost Legacy: Target cannot leave a lasting impression on other creatures
Lunar Veil: Dispel light and revert lycanthropes.
Maddening OublietteR: Transport the target to a dank prison in a horrific demiplane.
Magnetic Field: Create a spherical magnetic field around yourself to pull metal objects toward you.
Memory of Function: Restore a broken object, drained piece of timeworn technology, or destroyed construct to a functional state.
Morning SunM: Create a sphere that sheds sunlight
Particulate Form: Targets gain fast healing 1, immunity to bleed, crtitical hits, and precision damage
Planar RefugeM: Enforce the rules of the Material Plane on another plane.
Plundered PowerM: Kill a creature and steal its strongest spell-like ability
Poison Breath: Expel a cone of poison from your mouth.
Pox of Rumors: Curse a creature to attract nasty rumors.
RefugeM: Alters item to transport its possessor to you.
RegenerateY: Subject's severed limbs grow back, cures 4d8 damage +1/level (max +35).
RepulsionF: Creatures can't approach you.
Restoration, GreaterM: As restoration, plus restores all levels and ability scores.
ResurrectionM: Fully restore dead subject.
Scrying, Greater: As scrying, but faster and longer.
Signifer's RallyM: Teleport allies to your location.
Soul TransferM: Easily transfer a soul from one receptacle to another, or capture vulnerable souls that aren't bound to mortal flesh.
Spell ScourgeR: Create a whip that can lash spells from the minds of enemy spellcasters.
Spellcasting ContractR: As lesser spellcasting contract, but grant higher level spells.
Submerge Ship: Turn a ship into a submarine.
Summon Monster 7: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Symbol of StunningM: Triggered rune stuns nearby creatures.
Symbol of WeaknessM: Triggered rune weakens nearby creatures.
TerraformM: Expend mythic power to alter the immediate area’s climate and terrain.
Umbral Strike: Throw a bolt of dark energy, dealing cold and negative energy damage.
Vision of Lamashtu: As nightmare, but can deliver a second spell when the target awakens.
Waves of Ecstasy: Pleasure stuns and staggers creatures.
Word of ChaosY: Kills, confuses, stuns, or deafens nonchaotic subjects.


Angelic Aspect, Greater: As angelic aspect, lesser except granting the greatest qualities of angelic creatures.
Antimagic FieldY: Negates magic within 10 ft.
Call ConstructM: Summon your construct to you.
Cloak of ChaosF: +4 to AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against lawful spells.
Counterbalancing AuraF: Target gains +4 to AC and saves;; resist attacks and spells from neutral creatures
Create DemiplaneF: As lesser create demiplane, but larger and with planar traits.
Create Greater UndeadM: Create shadows, wraiths, spectres, or devourers.
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass: Cures 4d8 damage + 1/level for many creatures.
Curse of NightF: Curse an area with eternal night
Curse Terrain, SupremeM: Curse an area with seven deadly hazards
Death Clutch: Rip out someone's heart
Dimensional LockY: Teleportation and interplanar travel blocked for 1 day/level.
Discern Location: Reveals exact location of creature or object.
EarthquakeY: Intense tremor shakes 80-ft. radius.
Euphoric Tranquility: Makes a creature friendly.
Fey Gate: Create a portal that allows travel to the First World
Fire StormY: Deals 1d6/level fire damage.
Frightful Aspect: You take on a terrifying, Large-sized form of yourself and emit an aura that causes creatures to become shaken or frightened.
Heart of the Mammoth: Imbue a creature with the strength and toughness of the greatest megafauna of the tundra.
Holy AuraF: +4 to AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against evil spells.
Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass: Deals 4d8 damage + 1/level, affects 1 subject/level.
Maw of Chaos: Create a destructive and chaotic rip in reality.
Nature's Ravages, Greater: As nature’s ravages, except the target corpse ages much faster.
Nine LivesR: Avoid trouble and harmful effects up to nine times.
Orb of the VoidMY: Sphere inflicts negative levels.
Phasic Challenge: Enemy and ally can only harm and be harmed by each other
Planar Ally, Greater: As lesser planar ally, but up to 18 HD.
Quintessence MasteryF: Exercise limited control over the quintessence of an Outer Plane, creating or shaping terrain
Realm Retribution: Target's attacks count as being of your alignment, can banish creature's critically hit to an Outer Plane matching your alignment
Remove Radioactivity, Greater: Remove all ongoing radiation effects along with restoring ability damage and drain taken as a result.
Rift of Ruin: Create a rift filled with demons that extends into the Abyss.
Rotting Alliance: Creatures waste away while close to one another
Sacramental SealF: Seal a creature away inside the spell's focus
Shield of LawF: +4 to AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against chaotic spells.
SoulreaverY: Deal 1d6 damage/level to living creatures in a 20-ft. radius area.
SoulseekerM: Determine a soul's location
Spell Immunity, Greater: As spell immunity, but up to 8th-level spells.
Spellcrash, Greater: Target loses a 7th-level prepared spell or spell slot.
Spellscar: Cause spells cast within an area to trigger primal magic effects.
Stormbolts: 1d8 damage/level (max 20d8) to targets.
Summon Erodaemon: Summon an erodaemon.
Summon Meladaemon: Summon a meladaemon.
Summon Monster 8: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Symbol of DeathM: Triggered rune kills nearby creatures.
Symbol of DebaucheryM: Conjure a symbol that makes all who see it lust for each other.
Symbol of DispellingM: Dispel all magical effects within range of this symbol.
Symbol of InsanityM: Triggered rune renders nearby creatures insane.
Tomb Legion: Summon 1d4+2 advanced mummies.
True PrognosticationM: Gain incredibly cryptic information for the distant future.
Umbral Infusion, Mass: As umbral infusion, except it can affect multiple mindless undead creatures.
Unholy AuraF: +4 to AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against good spells.
Vinetrap: Constrict the subject with choking vines.
Wandering Weather: Control weather in a large area that moves with you


Absorb Rune IIIM: As absorb rune I, but affecting a rune up to 8th level
AscensionMY: Imbue creatures with mythic power.
Astral ProjectionM: Projects you and companions onto Astral Plane.
Canopic ConversionFM: Eviscerate a target, creating an advanced mummy from its life essence.
Create Demiplane, GreaterF: As create demiplane, but larger and with more planar traits.
Cursed EarthM: Plants die, living creatures catch diseases, or dead creatures rise as zombies.
Energy Drain: Subject gains 2d4 negative levels.
Etherealness: Travel to Ethereal Plane with companions.
False Resurrection, GreaterM: Appear to use true resurrection on someone but instead allow a belier devil to possess the corpse.
Gate: Connects two planes for travel or summoning.
Heal, Mass: As heal, but affects 1 subject/level.
Imbue Army Special AbilityF: (Mass Combat Spell) Imbue an army with a special ability.
Implosion: Inflict 10 damage/level to one creature/round.
Interplanetary Teleport: Teleport to another planet.
Judgment UndoneM: Restores a petitioner to its mortal life
Massacre: Slaughter creatures in a line
Miracle: Requests a deity's intercession.
Overwhelming Presence: Creatures bow before you as if you were divine.
Parasitic SoulF: Force a trapped soul into a new body.
Polar Midnight: Cold darkness paralyzes and deals damage.
Salvage: Pull together the remains of a shipwreck and reform it into a working vessel.
Scourge of the Horsemen: Blast an area with soul-rending energy, dealing 1d4 negative levels and 1d6 acid/level.
Soul Bind: Traps newly dead soul to prevent resurrection.
Spawn CallingRY: Call the Spawn of Rovagug.
Spell Immunity, Greater Communal: As greater spell immunity, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Spellcasting Contract, GreaterR: As spellcasting contract but with higher level spells.
Storm of VengeanceY: Storm rains acid, lightning, and hail.
Summon Derghodaemon: Summon a derghodaemon.
Summon Greater Demon: As summon monster, except to summon a coloxus, omox demon, or 1d3 kalavakus demons.
Summon Monster 9: Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Summon Thanadaemon: Summon a thanadaemon.
Symbol of StrifeM: Triggered rune makes creatures attack.
Symbol of VulnerabilityM: Triggered rune gives penalties.
True ResurrectionFM: As resurrection, plus remains aren't needed.
Winds of Vengeance: Gives you the ability to fly and attack with wind.
Wooden Phalanx: Creates 1d4+2 temporary wood golems to fight for you.
Yellow SignMR: Use this symbol to subject all who view it to the will of Hastur.