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Esoteric Feats

Description Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 154
In a campaign that uses the esoteric material component system, characters have access to the following feats. Any time a character would gain a bonus metamagic feat, he can choose to take an esoteric feat instead.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Esoteric AbjurationYour abjuration spells give the target a +1 competence bonus to a single saving throw for the duration of the spell
Esoteric ConjurationYour conjuration spells that summon creatures grant them partial concealment for 1 round
Esoteric DivinationYour divination spells are more likely to give you information
Esoteric EnchantmentYour enchantment spells inflict a penalty to ability checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, or skill checks
Esoteric EvocationYour evocation spells deal extra damage
Esoteric IllusionYour illusion spells are harder to disbelieve
Esoteric NecromancyYour necromancy spells cause their targets to be shaken
Esoteric TransmutationYour transmutation spells grant a bonus to physical abilities
Unstoppable EsoteryYour spells that use esoteric material components are harder to stop or remove