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Conduit Feats

Description Source Planar Adventures pg. 22
Conduit feats grant the ability to draw energies from other planes. The effects of conduit feats are supernatural and do not function in an antimagic field or similar effect. In addition, since these abilities require energies from other planes, you cannot use them in areas that are warded against planar or dimensional travel (such as those under the effects of dimensional lock or forbiddance) or when you have been denied this ability (such as via dimensional anchor).

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Axiomatic DiscourseDiplomacy 3 ranks, Knowledge (planes) 3 ranksYour Diplomacy checks have a lower chance of backfiring
Blazing Aura (PA)*Knowledge (planes) 3 ranksShroud yourself in fire that damages those who attack you
Chaos ReignsKnowledge (planes) 3 ranksGain slam attack
Death FieldKnowledge (planes) 5 ranksExude negative energy that hinders entangling plants and swarms
Flickering StepKnowledge (planes) 9 ranksUse dimension door as a spell-like ability
Gloomstorm*Knowledge (planes) 4 ranks, shadow weapon class featureCreate new shadow weapons as a free action
Greater Planar InfusionImproved Planar Infusion, Planar Infusion, character level 13thGain a greater infusion from a plane
Healer's HandsHeal 1 rank, Knowledge (planes) 1 rankTreat deadly wounds with the Heal skill more efficiently and more often
Heaven's LightKnowledge (planes) 1 rankShed illuminating halo of light
Hollow SoulKnowledge (planes) 9 ranksFunction as undead for certain spell effects (including healing spells)
Improved Planar InfusionPlanar Infusion, character level 7thGain an improved infusion from a plane
Last RitesKnowledge (planes) 3 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 3 ranksDamage haunts or undead that are vulnerable to ressurection with a touch attack
Malleable FormKnowledge (planes) 7 ranksGain compression ability and become harder to grapple or trip
Peace of MindKnowledge (planes) 3 ranksIgnore emotion, fear, or pain effect but be dazed instead
Phase Strike*Knowledge (planes) 10 ranksMake a weapon attack as a touch attack
Planar InfusionYou must spend a significant amount of time on a plane other than your home plane or the Material Plane.Gain infusion from a plane
Primal BloomKnowledge (planes) 10 ranksCause an area to gain wild magic trait
Shadow's ShroudKnowledge (planes) 5 ranksShroud yourself in shadows to gain opportunity to attempt Stealth checks
Stony Rampart*Knowledge (planes) 3 ranksCause a low stone wall to spring up from the ground
Tidal SwiftnessKnowledge (planes) 5 ranksIncrease your speed with a tide of water
Tyrant's RebukeKnowledge (planes) 5 ranksStagger a creature you touch
Wanderer's FortuneKnowledge (planes) 3 ranksGain freedom of movement to escape a grapple or magical restraint
Wind LeaperKnowledge (planes) 3 ranksUse wind to bolster your jumps and reduce your weight