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Meditation Feats

Description Source Faiths and Philosophies pg. 19
Meditation provides some of the advantages of a monastic refuge anywhere. While meditation can help any character center herself or calm a troubled mind, those specially trained in the art can use it to unlock fantastic abilities within themselves, ref lected in the following feats. These feats can be taken by any character who meets the prerequisites, but are most commonly encountered among those who have trained in a monastery.

Monks and Meditation Feats: A monk may take a meditation feat in place of a bonus feat. She must meet all of the prerequisites to take the feat as normal.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Bend with the WindWis 15, Body Control, Endurance, Meditation MasterGain cold and fire resist 5.
Body ControlWis 11, Meditation Master+1 Fort vs. poison, disease, starvation, fatigue/exhausted effects. Eat less food, drink less water, sleep half as much.
Body MasteryWis 19, Body Control, Meditation Master, character level 15thGain DR 2/—.
Combat Meditation*Wis 13, Meditation Master, character level 5thLearn to meditate quickly, though your meditation benefits will not last as long.
Extended Combat Meditation*Wis 13, Combat Meditation, Meditation Master, character level 9thIncrease the duration of Combat Meditation by your Wisdom modifier
Greater Meditation MasterWis 15, Combat Meditation, Meditation Master, character level 11thAfter meditating, either gain a +2 insight bonus to one roll or a +1 insight bonus to 2 rolls.
Meditation MasterMeditate for an hour to gain unique benefits.
Meditative ConcentrationWis 13, Combat Meditation, Meditation Master, character level 5thEnhance your concentration after meditating.
Mindful MeditationWis 11, Meditation MasterGain a bonus on Will saving throws vs charm, compuslsion, emotion, and fear effects
Mindfulness MasteryWis 19, Meditation Master, Mindful Meditation, character level 13thGain a second chance at saving against a failed charm, compulsion, emotion, or fear effect
Perfect Awareness*Wis 17, Combat Meditation, Meditation Master, character level 9thTake 20 on Perception 1/day.
Perfect Center*Wis 21, Combat Meditation, Meditation Master, character level 17thTake 10 on any skill check/concentration check, even if not normally allowed.
Sensory ControlWis 15, Blind-Fight, Meditation MasterGain lowlight vision and scent
Slow Time*Wis 15, Combat Meditation, Meditation Master, character level 7thGain a brief amount of haste after meditation.